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Christ our priest


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Presentation about the Sabbath School’s lesson for November 23th, 2013.

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Christ our priest

  1. 1. Christ, Our 8 Priest Presentation about the Sabbath Schol’s lesson for November 23th, 2013.
  2. 2. Memory Text: 8 “Now the main point in what has been said is this: we have a high priest, who has taken His seat at the right hand of the throne of the Majesty in the heavens, a minister in the sanctuary and in the true tabernacle, which the Lord pitched, no man”. Heb 8:1,2.
  3. 3. Our High Priest 8 How are linked the priesthood of Christ and Melchisedek? • The Bible neither register the beginning and ending of Melchizedek. • The Melchizedek character is righteousness and peaceful (salem means peace). • The Melchizedek priesthood is superior to Levitical priesthood. • Jesus never done a sacrifice for himself, he was the most possible perrfect offering. • Aaron and Melchizedek were types of Christ.
  4. 4. Advocate and Intercessor 8 What is the Christ’s rol like advocate? Ro 8:34; 1 Joh 2:1,2. • Before God we are sinner and imperfects. • Noone can separate us from God’s love. • God is for us, gave to Jesus in our stead, justifing us. • The judgment will be for joy and jubilation of the people who loves God. • Parakletos is someone who appears in another’s behalf, he is Jesus Christ. • Jesus, the One who never sinned, gives his righteousness for the sinners before God.
  5. 5. Mediator 8 Why Christ is considered mediator? 1 Ti 2:4-6. • The mediator’s rol was to act as arbitrator between two parties to reach a common goal in order to inaugurate a covenant. • Jesus Christ is the mediator of new covenant, who restored the connection between God and the man. • In Christ are joined the salvation and the mediation, because he is both God and human.
  6. 6. Great High Priest 8 What are the Jesus’ qualities as the great High Priest? • Jesus is merciful and faithful. He bestows his gifts on us, and he is loyal to his Father and to us (Heb 2:17). • Jesus is with us. He is our Helper, lived like us (Heb 2:18; 5:2,7). • Jesus is over us. He enjoys to preside among the saints (Heb 3:6). • Jesus is as we are. He was tempted just as we are. In the Judean desert He was tempted in the physical, mental, and spiritual dimensions (Heb 4:15). • Jesus is for us. He intercedes in the heavenly sanctuary for us in the presence of God (Heb 9:24).
  7. 7. The One Sacrifice 8 Why Jesus’ death is more important than the animal sacrifices? Heb 10:1-14. • The purpose of earthly sanctuary service was pointing to the death and high priestly ministry of Jesus. • The Jesus’ death shows just how bad sin really is. • The blood of animal sacrifices couldn't take away the sins, only the Jesus’ blood and his heavenly ministry can make it. • When the inner veil was broken, whit Jesus’ death, the earthly sanctuary service ended.
  8. 8. Conclusions 8 •Jesus Christ is the greatest High Priest, our intercessor, we are saved for his righteousness. •Jesus Christ came to link the sinful world with the heaven. •Jesus is the one and truth expiatory sacrifice.