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Leading digital. #rethinkingmarketing /TweetAtlas Jarkko Jokirinta


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Leading digital. #rethinkingmarketing /TweetAtlas Jarkko Jokirinta

  1. 1. The world’s most accurate, automatic and context driven Social Media analytics SaaS enabled by a combination of machine analysis and crowdsourced human intelligence. Copyright TweetAtlas 2015. All rights reserved.
  2. 2. Pure machine algorithm based analysis isn’t enough. Data from one of the most used tools on the market: Tweets on the right listed as Top Negative Tweets regarding Angry Birds in 2013. Are they really? Social Media Analysis is BROKEN
  3. 3. Sarcasm, Irony, Satire, Languages, Pictures, Video Clips Are Not Understood at All…
  4. 4. Forbes: Social Media Spend as a Percent of Marketing Budgets 0 % 5 % 10 % 15 % 20 % 25 % Current Levels Over Next 12 Months In Next 5 Years
  5. 5. Forbes: How Companies Demonstrate the Impact of Social Media Spend? 15 % 45 % 40 % Have proven the impact quantitatively Have a good qualitative sense of the impact , but not a quantitative impact Haven't been able to show the impact yet
  6. 6. Solution TweetAtlas deploys over 6 million real human beings around the globe to o"er the highest quality, real-time analysis on the market *Based on research 60-80 % of conversation related to brands is irrelevant (e.g. spam, advertisements and posts actually not related to the brand) . Unique key bene#ts: -  The highest possible accuracy of the analytics, 80-90 % better than others on the market -  True multi-language support due to native speakers of various languages -  As the only provider on the market, the technical capability to pre-#lter all irrelevant data* from the conversations
  7. 7. It’s a Genuine Service! •  Online Dashboard to help Social Media, Customer Service, Brand, Marketing and Communications Teams: -  Optimize the use of own resources and save time while dealing with only relevant, accurate data and metrics -  Understand which information truly matters and needs urgent attention -  Track and measure the organic impact of marketing campaigns to improve the ROI of ongoing and future campaigns -  Follow and understand the e$ect of communication on the brand and audience reception •  Fully Customized Reports to help Management: -  Make better decisions through receiving immediately actionable metrics and pre-analyzed data -  Access valuable, re#ned data and information that has before been hard to concretize
  8. 8. Examples of What We can O$er ü  Marketing Campaign Tracking ü  Product Launch Key Metrics ü  Brand Visibility Measurement ü  Topic Sentiment Analysis ü  Competitor Benchmarking & Analysis ü  In#uencer Analysis ü  Social Media Presence Mapping ü  Demographics Analysis ü  Buying Intent Analysis ü  Media Visibility Analysis ü  Event / Conference Metrics
  9. 9. @tweetatlas_real Matti Miettinen Director +358440230979 Jarkko Jokirinta CEO, Founder