webinar Specific Strategies to Improve Men’s Health


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webinar Specific Strategies to Improve Men’s Health

  1. 1. Welcome.Healthy Men, Happy Men:Specific Strategies toImprove Men’s HealthJay Vanden HeuvelJune 5, 2012This NSPWebinar will begin at11:00 am MDT
  2. 2. My Contact InformationScott TerryUS Sales Manager Consultants and theCentral RegionP 801.342.4516F 801.342.4579scottt@natr.com
  3. 3. A recording of this webinar will be available at www.nspwebinars.com A phone recording will be available at 1-712-432-0453 PIN 8626 (not a toll-free call)
  4. 4. AnnouncingNew Monthly Themes!
  5. 5. Did You Know?• The Health Sciences Department writes a scientific paper each month?• We create a new poster & flyer each month?• We have a health webinar each month?• We have product specials each month?• The above items are all related to the same health topic?
  6. 6. Monthly Theme• We’re enhancing this by: – Putting everything in one place! – Marketing the information each month – Providing additional and improved marketing materials – Designing targeted product promotions • 1-15 2 products 9/3, 4/1, $ off • 16-31 2 products 9/3, 4/1, $ off – Aligning our efforts with national awareness campaigns – June is National Men’s Health Month.
  7. 7. Poster & Flyer
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  10. 10. Scientific Update
  11. 11. Enter your questions for ourQ&A session as we conclude
  12. 12. Healthy Men, Happy Men: SpecificStrategies to Improve Men’s Health Jay Vanden Heuvel Divisional Manager Green Bay, WI
  13. 13. Jay P. Vanden Heuvel Ph.D. Green Bay, Wisc.• B.S. & M.S. in Natural Health (Alabama)• PhD. in Holistic Health (England)• PhD. Traditional Naturopathy (Alabama)• Enrolled in Doctorate of Integrative Medicine (Hawaii)• A.R.C.B.(Reflexology –Co.), C.F.T. (Flower thrpy-N.Y.)• Board Cert. Holistic Health Practitioner -AADP• 17 yrs. private practice, over 16,000 clients• Lecturer (U.S., China, Israel, Mexico, Canada, U.K.)• Lectured to over 100,000• Author “Life is a Teeter-Totter”, DVD’s, and over 100’s published articles - TV and Radio.
  14. 14. Health Differences Between Men and Women (other than Anatomy)• Women – Listen to their bodies – Are in tune with emotion and memory• Men – Tend to be more visual
  15. 15. 90% of all Health is Affected by: • Lifestyle • Environment • Stress • Genetics • JAMA 2002
  16. 16. Many ‘Female Concerns’ are Affecting Men• Breast Cancer in males has increased 600% in recent years.• 1 in 8 men will experience an osteoporosis- related fracture sometime in his life. – Men over 50 are at a greater risk for fracture than prostate cancer.
  17. 17. PerceptionGenerally speaking, men are moreconcerned about basic daily survivalissues than they are about their dailyhealth.
  18. 18. Testosterone Levels• Women have 12% - Men have 80% – These levels decline with age• Men have (low) levels of estrogen and progesterone but they are still necessary.• High levels of xeno-estrogens cause the male reproductive system to decline.
  19. 19. A Healthy Prostate = A Happy Man• Diets high in red meat, bad fats, few fruits, few vegetables, and little fiber are a recipe for prostate trouble. Coffee and soda can also affect prostate health.• Colon and bladder cleansing are very effective in helping the internal environment surrounding this gland.
  20. 20. Prostate Facts• 1,000 screened men for prostate cancer = 37 positive. 1 will end in death. (11 yr. study of 182,160 men U.S. Preventative Series Task Force 2012 and Journal of Urology 5/12)• By age 100, all men will have some level of prostate cancer.• Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (BPH) is showing up in some 20-year-old men.• Doctors are seeing increases in prostatitis.
  21. 21. Measure of a Man• Regular prostate exams (especially after the age of 40) are helpful.• PSA (Prostate Specific Antigen) is a blood test designed to pick up prostate tumor markers. Any elevation is an indicator of prostate cellular dysfunction. However not reliable, 80% are false positive. (U.S. Preventative Series Task Force 5/2012).
  22. 22. Exercise the Prostate• MDs and naturalists alike know that frequent monogamous sex keeps the prostate from getting stagnant and inflamed from congestion. It also helps rid the prostate of gravel or solid deposits.• Also don’t ignore the urge to go to the bathroom!• Kegel exercises are critical to pelvic floor.
  23. 23. Men’s Health Helpers• Tomatoes – 34% less risk of developing prostate cancer – Two servings a week (not ketchup) – Great source of lycopene • Super Supplemental #1377-0 • Super Antioxidant #1825-8• Water – Purified and plenty of it – Dehydration stresses the prostate • Nature’s Spring RO #1935-3
  24. 24. Can Herbs Help?• According to JAMA (1198;280;1604-1609,2002) Saw Palmetto was singled out for its effectiveness in relieving bladder problems from enlarged prostate with virtually no side effects.• In 1998, The European Journal of Herbal Medicine noted Saw Palmetto’s efficacy in reducing inflammation, spasms and edema.• Saw Palmetto appears to inhibit Di-Hydro testosterone (an antagonist to testosterone). This compound causes cells to multiply excessively.
  25. 25. Saw Palmetto• Saw Palmetto (100 caps) #630-4• Saw Palmetto Conc. (60 caps) #635-9
  26. 26. Flax Seed Oil• Noted as early as 1941 for prostate benefits.• Flax contributes to less frequent urination, increased energy, and sexual enthusiasm.• EFA’s like flax increase fertility.
  27. 27. Flax Seed Oil• Flax Seed Oil 8 oz. (love this mixed w organic cottage cheese) Stock # 3162-1• Flax Seed Oil w/Lignans (60 caps) Stock # 1583-6• Nature’s Harvest contains Flax Seed Hulls w Lignans #3090-6
  28. 28. Zinc• Is like the ‘lead’ in your pencil• Helps maintain proper prostate shape• The fluid made in the prostate is high in zinc• Zinc 25 mg Stock # 1657-9
  29. 29. Ylang Ylang Stock # 3917-7• Essential Oil• Good topical• Must be rubbed on with a carrier oil several times a day – Use with massage oil Stock # 3928-7• May increase circulation and internal penis tissue repair
  30. 30. Men’s Formula w/Lycopene Stock # 3112-7• Contains great prostate enhancers and protectors – Saw Palmetto – Pygeum – Gota Kola – Ginseng – Lycopene – And more
  31. 31. X-Action Reloaded #1133-9
  32. 32. NEW! Isolated Icariin extract. Epimedium (Horny Goat Weed) has been used inTraditional Chinese Medicine for aphrodisiac effects and to support erectileperformance. Epimedium contains multiple types of flavonoids, called icariin’s.Researchers have found only one of these various icariin’s is responsible forinhibiting the phospho-diesterase type 5 (PDE-5) enzyme, the enzyme known tocause the male sexual response to subside. Due to this inhibiting action, theisolated icariin may prolong and enhance sexual response. NSP uses state of theart testing equipment to ensure this single icariin is isolated and concentrated inour epimedium extract. In addition, this testing will certify Men’s X-ActionReloaded is free of enhancement prescription drugs, providing safe and naturalmale enhancement.
  33. 33. This “peak isolated icariin” extract sets NSP apart :• The synergy of this product also contains:• L-Arginine (converts to Nitric Oxide)• Damiana leaf (aphrodisiac, used by the Maya Indians of the Yucatan)• Muira Puama stem extract (Potency wood)• Oatstraw extract (sexual performer, toner, increases circulation)• Saw Palmetto fruit (also used by the Mayans - prostate and reproductive health)• (New!) Maca root extract (sexual desire and performance)• (New!) Pomegranate fruit extract (incr. N.O. and helps erectile function)• Yohimbe root bark extract and DHEA. (desire and balance sex hormones)
  34. 34. Other Natural Helpers to Men’s Health• L-Arginine (precursor to nitric oxide) • Blood Pressurex Stock # 554-8 • Solstic Cardio Stock #6520-1
  35. 35. In Summary• Hormone difference – testosterone and di-hydro testosterone• Exercise reproductive system• Tomatoes and Water• Saw palmetto, Men’s Formula, and X-Action re-loaded
  36. 36. Let’s answer some questions…
  37. 37. Product Promotions Available June 1-15Buy 9 Get 3 Free12535-2 $110.25Buy 4 Get 1 Free9817-8 $49.00$2 off9485-8 $10.25
  38. 38. Product Promotions Available June 1-15Buy 9 Get 3 Free11845-3 $182.25Buy 4 Get 1 Free9838-4 $81.00$2 off9257-0 $18.25
  39. 39. Thank you for joining us!Our next scheduled monthly theme webinar will be on Tuesday, July 3rd on Digestive Health