How to open a company in azerbaijan


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Please visit to find out how to set up a company in Azerbaijan. offers you this presentation as an introduction to company formation in Azerbaijan, giving you the basic information regarding the requested steps for starting a business in this country. We are a company specialized in business registration services throughout Europe. We are an International Consulting Company based in Cyprus, created for international clients. Our company has been created by people with important experience in assisting international clients in their business.

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How to open a company in azerbaijan

  1. 1. How to register a company in Azerbaijan A presentation brought to you by
  2. 2. Types of companies in Azerbaijan • Limited liability company (LLC) • Open joint stock company (JSC) • Closed joint stock company (JSC) • Limited partnership • General partnership
  3. 3. Limited liability company (LLC) • This company can be established by one shareholder • The shareholders contribute with their parts to the share capital • The liability of its members is limited to the amount of contribution made to the company
  4. 4. Open joint stock company • The company can be established by one or more founders, individuals, or legal entities • The shareholders must be authorized through insurance • The company may freely transfer shares to the public • The company must include Board of Directors, Supervisory Council and Audit Commission elected at the General Meeting of Shareholders
  5. 5. Closed joint stock company • The company can be established by one or more natural persons or legal entities • The shareholders must have a common capital divided into shares • The company cannot issue transferable shares
  6. 6. Limited partnership • The company established by at least two founders • The company must have at least one general partner and at least one limited partner
  7. 7. General partnership • The company can be formed by at least two members, individuals or legal entities • The shareholders have the same rights and obligations as they are general partners • The shares of general partners are not transferable.
  8. 8. Steps for company registration in Azerbaijan • providing a company name • providing a set of identification documents • setting-up a the bank account for share capital • submitting the registration documents with the Ministry of Taxes of Azerbaijan
  9. 9. Necessary documentation and information • providing a guarantee letter from the lesser as proof of address • providing passport copies of the shareholders and board members, and other documents • setting-up a bank account for the injection of the share capital • submitting the company registration file with the Ministry of Taxes of Azerbaijan
  10. 10. Requirements for Company   Formation in Azerbaijan • Any person of any nationality or residence can  be shareholder in a Portugal company •  The Board of Directors should be comprised of  at least two members  • The company must hold a local registered  office   • Registering the company for VAT purposes 
  11. 11. Services Provided for Company  Registration in Azerbaijan • drafting the Articles of Association  • offering a Registered Office in Azerbaijan • setting up a share capital bank account  • recommending an accountant in Azerbaijan •  VAT registration
  12. 12. Thank you for your attention Please contact us for more information at Ph./Fax: (+44)203-287 0408