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Lớp học ảo Tiếng Anh miễn phí tuần 1 với chủ đề "Describing people in English - Miêu tả người trong Tiếng Anh". Chúc các bạn có một tuần học vui v

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Virtual class week 1 describing people in english_29.3.2013

  1. 1. Welcome to virtualclass!
  2. 2. L/O/G/ODescribing peoplein English
  3. 3. ContentsDescribing appearanceDescribing personalityPractice123
  4. 4. 1. Describing appearanceExpressions ResponsesWhat does she look like?How does she look?She looks like a model.She looks beautiful.She’s pretty tall, with red hair.What color is her hair? It’s black.She has dark brown hair.How long is her hair? It’s medium length.What kind of hair style does hehave?He has short curly hair.What color are his eyes? They’re blue. / He has blue eyes.How tall is she? = What is herheight?She’s fairly short.She’s 1m 50cm.How much do you weigh? = Whatis your weight? = How heavy areyou?I weigh 50kg.
  5. 5. 1. Describing appearance (cont.)Words used to describe appearanceHair• long (dài) / short (ngắn)• straight (thẳng) / curly(xoăn tít) / bald (hói) /wavy (xoăn gợn sóng)• blonde (vàng, bạch kim) /brown (nâu) / red (đỏ) /black (đen) / shiny (sángbóng)Bodybuild• skinny (gầy trơ xương) /thin (gầy) / slim (thon thả)/underweight (thiếu cân) /slender (mảnh khảnh)• fat (béo) / tubby (to béo) /overweight (thừa cân) /obese (béo phì) / chubby(mũm mĩm, mập mạp)• well-built (rắn chắc) /muscular (cơ bắp)
  6. 6. 1. Describing appearance (cont.)Words used to describe appearanceEyes • grey / green / blue /brown / dark (notblack)• round / big• wear glassesComplexion • dark (đen) (not black)• fair (trắng) (notwhite)• olive-skinned (màubánh mật, nâu)• light-brown (vàng)Face • square (vuông) / oval(trái xoan) / thin (gầy)/ round (tròn)• beard (râu) /moustache (ria mép)• thick / thin / bushy(rậm rạp) eyebrows(lông mày)
  7. 7. 1. Describing appearance (cont.)Words used to describe appearanceAge• young• middle-aged• elderly• She’s around 23 -Cô ấy khoảng 23tuổi.• He’s in his 40s -Ông ta ngoài 40 tuổi.• She’s in her early30s - Cô ấy khoảnghơn 30 tuổi mộtchút.
  8. 8. 1. Describing appearance (cont.)ConversationA Hi, you’re in Mary’s class, aren’t you? Could yougive this book to her for me?B Sure, no problem. But what does Mary looklike? Is she the girl with really short curly hair?A Oh, you don’t know Mary! Do you see the girlsitting right at the back of the class? She’s prettyshort, and slim. She has long brown hair.B Hmm. I don’t see anyone like that. What’s shewearing?A She’s wearing a black T-shirt.B Oh yes, I see her. I’ll give this book to her.A Thanks!
  9. 9. 2. Describing personalityExpressions ResponsesWhat’s his girlfriendlike?How’s his girlfriend?She’s serious andshy. I’ve never seenher smile.What kind of boss doyou have?He’s very intelligentbut very demanding.What kind ofpersonality do youlook for in a spouse?Someone who isassertive, but notaggressive;outgoing, but notdominating.
  10. 10. 2. Describing personality (cont.)Word Meaning Examplesactive năng động Shes an active person and never wantsto stay in.aggressive hung hăng Hes aggressive and starts arguments.ambitious tham vọng Hes ambitious and wants to lead thecompany.assertive quyết đoán Its important to be assertive at work.big-headed tự cao tự đại Ive never met anyone so big-headedlike that!bossy hống hách,hách dịchHes so bossy - he never lets me dothings the way I want to do them.careless ><carefulcẩu thả Hes a careless driver – "Im sure hellhave an accident.clever =intelligentthông minh,sáng dạShes a clever student and picks thingsup quickly.
  11. 11. 2. Describing personality (cont.)Word Meaning Examplesconsiderate chu đáo, âncầnMy neighbor brought me flowers when Iwas in hospital – hes very considerate.enthusiastic hăng hái,nhiệt tìnhHes an enthusiastic supporter of equalrights.faithful trung thành Shes a faithful friend.funny buồn cười,khôi hàiHe can be extremely funny when hes inthe mood.polite lịch sự Shes polite and never forgets to sayplease or thank you.rude =impolitethô lỗ Hes very rude and never says pleaseor thank you.
  12. 12. 2. Describing personality (cont.)Word Meaning Examplesfriendly thân thiện The people in my office are reallyfriendly. I love working there.generous hào phóng My parents are very generous. Theybought me a car for my birthday.hard-workingchăm chỉ My brother is very hard-working. Hehardly ever takes a day off.lazy lười biếng Peter is very lazy. He never does hishomework.tidy gọn gàng,ngăn nắpMy sister is a very tidy person. I’mthe opposite; I’m really untidy.wise khôn ngoan,từng trảiMy grandfather was a very wise man.He taught me many things.
  13. 13. 3. PracticeQuiz 1: Match the person with the correct sentence thatdescribes her / him.1. She has curly hair. A. B.2. She has short hair.3. He’s bald and he wears glasses. C. D.4. She has long hair and big browneyes.5. He’s tall and thin with blondehair.E. F.6. He’s overweight.
  14. 14. 3. Practice (cont.)AnswerA.6. He’soverweight.B5. He’s tall and thinwith blonde hair.C.2. She has short hair.D.4. She has longhair and big browneyes.E.3. He’s bald and hewears glasses.F.1. She has curly hair.
  15. 15. 3. Practice (cont.)Quiz 2: Re-order the sentences.
  16. 16. 3. Practice (cont.)Answer:1. I’ve got long black hair.2. Have you got a big nose?3. He’s strong.4. Tony’s very tall.5. Joe’s small.6. Jenny’s got brown eyes.7. I’m fat.8. He has got blue eyes.9. Have you got red hair?10. I have got short blond hair.
  17. 17. 3. Practice (cont.)ConversationAlice What does your sister look like, Rosa?Rosa She’s a lot taller than me.Alice How tall is she?Rosa Six foot three. I’m serious.Alice No kidding! So does she have curlyblack hair like you?Rosa No, she has straight blonde hair andblue eyes. And she’s thinner than me, too. Imean, she’s really skinny.Alice She sounds like a model.Rosa Actually, she is a model.
  18. 18. L/O/G/OThank You!