FutureMidwest 2010 Brand Case Study
700 885
people attended the conFerence
the identity   ROUND 1                                                               ROUND 2   ROUND 3                    ...
It’s happening
                                                                                   Austin Bedell

the desi...
!                                                                    “ After college, Detroit area,
the event Branding                                                                                                        ...
the outcome                                      FutureMidwest started as a conference, and
Ice Sculpture

                Daggerfin © 2010 | daggerfin.com
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FutureMidwest Brand Case Study


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Brand case study for the FutureMidwest conference. Includes an overview of the naming, visual identity and launch strategies developed by Daggerfin.

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FutureMidwest Brand Case Study

  1. 1. FutureMidwest 2010 Brand Case Study
  2. 2. 700 885 people attended the conFerence ADMIT ONE 5,138 tWeetS FutureMidwest, the region’s largest technology and knowledge conference, is a two- day event featuring presentations, networking opportunities and the convergence 8,465 717 of influencers who are shaping the Midwest’s future. individual WeBSite paGe vieWS 19,273 FolloWerS on tWitter Formed through the combination of two revolutionary conferences, Module and TechNow, FutureMidwest is a movement comprised of forward thinkers and decision WeBSite viSitS (in the Month APRIL 8 7 makers who are taking action to redefine business in the new economy. 120 leading up to the event) # # 734 tWitter contriButorS BloG poStS or editorial StorieS tWeetS per day
  3. 3. name development 2010 Great Lakes Digital Conclave KeyWordS: Change New Tech the vision the name Business 2010 Midwest Midwest DigitalFuture Digital Media Education Festival | 2010 Summit By sparking conversation and collaboration You have to start somewhere, and it starts with ƒ Capture the event’s ambition to change Entertainment between young, entrepreneurial creatives and the name. A great name has power. The power the perception of the region from rust belt Conversation professionals with established resources, to attract, evoke storytelling and inspire. An to innovation catalyst Connection FutureMidwest seeks to build the region into a epic, two-day event conceived and designed 2010 Midwest ƒ Provide a platform for collaborative growth Digital Landscape hub of innovation and technology. to inspire an entire region to move forward Digital Experience initiatives that connect business, media and Communication Expo deserves a great name. technology Empowerment By operating with an online-centric mindset and After deep exploration, filtering and testing, 2010 Midwest FUTURE transitioning from traditional one-way communi- one name separated itself from all the con- ƒ Be simple, short and memorable Digital Media MIDWEST cation methods, people will discover completely tone/character: Union new ways to operate a business successfully. tenders: FutureMidwest. One by one, the ƒ Be ownable from a trademark and digital Reductionist 2010 name exceeded our criteria: domain perspective This new way of thinking is the foundation of Simplicity Digital FutureMidwest. Detroit ƒ Symbolize the ignition and advancement What started as a name, quickly evolved into Textured Technology Confab Digital Media of new thinking, ideas and networking a rallying cry. As we say around here, Midwest | 2010 Festival | 2010 Inclusive Modern Adaptive Confident “ Authentic Are you Digital Experience Conference diGital Space: 2010 | Midwest 2010 Midwest FutureMidwest.com Digital Expo FutureMidwest? twitter.com/FutureMidwest #FMW10
  4. 4. the identity ROUND 1 ROUND 2 ROUND 3 FINAL 2 0 1 0 FUTURE M I DW E S T FutureMidwest FUTURE MIDWEST 2010 futuremidwest2010 FUTURE MIDWEST future midwest 2010 2010 2010 A name like FutureMidwest In regard to the final identity FUTURE invokes many visual ideas. selection, we think Time said MIDWEST The challenge was choosing it best: 20 the most appropriate one. 10 As the conference is located in the heart of the Midwest, and “ FutureMidwest also has one of the coolest mascots I’ve ever seen. is about future trends in digital and social media, we sought It’s a cow wearing a space helmet. an identity that would capture Very appropriate for both what the both of these dynamics, as Midwest represents (agriculture FUTUREMIDWEST2010 well as have a little fun with the established perceptions and traditional values) and the of the region. world beyond. ”
  5. 5. It’s happening Austin Bedell the design Jay Adelson presenter The goal with the design of the conference materials was to integrate the identity through all the touchpoints, while continuing to have some fun with it. When your logo is a cow wearing a space helmet, having Name Badges fun becomes a little easier. By using graphics of silos and barns, while opposing them with rocket ships, satellites and radio towers, we were subtly saying big things are happening in the Midwest.
  6. 6. ! “ After college, Detroit area, to stay in the I made a choice when so many of my friends left. This conference reminded me why I chose to stay – there is a raw passion here that you can’t find anywhere else. I’m excited to be a part of the renaissance. Trisha – Attendee ” Website Homepage the Web The FutureMidwest web strategy was to create an environment that highlighted the speakers and their content, while also providing attendees and fans with an avenue through Twitter and the FutureMidwest blog to communicate and connect with the speakers. The site, blog and Twitter ? page were all designed to keep the brand message consistent and to create an innovative online experience. Website Content Page Twitter Page
  7. 7. the event Branding “ One thing of for certain, is if the goal the organizers The event branding materials were designed to provide brand consistency of FutureMidwest 2010 across every touchpoint. From welcome packets to badges, t-shirts and was to educate, inspire gift bags, the space cow was integrated and everywhere. As the brand evolved, multiple, unexpected ways for the space cow and the message and motivate the attendees… to be applied presented themselves. mission accomplished! The overwhelming themes I’ve been reading are about taking this energy and excitement beyond just a 2-day conference and making it a part of every day life in metro Detroit. Patrick Reyes – Attendee ” Program Agenda Thank You Card Directional Signage T-Shirts
  8. 8. @teahousemusic: the outcome FutureMidwest started as a conference, and quickly evolved into much more. It’s a catalyst @tverma29 Amazing video @mwygnal: @bethkostecki: Detroit we @MattMyftiu: Wishing @airfoilpr: Hey Detroit, the need to talk more about the everyone an entertaining Our challenge was clearly laid out for us for careers. It’s a showcase for the talent of Future is HERE – #youreit! @sazbean: thank you #FMW10 - some & amazing event. Honored love. this. event. and educational weekend. a region. It’s a forger of relationships, both great presentations - definitely some to be here & excited to amazing things happening right from the start. How do you brand a conference that is all about innovation? personal and professional. In summary, #FMW10 new things to think about be a part of #detroit’s #FMW10 #+detroit here #FMW10 [reporters Cool event. The future is 1:38 PM / April 22nd now, after all. #FMW10 And more importantly, how do you make it’s now a movement. In one weekend, 11:39 AM / April 17th renaissance #FMW10 #lovelansing are listening ...] 8:49 AM / April 16th the conference grew exponentially, and 1:12 PM / April 16th that brand innovative? It could only be the excitement for next year is palpable. 8:06 AM / April 17th 4:11 PM / April 16th achieved with a concept that was ultimately innovative itself. In short, we did it with The attendees, the sponsors, the conference @terrybean: reading the @spychresearch: Seriously @tkpleslie: Great tweets deep thinking and cutting design. @mikekmcclure: Huge globs of founders and everyone involved with cannot thank you all enough!! @detroitunspun: Shout back @blagica: giving the midwest about @FutureMidwest conf. tweets from #FMW10 is knowledge are hitting me fast & FutureMidwest walked away with the same I def feel the Detroit love here #FMW10 Are YOU ready for a props...there are a TON of talented right now @CharlieCurve. I’m We began with a name, which clearly spelled making swell up with pride furious at Future Midwest today. out the intentions of the conference, and we thing: exceeded expectations. at #FMW10. #FMW11 is gonna Now talking data & analytics Renaissance of Our Region? people in this region! #FMW10 learning a lot just from watching for #detroit. Way to go 4:08 PM / April 16th 12:56 PM / April 16th your stream! #FMW10 ... supported that name with an identity that be EPIC!! #FMW10 Before After @futuremidwest team! 11:36 AM / April 17th 7:53 AM / April 17th 8:40 AM / April 16th expanded upon those intentions. Then, at Rebranding Rebranding 12:54 PM / April 17th every touchpoint, the space cow was there as a shining beacon of the innovative future @Bethharte: i have of an entire region. The conference materials participants 200 700 never seen a city so @pulse2dotcom: echoed the brand values and the experience @cat577: “real s*&! iS @detroitunspun: Southfield’s really feeling the @SeMinurse: The @future- @jordanzurack: Thank you to happening here.” - own Jay Adelson is busy hard core passionate we wanted people to walk away with. Speakers 10 18 @FutureMidwest for such an encouraging #FMW10 crowd about technology, environment & vibe at midwest logo is cracking educational event! #FMW10 Ben Smithee #FMW11 to unlock their crazy. We need #FMW10 -- how cool me up - wtf is that thing? And the results were astounding. Every social media and their person involved with the conference was Sponsors 1 18 12:54 PM / April 17th theme??? #FMW10 crazy to innovate. 4:22 PM / April 16th city as detroit ... does this look?!?!? 8:11 AM / April 16th blown away by the response. From a 10:57 AM / April 17th 12:44 PM / April 16th education 1:18 PM / April 16th numbers standpoint, the attendees, the 3.5 10 hours of learning and the hours of interaction (Hours) @tgambee: please excuse tripled from the year before. And sponsors networking @Brandtlc: excellent presentations! @mwygnal: My cow is this geek fanboy moment, 3.5 9.5 @charliecurve: Three cheers @JorgeMSu: @futuremidwest has @aboutpunkmusic: How went from one to 18 after the rebranding. (Hours) Great speakers! thank you for @zachlipson @adrianpittman cooler than your cow. me thinking about what I’m really but @futuremidwest is many of you folks at #FMW10 @FutureMidwest for producing an & @jrwolfe. The @FutureMidwest #FMW10 --nice! are feeling pretty inspired by good at and how I can help people. happening and it’s amazing event! #detroit #FMW10 Conference is a phenomenal ... 4:19 PM / April 16th all of this? #FMW10 What do you all think I’m good at? aWeSoMe!! #FMW10 11:54 AM / April 17th 10:07 AM / April 17th 1:18 PM / April 16th 10:49 AM / April 16th /via @daveMurr Corporate Sponsors: 7:57 AM / April 16th @tverma29: amazing video & @tverma29: love the energy @Spychresearch: @DaveMurr dude, amazing event. honored to be @Evyfindstheway: Really like and excitement of #FMW10 @solao: @Future @michellemoser: Love how you guys really killed it!! Thanks for the clip from #FMW10- it’s not the invite, so glad I could be a part of here & excited to be a part of just a conference, it’s a beginning have so many ideas forming Midwest excellent speakers @futuremidwest are fast #detroit’s renaissance #FMW10 talkers. No wasted time. #FMW10 this! #FMW10 #awesome ... 8:06 AM / April 17th of two-way communication. i can’t get them down fast turn out! #FMW10 7:56 / April 16th 11:54 AM / April 17th 4:15 PM / April 16th enough #FMW10 10:49 AM / April 16th twitter chatter 1:17 PM / April 16th
  9. 9. FutureMidwest Ice Sculpture Daggerfin © 2010 | daggerfin.com