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Webinar boomerang-nov11

  1. 1. Live the Clean Life:Sanitize Your Air, Home and Life withSilver Shield and the BoomerangBrenda Montrella, NDJeff Bennert, ND
  2. 2. This webinar is being recordedand can be viewed atwww.nspwebinars.comTo listen to the recording by phone1-712-432-0453 PIN 1447483Not a toll-free call
  3. 3. Enter your questions, we’llanswer some as we conclude
  4. 4. Flower Essence Live WebinarMeeting Launch in Arlington, TX• Thursday, December 1st• Steven Horne presenting• Hilton Arlington Hotel• 7:00 pm Central time• (5:00 P, 6:00 M, 8:00 E)• www.nspwebinars.com
  5. 5. Five Certificates for ½ off Shipping!
  6. 6. Product Giveaway!
  7. 7. Business Tool Giveaway! (2)
  8. 8. -Doctor of Naturopathy and Certified NutritionalCounselor–Trinity College of Natural Health 1998-Creator of Everything Natural Under the Sun a 5000 sq ftRetail Store and Wellness Center 1996-Author of the Intestinal Brilliant Body Booklet and host ofLiving Naturally radio show-Ranked in the Top 10 Nature Sunshine Manager by groupvolume-My Daily Methods of Operation are Retail, Consultant,Brilliant Body, and Network MarketerBrenda M. Montrella N.D., CNHP, CNC
  9. 9. Our Current Solution• Hand Sanitizers withchemicals and additives• Toxic Cleaning Productsthat can give off poisonousfumes that irritate eyes,lungs, harm skin.
  10. 10. Silver Shield Solution• Supports the immunesystem• Uses fine particle-sizecolloids for maximumbioavailability• Is non-toxic; poses norisk of heavy metalcontamination• Provides 90 mcg ofsilver per serving
  11. 11. Silver Shield• Does not harm the beneficialprobiotic population in the gut• Does not contribute toantibiotic resistance
  12. 12. Silver Shield Gel• Uses fine particle-sizecolloids for maximumbioavailability• Is non-toxic; poses no riskof heavy metalcontamination• Provides 90 mcg of silverper serving• Acts as a skin moisturizer
  13. 13. Scientifically Supported• Studies From Over 50 IndependentUniversities, Hospitals, Government andPrivate Labs• 14 Independent Safety and Toxicity Studies
  14. 14. Super Flexible• Oral Health• Inhaled• Topical• Poultices• Cosmetic• Women’s health• Water Purification• House hold spray
  15. 15. Non-Toxic• The Merck Index reports the following aboutsilver:It is a metal that does not accumulate inthe fats and is the only metal that is notconsidered to be a heavy metal because it doesnot produce heavy metal poisoning (MerckIndex, 1999. Silver. 1:645)
  16. 16. Quick & Effective• Effective in minutes• Works inside and outside thebody• Produces no resistance• Approved Patent #7135195• Can be taken everyday• Can be used on every surface
  17. 17. Uses• Odors/Molds– Laundry– Stinky shoes– Food storage– Animal bedding– Basements– Steam cleaners– Nasal Spray• Protection– Hand– Throat, eyes and ears– Nasal spray– Nebulizer• Cosmetic– Gel mixed withmoisturize– Spray skin
  18. 18. Available in Wipes• Cell Phones• Bottoms Purses• Door Knobs• Bathrooms• Kitchen Counters• Toilet Seats• Computer Keyboards• Shopping Carts
  19. 19. Simple, Safe and Effective
  20. 20. NASA Developed Technology
  21. 21. • Sealing homes and commercial buildings tighter• Absence of fresh air• Increasing mold, bacteria, viruses and VOCs• Increasing allergies• More highly populated buildings• Threat of super bugs• Sick building syndromeWhy are air purifiers needed?
  22. 22. Power Indicator LightNew! Audible PCO Status Indicator(Alerts you when PCO cell needs to be replacedProtects electronics and increases longevity)
  23. 23. New! Whisper quiet fan.
  24. 24. Place on a counter or mount to a wall.
  25. 25. Energy efficientOnly uses 15 Watts of electricity at its peak!New! Insulated transformers reduce EMF’s!
  26. 26. No maintenance for up to 3 years!Replace PCO Cell with ease.
  27. 27. Features Silver+ PCO TechnologySynergistic blend of 5 rarecatalyst metalsGermicidal UVC LightCatalytic MoleculesContaminants
  28. 28. Catalytic MoleculesAll the benefits of ozone without allthe side effects.
  29. 29. University StudiesMicrobial Colonies
  30. 30. Figure 3-BSA MRSA Study
  31. 31. Questions & Answers
  32. 32. Silver Shield$2.00 offPromo # 14208-1$20.00Buy 4 Get 1 FreePromo # 14182-8$88.00Buy 9 Get 3 FreePromo # 14207-9$198.00
  33. 33. Silver Shield Gel$2.00 offPromo # 14211-6$13.95Buy 4 Get 1 FreePromo # 14209-4$63.80Buy 9 Get 3 FreePromo # 14210-5$143.55
  34. 34. Boomerang Air Sanitizer$50.00 offPromo # 14838-3$445.00FinancingPromo # 7030-5$502.00$150 down, $88/month for 4 months,$7 finance fee
  35. 35. Product Giveaway!
  36. 36. Five Certificates for FREE Shipping!
  37. 37. Fun Giveaway!
  38. 38. Thanks for Participating inEducation Week!We’ll see you next year!