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Presentation of IBCC

  1. 1. IBCC
  2. 2. “Secondary level education should provided effective preparation for those proceeding the academic or professional tertiary education as well as for those entering the world of work either as trainees, wage employees or as self employed entrepreneurs while inculcating the social skills for productive and peace life in todays interdependent communities. Such an education must necessarily compromise a harmonious balance of academic disciplines, generic practical and social skills and civic responsibility” UNESCO - 2005
  3. 3. Aims of IBCC More inclusive than the DP Responds to the IB mission statement Fills a gap in international education Reduces the “academic vs vocational” divide Read P 3 to 4 in overview of the IBCC
  4. 4. Consists of : At least 2 DP cources IBCC Core: -language development (50 hours) -approaches to learning (50 hours) -reflective project (40 hours) Career related studies
  5. 5. The IBCC core should: Empower students to be self directed Challenge students to set and meet goals Develop adaptability and practical as well as intellectual skills Involve students authentically in „making a difference‟ Engage students in cycle of „learn, plan, act, reflect‟
  6. 6. Approaches to learning course Students must participate in a course that emphasize critical thinking, personal and interpersonal development, problem solving and the acquisition of practical skills
  7. 7. Community and service Students must liaise with members of the community and undertake unpaid and voluntary activities that help the community and that have a learning benefit to the student. The rights, dignity and autonomy of all those involved are respected
  8. 8. Language Development Students must improve their language proficiency in a target language other than their best/mother tongue language
  9. 9. Reflective project Students must plan and create a project that draws together key aspects of their studies, including the career related study, approaches to learning and community service
  10. 10. The DP subjects Can be either HL and /or SL Can be chosen form any group and even same group Limited to one mathematics course Permitted to study one DP course online One SL can be a one year course, but not both Pilot DP courses are excluded Must examine in both courses
  11. 11. Career related studies requirements A two year study of sufficient size to complement the IBCC in students timetable Accredited by: 1, a local, state or national authority or government or 2, recognized as an entry level course into a university or higher educational institution or 3, validated by an appropriate employer organization or professional body.
  12. 12. Career related studies must be…. Subject to a demonstrable form of external assessment or quality assurances additional to internal teacher assessment – reviewed at least every five years At a level appropriate to the chosen pathway or the student. ( grade or level appropriate )
  13. 13. Offers progression opportunities The IBCC core and career studies are designed to provide the student with Employment skills to be able to move directly into chosen field Apprenticeship or on the job training in career field of studies Further education opportunities at educational institutions that specialize in the chosen field of study Access to higher education – universities and colleges
  14. 14. Links with the MYP International Dimension – view studies in a broad global context Intercultural learning – understand own culture to help understand and embrace other cultures on people Ethical education – develop own identities and beliefs to be able t think, feel and act through ethical issues
  15. 15. Road map reflection Two things to reflect on! 1, Have my perceptions of the IBCC changed? “ I used to think…………. Now I know………….” 2, How might the implementation of the IBCC impact our school?