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Published on offeres to You this presentation where you can find out how our experienced lawyers team can help foreign clients. has a great experience in commercial and corporate law. is a part of an international legal agent specialized in company formation in Europe and offshore jurisdictions.

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Lawyers Hungary

  1. 1. provides legal assistance to foreign investors in Turkey A presentation brought by
  2. 2. Who we are has a team of lawyers whit great experience who can help clients to set up their companies in Hungary. Our lawyers will assist clients with all procedures while opening a company and with other legal procedures as well
  3. 3. What we do may give all necessary information regarding how to set up a company on behalf of foreign investors. Our lawyers will also assist with all legal procedures related to foreign investments in Hungary. as wll may provide related services in accounting, business and tax consultancy, lawsuits, mergers and acquisitions and other matters related to corporate law in Hungary.
  4. 4. What legal services we provide in Hungary • Formation of Hungarian Companies • Establishment of Subsidiaries or Branches in Hungary • Applications for Special Permits or Licenses for Company Activities • Mergers and Acquisitions in Hungary • Liquidation and Dissolution of Hungarian Companies • Corporate and Commercial Litigation • Tax Advice and Tax Planning
  5. 5. What services can provide • Company domiciliation services • Accounting services • Assistance and representation for the incorporation of KFTs, RTs and other type of companies • And other lawyer services
  6. 6. How we can help • Company formation of any type • Mergers and Acquisitions in Hungary • Liquidation and Dissolution of Hungarian Companies • Corporate and commercial litigation, tax advice and tax planning
  7. 7. Type of companies we can establish • Limited Liability • Company Limited Partnership • General Partnership • Company Limited by Shares
  8. 8. Why open a business in Hungary The tax system specifies that there are no tax on dividends received from EU subsidiaries (or from other subsidiaries located in countries which have signed double tax treaties with Hungary) and no dividend tax on outgoing dividends. Also the capital gains provided by the sale of the “declared participation” are 100% exempted from company tax in the Hungarian holding company. According to the provisions of the law, all the profits realized from the subsidiaries sellout can be exempted of corporate tax on income, and can be forwarded free of any withholding taxes to the owner of the Hungarian holding.
  9. 9. is a part of, a legal network with member lawyers and law firms throughout Europe. Throughout the years, has gained an excellent experience in company formation, trademark registration, debt collection and others legal and commercial matters.
  10. 10. Thank you for your attention For further information please contact us at E-mail: Ph./Fax:(+44)203-287 0408