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Webinar coq10 june2012

  1. 1. Heart, Brain, Energy, Pancreas:Why You Should Take CoQ10Every Day!
  2. 2. All webinar resources can befound at www.nspwebinars.comA phone recording of thiswebinar is available at1-712-432-0453 PIN 8067844(Not a toll-free call)
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  5. 5. Webinar Presenter – Jerry Rauch• Doctor of Naturopathy• Master Herbalist• Owner & Founder ofA Harvest of HealthNutrition & Wellness Center• Personal Health Consultant• Over 33 years of experiencein the Natural Health Field• www.aharvestofhealth.com
  6. 6. My Story• A life change in 1973, created the realization that I had aresponsibility to be a good steward of my body.• I believe in the universal law of “sowing and reaping”: Inother words, the “seeds of health” I choose to sowregarding personal wellness largely determine the kind ofhealth I will harvest.• I did not, and do not, take lightlythe gift of life and health.• Today, I use what I have learned, along with the blessingof good health God has provided, in the mission ofhelping others achieve more optimal wellness in aretail and consultation venue in Bluffton, IN.
  7. 7. Health in America• Americans spend more than any other countryon health care (or, more correctly, on diseasecare).• Yet, we have an abysmal record for achievingand maintaining real health.• The Center for Disease Control and Preventionreleased their preliminary statistics for 2010and showed that Heart disease claimed599,413 lives, followed closely by Cancer whichclaimed an additional 567,628 Americans.CDC/National Center for Health Statistics, published January 27, 2012• Sadly, the top two causes of death arelargely influenced by diet and lifestyle.
  8. 8. Health in America (cont’d)• We tend to think reactively rather than proactively, focusingfundamentally on symptoms rather thanaddressing the root cause of many healthissues.• It is time for a paradigm shift.• Some experts believe 95% of our healthconcerns arise from nutritional deficienciesand toxic overload in the body.• Much scientific research now confirms thebenefits of detoxification (getting the garbageout) and nutrient fortification (putting the good stuff in).• Some key nutrients, such as Coenzyme Q10, arecapable of doing both.
  9. 9. CoQ10• Coenzyme Q10 is part of a group ofsubstances also known as ubiquinones.• Found in most organisms that dependon air to maintain life (bacteria toplants, animals and human beings).• Exists in various dietary sources, but,difficult to get enough from foodsupply. (i.e. - 4 lbs. peanuts, 3 ½ lbs.beef or 1 ½ lbs. sardines = amount ofCoQ10 found in one NSP 50 mg cap.)
  10. 10. ENERGY PRODUCTION• CoQ10 is required for energy productionin the mitochondria of the cell wherecarbohydrates and fatty acids areconverted into energy (ATP).• This energy-making process fuels mostmetabolic processes in the body.• It acts as an antioxidant to protect thehealth of the membranes and mitochondria of our cells, leadingto healthier tissues, glands, organs, systems and overall wellness.• Energy production is crucial for life and healing to occur.• CoQ10 also promotes the regeneration of vitamin E.
  11. 11. IMMUNITY• CoQ10’s antioxidant benefits give it an importantrole in immune health.• It scavenges free radicals and reduces oxidativestress on cells throughout the body.• Found in highest concentrations inthe brain, heart, liver and kidneys.• Provides protection for the longevityof these vital organs.• Contributes to anti-aging and overall longevity forthe human body.
  12. 12. CARDIOVASCULAR HEALTH• Coenzyme Q10 helps keep LDL-cholesterol from oxidizing.• Significance? Oxidized LDL-cholesterol is believed to be amajor contributor to cardiovascular compromise.• Statin drugs, used to reduce elevated cholesterol, areknown to reduce the levels of CoQ10 in the blood, creatingthe potential for cardiovascular complications.• It is recommended that anyoneusing such a drug should alsoconsider adding CoQ10 for extranutritional support and protection.
  13. 13. CARDIOVASCULAR HEALTH (cont’d)• CoQ10 is involved in healthy heart function, includingstrengthening its muscle tone andimproving overall circulation.• It also helps maintain alreadynormal-range blood pressure levels.• Consider 50 mg – 200 mg / daily forgood cardiovascular support.• Note: anyone using the drug warfarin (a blood thinner)while using CoQ10 may experience a drop in the drug’seffectiveness, therefore, it is advisable to have theblood monitored regularly by a physician.
  14. 14. NEUROLOGICAL HEALTH• Since the brain requires a large amount of energy forproper nervous system function, ATP production inthe mitochondria of brain cells is crucial.• Without CoQ10 the making of ATP, good nervetransmission/communication to muscles, glands,organs and other tissues throughout the body wouldbe impossible.
  15. 15. NEUROLOGICAL HEALTH (cont’d)• Numerous fascinating studies have beendone and continue on the effects ofCoQ10 and neurological function. Futureresearch into thevalue of this nutrientwill likely be bothintriguing andpromising.
  16. 16. PANCREATIC HEALTH• The pancreas is considered a dual gland – exocrine (ductsecreting) and endocrine (internal hormone secreting).• It is responsible for releasing pancreatic juices into the smallintestine via the pancreatic duct near or at the same place as thecommon bile duct.– Enzymes present in pancreatic juice support proper digestion.• Masses of cells in the pancreas, called the islands of Langerhans,are composed of alpha and beta cells which secrete hormonesdirectly into blood capillaries.– Beta cells secrete insulin, a hormone exerting major control overcarbohydrate metabolism– Alpha cells secrete glucagon, a hormone also used in carbohydratemetabolism
  17. 17. PANCREATIC HEALTH (cont’d)• The vital role of the pancreas inboth glucose regulation anddigestion remains undisputed.• The role of CoQ10 in providingprotection for the pancreas and other keyglands and organs of the body also remainsundisputed.• Excellent benefit can be achieved with50 mg – 150 mg / daily.
  18. 18. PERIODONTAL HEALTH• We also like to recommend it to individualswho wish to maintain good periodontal health.• There are now a lot of studies that suggest alink between good oral health and hearthealth.• Consider 100-150 mg dailyto support healthy gumtissue.
  19. 19. ATHLETIC PERFORMANCE• Athletes and trainers may do well to routinelyadd this nutrient to supplement regimen.• Micheal Colgan reported on page 186 of hisbook called Optimum Sports Nutrition(Copyright 1993), “In one of the latest studies,well-trained male runners at the University ofBologna in Italy were run to exhaustion on thetreadmill. Then for the next 7 weeks, they were given 100mg CoQ10 per day or a placebo. Then they were run onthe treadmill again. Subjects receiving CoQ10 ran 12%further and 8% longer than the placebo group.”
  20. 20. OTHER FACTS & TIPS• CoQ10 levels seem to diminish as we age, so, consider possibleage related shortages.• Coenzyme Q10 enters the blood stream via the lymphaticsystem after being absorbed through the small intestine.• Majority of oral forms are generally poorly absorbed. In fact,over 60% of most oral supplements are eliminated in the feces.• Certain nutrients, like some B-Vitamins and Vitamin C, helpincrease the synthesis of CoQ10, so, make sure you havesufficient levels of these core nutrients in your diet.• Absorption is also enhanced by thepresence of food with highfat content.
  21. 21. OTHER FACTS & TIPS (cont’d)• How I personally use the product.• NSP uses a specially patented lipid blendto solubilize and enhance the bioavailabilityand absorption of CoQ10 in the body.• Conjugated linoleic acid, flaxseed oil andsoy monoglycerides are some added keyplayers in NSP’s proprietary formula.• A double-blind human clinical trial showed that thisform of Co-Q10 was at least eight times more readilyabsorbed by the body than those of crystallineorigin.
  22. 22. OTHER FACTS & TIPS (cont’d)• The Co-Q10 marketed by most other brands is in acrystalline state, which is less-absorbable by the body.• NSP’s quality and value factor.• Some companies may also addharsh solvents, like propyleneglycol to their CoQ10 products inan attempt at making it more soluble.• NSP’s CoQ10 is clearly the right choice. It delivers 50mg non-crystallizing, highly bioavailable CoenzymeQ10 per serving.
  23. 23. Questions &Answers
  24. 24. Habit of HealthProgram
  25. 25. What is the Habit of Health?• A program that helps people build a strong,healthy foundation through complete dailynutrition.• A simple way to help you share Nature’sSunshine with others• We present the current problem with foodchoices and diet in America and provide thesolution!
  26. 26. In a perfect world, we’d get all the vitalnutrition we need on a daily basis to live,thrive and be healthy.Sadly, that isn’t theworld we live in.
  27. 27. Our Solution: Habit of HealthHealthy Start Healthy ChoiceBuild your own!
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