Webinar social media intern 2012


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Webinar social media intern 2012

  1. 1. Social Media Part 2:How to Use Facebook and Twitter to Effectively Build Your Business Dan Bischoff Scott Terry Brian Dearden
  2. 2. Success Week Webinars! Nov. 12-19• www.nspwebinars.com• Build Instant Rapport with Prospects• Social Media for Beginners• Social Media to Effectively Build Your Business• Easily Share NSP with Others• How to Maximize NSP’s Compensation Plan• Live Giveaways at the end of this Webinar!• Product Promotions
  3. 3. All webinar resources can befound at www.nspwebinars.com A phone recording of this webinar is available at1-712-432-0453 PIN 8067844 (Not a toll-free call)
  4. 4. Type in Your Questions!
  5. 5. Let’s Learn From Our Resident Expert…Dan BischoffDigital Content ManagerNature’s SunshineProductsdanb@natr.comwww.twitter.com/danbischoff
  6. 6. Social Media For Your Biz Take a look at some successful Facebook pages in these articles:• AllFacebook: The 100 Most Engaging Brands on Facebook• HubSpot: 20 Examples of Great Facebook Pages• HubSpot: 7 Awesome B2B Facebook Fan Pages• Jeff Bullas: Top 10 Small Business Facebook Designs toInspire You• Social Media Examiner: Top 10 Small Business FacebookPages: 2011 Winners
  7. 7. Social Media For Your Biz Gather information about what is working and take notes of these key points:• How often is the page posting? What times are theyposting?• What are they posting? What is getting the mostinteraction – pictures, links, videos, questions? What isworking for them? (Hint: copy what is working)• How many people post directly on the page? How manyrespond to a post?
  8. 8. Social Media Examples
  9. 9. More Examples
  10. 10. More ExamplesSuccessful brands engage with their audience. They don’t preach or sell to them.
  11. 11. What They Have in Common?• Give a reason to follow• Consistent• Entertaining/Relevant Content• Content that solves problems
  12. 12. Best Practices• Post 3-5 times a day• Focus on engagement• Have a call to action – ask them to click, like, etc.• Don’t oversell or undersell – mix it up!• Make it fun• There is no “right” way
  13. 13. Connect With Us!• www.facebook.com/naturessunshine• www.twitter.com/naturessunshine• www.pinterest.com/naturessunshine
  14. 14. Brian DeardenSpanish Sales Manager – Network Marketing bdearden@natr.com /BrianDeardenNSP /NSPBDearden
  15. 15. Get connected Nature’s Sunshine /naturessunshine /naturessunshineNSP Spanish Division /DivisionHispanaNSP
  16. 16. Your Profile• Cover Photo – Does it draw me in?• Profile Picture – What is my first reaction?• Timeline/Wall – Would I want to learn more?
  17. 17. Build your list of friends• Facebook is not a tool to meet new people – This is a warm market tool• If someone shows interest in your NSP Business – Direct Message them!
  18. 18. Protect your friends and your business
  19. 19. Tag Team• Wecome everyone who joins NSP by tagging• Teach your group to do the same• RECOGNIZE!• More Comments, Likes, and Shares – Increases the possibility that someone will see your post
  20. 20. Questions & Answers
  21. 21. US Success Week Promotions (Nov. 12-19) $2 off, Buy 4 Get 1 Free, Buy 9 Get 3 Free• Probiotic Eleven• Proactazyme• Everflex• Skeletal Strength• Perfect Eyes• Thyroid Activator• Magnesium Complex• HSN-W• Para-Cleanse• Bowel Detox
  22. 22. Canada Success Week Promotions (Nov. 12-19) $2 off, Buy 4 Get 1 Free, Buy 9 Get 3 Free• Probiotic Eleven• Garden Essence• Everflex with HA• Calcium-Magnesium plus Vit. D• Perfect Eyes• KC-X• LBS II• HSN-W• Para-Pak• BWL-BLD
  23. 23. LiveGiveawayWinners
  24. 24. Thank You for Joining Us! Tomorrow: Simple Ways to Share Nature’s Sunshine with Others