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  1. 1. Vol. 35 No. 1 January 2010 HORIZONS ® New Year New Body
  2. 2. C o n t e n t s This is a publication of Nature’s Sunshine Products, Inc., designed Weight-Loss Science 1 especially for natural health enthusiasts. Editor: Darlyn Britt Writer: Courtney Hammond Tips for Lasting Success 5 Art Director: Julie Larsen Designer: Rick Utykanski Sunshine Friends Contest 6 For more information on how to sign up as an NSP Independent Distributor, call 1-800-223-8225. More Weight-Loss Support Products 8 Printed on recycled paper Sunshine Horizons, January 2010, Vol. 35, No. 1. Sunshine Horizons is a publication Home Office Commitment to Health 10 of Nature’s Sunshine Products, Inc., 75 East 1700 South, Provo, Utah 84606. Copyright © 2010. Printed in the USA. All rights reserved. Announcements/Calendar 13 Correspondence: Sunshine Horizons Editor, P.O. Box 19005, Provo, Utah 84605-9005. Change of address: Happy New Year and New YOU! Contact the Order Sales Department or Customer Service. A new year is upon us. And some of your goals for 2010 might include eating healthier and Visit our website at losing a few pounds. With this in Order Placement Services mind—along with the knowledge By Internet: that obesity and being overweight can add greatly to medical expenses and put us at risk for more disease—we offer a special issue By Phone: of Sunshine Horizons. Dedicated to • Order Sales Department: weight management and healthier 1-800-453-1422 (English); living, this issue features: 1-800-321-0214 (Spanish). • cientific background on S Hours are Monday–Friday from our cutting-edge weight-loss 6 a.m.–6:30 p.m. and Saturday formulations from 7 a.m.–3:30 p.m. • ips for succeeding at weight loss from a fitness expert and NSP T Mountain Time. distributor • he announcement of our new Sunshine Friends weight-loss contest! T • TTY for Hearing Impaired: • vidence of NSP Home Office’s commitment to health and weight loss E 1-800-892-6450 (English only). • lus a look at the emotional component of weight management. P No matter your current size, shape or activity level, you deserve our very By Mail: best wishes for a healthy, happy and prosperous new year! • Order Sales Department Darlyn Britt Nature’s Sunshine Products Editorial Manager P.O. Box 19005 Provo, Utah 84605-9005
  3. 3. The Science behindNSP Weight-loss Products By Dr. William J. Keller with Darlyn BrittD r. William J. Keller, Vice President of Health Sciences and Educational Services, recently presented a seminar to our TAC trip attendees about our newest weight-loss formulas, MetaboMax Plus MetaboMax Free. It was well-received, and wewanted to share it with a greater audience, along with other valuable information aboutsome of our most popular weight-management supplements.MetaboMax Plus MetaboMax Free White fat (also called adipose tissue or fat) is simply storedenergy. When you eat more than you burn, it is stored as whitefat. Everyone has it. Some people have more than others. Excesswhite fat can lead to health problems. As fat buildsup, it can lead to blood pressureissues, hardening of the arteries,insulin resistance and blood sugarconcerns. All of these are precursorsto type II diabetes. White fat canalso contribute to inflammation.Therefore, it is logical to decreaseextra white fat in the body. In designing our new weight-management formulas, NSPdiscovered a lot of powerful ingredientsynergy that can assist in achievingmeaningful weight loss when added toa suitable regimen oof diet and exercise.What Is Thermogenesis? A lot of people define this asfat burning, which is a pretty aptdescription. But let’s take it a step further.Thermogenesis is the generation of heatin the mitochondria (the cell’s energyfactory) due to an uncoupling of oxidative phosphorylation. What does this mean? When food is metabolized in your body, a lot of electrons areproduced. As these electrons are processed in the mitochondria, the energy liberated istrapped to form ATP—the cell’s energy currency. Normally electron processing and ATP formation are coupled and the ATPproduced provides needed cellular energy. When uncoupling occurs, very little ATP isformed. Most of the energy is released as heat. Free fatty acids from fat cells activate uncoupling and the thermogenicmechanism. Lipolysis, or the breakdown of fat, liberates free fatty acids(hence the name fat burning). The fat disappears and a lot of heat isproduced. January 2010, Sunshine Horizons 1
  4. 4. Working together for a Goal At least five ingredients in MetaboMax Plus combine to synergistically affect lipolysis, which gives the free fatty acids that spark thermogenesis. • ynephrine from bitter S orange stimulates the Synephrine Caffeine release of noradrenaline (or norepinephrine) that binds to receptors on fat cells, causing lipolysis. WHITE • EGCG, the main FAT catechin from green tea, enhances noradrenaline CELL action because it LIPOLYSIS inhibits an enzyme that normally breaks down noradrenaline. Fatty Acids • atural caffeine from N Uncoupling guarana and yerba mate interferes with the breakdown of a key ATP MITOCHONDRIAL mediator in the lipolytic ELECTRON Oxidative process. TRANSPORT Phosphorylation • he other ingredients act T SYSTEM together to cause lipolysis ADP+Pi and weight loss. From this we understand Electrons (as NADH) Heat that the free fatty acids from (Thermogenesis) lipolysis stimulate uncoupling. This uncoupling results in thermogenesis. So, fat breaks CITRIC ACID CYCLE down, the fatty acids cause GLYCOLYSIS uncoupling, and foods are oxidized to give only heat, which is dissipated and not Food (Glucose) used by the body as an energy source. Remember, this process continues at a fairly fast rate as long as the ATP levels are low. The remaining MetaboMax ingredients benefit weight loss by different mechanisms. • Capsaicin from red pepper decreases appetite through sensory stimulation, as well as binding to the so-called vanilloid receptor. This receptor is important in body temperature regulation. • Guggulsterones increase the conversion of T4 to the more potent thyroid hormone T3, which is known to stimulate thermogenesis. • Chickweed interferes with fat absorption from the gastrointestinal tract. MetaboMax Free has the same weight-loss benefits as Metabomax Plus. But this formula is caffeine-free. For this reason, the thermogenic effect of Metabomax Free is slightly less. A solid weight loss program should also include a sensible diet and a reasonable exercise program.Nature’s Sunshine Products, Inc. And of course, determination is a key component. Order Sales 1-800-453-1422 2 Sunshine Horizons, January 2010
  5. 5. Several NSP supplements can give you needed support in your weight-management efforts.MetaboStart® Plus This program, featuring MetaboMax Plus and its thermogenic ingredients,combines several powerful NSP formulas into one comprehensive package to supportweight-loss efforts from many angles. Take one AM packet before breakfast, oneNOON packet before lunch and one PM packet before dinner. • he AM packet contains 1 MetaboMax Plus, 1 7-Keto, 3 Fat Grabbers, 1 Carbo T Grabbers with Chromium. • he NOON packet contains 2 MetaboMax Plus, 3 Fat Grabbers, 1 Carbo T Grabbers with Chromium. • he PM packet contains 3 Carbo Grabbers with Chromium and 2 CLA. T Drink plenty of water throughout the day.Fat Grabbers® A blend of chickweed, lecithin, psyllium hulls and guar gum, patented NSP FatGrabbers can be an important component of any weight-loss program. Lecithinemulsifies fat in water. The fat-binding properties of fiber from guar gum andpsyllium hulls interfere with the absorption of emulsified fat from the smallintestine, allowing bound fat molecules to be eliminated from the body. Drink plentyof water when using Fat Grabbers.Carbo Grabbers with Chromium This popular formula helps reduce the amount of dietary carbohydrates that aredigested in the body for energy or storage. An enzyme inhibitor found in a specifictype of bean prevents the digestion of some dietary carbohydrates in the smallintestine when Carbo Grabbers are taken with water. This mechanism may allow aperson to eat some carbs without the body harvesting all of the calories from thosecarbs. Now with the addition of the trace mineral chromium, this formula may help thebody’s efforts to promote metabolic activity and maintain blood sugar levels alreadywithin the normal range. Chromium also helps synthesize proteins. Nature’s Sunshine Products, Inc. Order Sales 1-800-453-1422 January 2010, Sunshine Horizons 3
  6. 6. Nutri-Burn® Protein Powder Our popular, protein-rich drink powder features two types of protein—whey and calcium caseinate—and provides 25 grams of it per serving! Whey provides amino acids (building blocks of protein) to help repair and strengthen muscle tissue that is broken down during exercise. Muscle burns more calories than fat does, so a leaner body has a higher metabolism than a fatter body of the same weight. Calcium caseinate also provides important protein along with the mineral calcium. Nutri-Burn contains a host of nutrients and added herbs for a complete, powerful formula. These include: • arcinia cambogia slows the conversion of excess calories into fat for storage in the body. G It may also promote energy for endurance performance. • -carnitine increases long-chain fatty L acid oxidation. This means less fat is available for deposit in the body. It also promotes the burning of fat for energy production and enhances lean muscle deposition. • hromium is essential for carbohydrate C and lipid metabolism. It helps synthesize proteins and helps glucose get into the cell where it is used for energy. • onjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA). In C animals, CLA has been shown to decrease body fat mass and increase lean body mass. CLA may have some positive effect on glucose tolerance. • 1 Vitamins and four Minerals—60% or more of the Daily Value for all of these! 1 • ecithin helps to emulsify fat and may aid fat removal from the body. L • iber—6 grams per serving to promote gut health and to help maintain cholesterol F levels already in the normal range. • ecaffeinated Green Tea extract—a source of powerful antioxidants and circulatory D support. Green tea may also help boost metabolism. • anadium is a trace mineral that may help improve athletic performance by reducing V fatigue and the breakdown of muscle for energy. Weight Loss Booklet We teamed up with fitness expert, ab model and NSP distributor Max Wettstein to create a brand-new weight-loss instruction booklet. No matter where you are on your weight-loss journey, this 41-page booklet can offer help and information. It: • iscusses the importance of losing fat (not just weight) D • ackles realistic goal setting T • eaches energy equations, exercise, nutrition, heart rate and T exercise intensity • rovides specific fitness and nutritional instructions P • ncludes information on the new and improved NSP weight-loss I line of products • eatures an expanded section of tips for healthy weight loss F Let this great new tool help you get the results and health you desire. Stock No. Product Direct Cost QV Points Sugg. Retail 3072-2 MetaboMax Plus (120 capsules) $29.95 29.95 $44.95 3074-6 MetaboMax Free (120 capsules) $29.95 29.95 $44.95 3076-9 MetaboStart Plus (14 day) $49.95 45.00 $74.95Nature’s Sunshine Products, Inc. 3035-9 Fat Grabbers (120 capsules) $15.50 15.50 $23.25 Order Sales 1-800-453-1422 3070-7 Carbo Grabbers w/Chromium (60 capsules) $18.25 18.25 $27.40 3080-0 Nutri-Burn Vanilla (870 g) $29.95 20.00 $44.95 3078-0 Nutri-Burn Chocolate (915 g) $29.95 20.00 $44.95 4 Sunshine Horizons, January 2010
  7. 7. Tips for Weight-Loss SuccessThe following information is taken in part from the new Weight Loss Manual (Stock No.5322-1) introduced at National Convention in August. Fitness expert and ab model MaxWettstein, a Nature’s Sunshine distributor, contributed greatly to the booklet.Getting Started• oal setting: Think big, but start small. Set reasonable goals. Be committed for the long G run.• emind yourself that lasting weight loss requires a lifestyle change. R• e accountable. Find a partner, coach, trainer, sibling or friend, and report your results to him/ B her regularly. This will help you stick to your plan and overcome temptations.Dos• hoose nutrient-dense foods that provide substantial amounts of vitamins and minerals and C relatively few calories, e.g. fresh vegetables and fruits.• alance your diet with protein, complex carbohydrates (whole-grain breads, cereals and pastas) B and unsaturated fats. These tend to promote overall lean-body mass and a healthier, longer life.• eep a food journal. Record what you eat, how much and when. You’ll start to see why you eat K and may even decide not to eat something because you don’t want to have to write it down. Try keeping an exercise log too.• imit/avoid sugar and refined carbohydrates. Get them out of the house so they cannot tempt L you.• ncrease your fiber to 30–35 grams a day. (You may need to supplement to achieve this.) I• et plenty of sleep; 7–9 hours a night supports greater growth hormone production. G• ove your body. Exercise is a critical component to weight loss. It increases lean-body mass M and helps improve overall health and longevity. It also helps with bowel regularity. Start slowly and gradually increase the amount and intensity of your exercise.• ay attention to food labels. Carefully consider calories, carb/protein/fat P ratios, saturated fat and sweeteners.• se quality NSP supplements to support your efforts. UDon’ts• on’t allow yourself to yo-yo diet. This increases the cravings for fat and D often weakens the immune system. Also, a history of loss and gain is associated with greater amounts of fat stored in the abdomen, a pattern of fat distribution linked to greater risk of heart disease and diabetes.• on’t skip breakfast. You need fuel in the morning for the day’s activities. D• on’t eat within two hours of bedtime. D• on’t drink soda. Drink fresh-squeezed fruit juice and lots of pure water. D• on’t check your weight daily. Weight fluctuates daily due to water D consumption, metabolism, etc. Weigh yourself twice a week.• on’t try to lose more than 2 lbs. of weight/fat per week. DFor more helpful tips, consult our new Weight Loss Booklet. Stock No. Product Direct Cost QV Points Sugg. Retail 5322-1 Weight Loss Booklet (5) $7.50 0.00 $0.00 January 2010, Sunshine Horizons 5
  8. 8. Sunshine Friends Announcing NSP’s New Healthy Lifestyle Contest R esearch shows that weight loss and maintenance is more successful when you have the support of a group. It’s a lot more fun, too. Not only do you work with others who are on the same journey, but you have people with whom you can share your success, tips, healthful recipes, and even work out! To help you create your own weight-loss society, NSP introduces Sunshine Friends, a healthy lifestyle contest that we hope extends long after the official contest ends. Here’s how it works: Create Your Sunshine Friends Group • ach group must consist of at least 4 active NSP distributors, though there is no limit E to the number of participants per group. Group members may be added at any time. • ach group must submit a group name. E • ach group must have one Team Leader that manages and submits group progress E information. Team Leaders receive product credit as a reward for managing the group: No. of participants Product credit awarded 4–9 $15 10–19 $35 20+ $60 • eam Leaders must register all Sunshine Friends participants under T his/her account number and group name at sunshinefriends. This is also where your team leader will enter weekly progress reports and where you can view updated contest information. Contest Prizes! All weight-loss contest participants will receive: • a T-shirt • weight-loss emails • free product Members of the winning team will receive: • $500 product credit (per participant) • Two-page spread in October Sunshine Horizons magazine, including participant bios and success stories (amount of space allotted and month of magazine up to editorial discretion) • ecognition in Greg RNature’s Sunshine Products, Inc. Halliday’s monthly newsletter Order Sales 1-800-453-1422 • ecognition on R 6 Sunshine Horizons, January 2010
  9. 9. Reap the RewardsAll registered participants who complete the program will receive a SunshineFriends T-shirt. Plus, NSP will award fabulous prizes to two winning groups: 1. he group that has the greatest average total number of pounds lost per T person. 2. he group that has the highest total percentage of weight lost as a group T from starting weight to ending weight. (Take total number of pounds lost as a team ÷ total team weight before loss.). Additionally, you’ll receive exclusive product specials (sent by weekly emailand through Facebook updates) only available to Sunshine Friends participants.Use Sunshine Friends ResourcesNature’s Sunshine wants to help your group succeed. We have set up severalresources to offer tips, tools and support. Join NSP’s Facebook group where youcan view and post testimonials, tips, recipes, product information and exerciseand diet methods. Official Sunshine Friends Contest Dates: any 90-day period between Jan. 15and Aug. 1, 2010. Nature’s Sunshine Products, Inc. Order Sales 1-800-453-1422 January 2010, Sunshine Horizons 7
  10. 10. NSP Offers Additional Weight Management Support Consider These Supplements Part of Your Weight-loss Strategy by Courtney Hammond A nybody who has tried to lose weight knows there is a lot more to healthy weight management than simply dropping pounds. Lasting and healthful weight loss may need to include consideration of everything from metabolism to lean body mass percentages to stress levels. But don’t get overwhelmed, NSP has a full line of complementary natural products to support every aspect of your weight-management goals. CLA Conjugated Linoleic Acid, or CLA, is a mixture of important fatty acids with health and weight benefits. CLA can help modify body composition by sustaining lean muscle tissue and enhancing lipolysis. CLA is a patented ingredient for fat reduction. It has also been shown to be effective in maintaining cholesterol levels already within the normal range. 7-Keto™ Every dieter knows the dreaded weight plateau. After consistent progress your body hits a “set point,” and no matter what you do, you can’t seem to drop any more weight. 7-Keto is a safe, natural metabolite of the hormone DHEA that stimulates the thyroid to boost metabolism. Supplementing with 7-Keto may help increase production of T3, a thyroid hormone that plays a role in determining the body’s basal metabolic rate.Nature’s Sunshine Products, Inc. Order Sales 1-800-453-1422 8 Sunshine Horizons, January 2010
  11. 11. Cellu-Smooth® with Coleus No matter your size or shape, chances are you have some unsightly fat deposits, and you want to get rid of them. As we age, the skin and fat tissues age as well, leading to trapped fluid and fat and resulting skin puckering and stretch marks. Cellu-Smooth with Coleus provides nutrients that may support circulation, help mobilize fat for better distribution, and protect against free radical damage to structural skin proteins. One ingredient in this formula, Coleus forskohlii root extract, may cause a shift from a more fatty body mass to a more lean body mass. Cellu- Smooth with Coleus also contains bladderwrack, milk thistle, ginkgo, rhodiola root extract and rhododendron root. Collatrim Plus Powder and Collatrim Collatrim Plus powder and Collatrim capsules provide nutrients that help increase lean muscle mass, which can lead to increased fat burning. These formulas contain collagen, which can be broken down into amino acids used to build lean muscle mass. Garcinia Combination Garcinia cambogia is the principal ingredient in this herbal formula. Garcinia contains hydroxycitric acid, which inhibits an enzyme that helps the body synthesize fat for storage. Hydroxycitric acid also has been used to promote energy and help to satisfy appetite. Nature’s Cortisol Formula® Cortisol is a hormone produced by the adrenal glands in response to stress. Increasing evidence shows a link between cortisol levels and weight gain. Nature’s Cortisol Formula contains Relora® to help the body manage stress and maintain cortisol levels already within the normal range. Other key ingredients—banaba, holy basil, chromium and vanadium—help maintain blood glucose levels already within the normal range. This product also contains DHEA, decaffeinated green tea extract (60% EGCG), l-theanine and calcium ascorbate. SF® SF is an herbal blend designed to aid your weight-management goals by supporting the body’s intestinal, urinary and digestive systems. SF contains cascara sagrada bark, hawthorn berries, papaya fruit, licorice root, safflower flowers, black walnut hulls, chickweed leaf extract, fennel seeds, parthenium root, gotu kola aerial parts and dandelion root. Choose the weight-loss products that best complement your plan!Stock No. Product Direct Cost QV Points Sugg. Retail 3010-1 CLA (75 softgels) $32.25 32.25 $48.40 2922-4 7-Keto (30 capsules) $36.50 36.50 $54.75 926-0 Cellu-Smooth w/Coleus (90 capsules) $31.95 31.95 $47.95 3065-4 Collatrim (180 capsules) $20.00 20.00 $30.00 3062-0 Collatrim Plus Powder (326.5 g) $29.95 29.95 $44.95 Nature’s Sunshine Products, Inc. 906-9 Garcinia Combination (100 capsules) $20.35 20.35 $30.55 Order Sales 1-800-453-1422 3209-4 Nature’s Cortisol Formula (90 capsules) $36.45 36.45 $54.70 1067-5 SF (100 capsules) $13.75 13.75 $20.65 January 2010, Sunshine Horizons 9
  12. 12. Practicing What We Preach NSP Home Office Demonstrates a Growing Commitment to Health Nature’s Sunshine recently received word from Field Media, LLC., publisher of CDHC Solutions, that the company has been recognized for having the Most Effective Integrated Care: Wellness/Disease Management. Douglas Field, CEO and Publisher of the magazine, said, “We feel your contribution to your company, as well as the health care industry as a whole, are positively affecting employees’ lives while helping to save money.” Emily Coburn from Meritain Health wrote an article that was published at www.meritainhealth. com, detailing NSP’s Managed Metrics program. This optional employee program includes an annual blood test and profile. It has led to significant improvements in employees’ cardiovascular health and other measurable factors over the past three years. Christine Frazier, Manager of Insurance Benefits and Wellness for NSP, shared highlights of NSP’s Managed Metrics program. In 2006: • 4% of employees were at risk for a heart attack in 2 the next 10 years. • early 60% had conditions that merited a physician’s N follow-up. • early 60% were sedentary. N NSP implemented a premium-free medical plan for employees who participated in the screenings. The company added other incentives, including Weight Watchers at Work, discounted gym memberships, and paid time off or free products for employees who logged their exercise and healthy food habits online. “With the right program and combination of incentives, we found a way to improve the health of our employees and control our health care costs over the past three years,” said Frazier. In 2007, employees who had been at risk saw: • 64% improvement in total cholesterol a • early a 70% improvement in glucose levels n • 74% improvement in LDL a In 2008, NSP saw continued improvement in those with higher cholesterol levels. Over the past two years, Nature’s Sunshine has seen no increase in its out-of-pocket insurance costs. Also in December 2009, NSP was recognized by Christine Fraz Interactive Health Solutions as one of the Healthiest ier (right) re America awar ceives Healthiest Conpa Companies in America. This is our second year d in Decembe r 2009. nies in receiving this award.10 Sunshine Horizons, January 2010
  13. 13. Employees recently forged Fat and Gaining Fitness Health Fitness (THF), Losing a business relationship with a local company, Total Nature’s Sunshineto help interested employees lose weight, increase muscle mass and increase overall fitness. Employees attendmonthly meetings onsite for nutrition information as well as motivational support. They also weigh in andprovide requested measurements weekly via email. In return, THF fitness experts provide detailed menus, exercise goals and weight-training plans, and they giveweekly feedback. Here’s what a few participants say after six or more weeks on the program: “I’ve lost 12 pounds so far eating smaller meals more frequently. I use Nutri- Burn powder as part of my breakfast and in the evening if I’m hungry. I also take ® MetaboMax Free with one meal a day and use Carbo Grabbers occasionally (in ® addition to other supplements). “I try to walk every day with my co-workers. Those 2.5 miles at a brisk pace help keep my metabolism up. My pants are a bit looser and I feel like I have more energy.” —Mike Nauta “I love that my clothes are too big; my kids comment that I am getting skinny, and I no longer look pregnant. I feel better.” —Kathleen Beardall “I haven’t felt this fit since high school. For the first time in years, I can really enjoy some of my favorite outdoor activities like cycling, hiking and mountain biking. Now I focus more on the fun and less on the pain! Additionally my weight is down, my clothes are comfortable and my energy level is up.” —Jim Riddle “I had developed some bad habits and was frustrated about my weight. Now I am exercising more, lifting weights at home, eating more protein and cutting way back on snacks. In addition to my regular supplements, I use chocolate Nutri-Burn after every run. It’s really good! I also used Dieter’s Cleanse. I’ve lost 8 pounds so far in eight weeks, my clothes fit me again and I’m happier.” —Darlyn Britt “I noticed a difference in my energy levels when I added Super Antioxidant and Target Endurance to my daily regimen.” —Jack Mason “THF helped me find my metabolism again. I’ve been working with them for 12 weeks and have dropped more than 16 pounds and lost 12.5% of my body fat. I’ve also gained lean muscle. THF taught me how to fuel my body properly, including what to do differently when exercising. “I’m using Super Supplemental Vitamins and Minerals, CLA, Super Omega-3 EPA and Super ® Antioxidant along with Thai-Go , and EverFlex (which ® ® I love for post-exercise). “With their help, I hiked 18 miles up the back of a mountain and down again! It was AWESOME!” —Diane Bradford Weight Watchers at Work NSP formed a Weight Watchers at Work group in January 2007 to provide access and motivation to interested employees. Since then, 70 employees have participated. This is just one more way NSP supports healthy lifestyles.All testimonials are based on personal experience with the THF program. Individual resultsvary based on a multitude of factors, including compliance with the exercise and nutritionprogram you choose. January 2010, Sunshine Horizons 11
  14. 14. K EE P i n g Ta b s Beyond Numbers on a Scale Tackling the Emotional Aspects of Weight Loss W eight loss is about much more than dropping pounds. Just ask anyone who has successfully cruise or reunion? To provide a healthy example to your children? To combat Type 2 diabetes? To When beginning a weight-loss journey, be prepared to think lost weight, only to find himself or save money on your medical bills? long-term. Many weight-loss herself fighting those same pounds The stronger, more meaningful centers ban the use of the word a few months or years later. Clearly and realistic your motivation, the “diet” because it tends to be the nuts and bolts of weight loss— more likely you’ll succeed with associated with short-term and eating habits and exercise—require your program. For that reason, drastic eating plans. Rather a physical commitment. But lasting, those who are motivated by health than focusing on a “diet,” successful weight loss involves a tend to make lasting changes more commit yourself to learning powerful emotional component as often than those who are motivated well. by magazines or social events. about what changes are neces- Developing a healthy attitude Weight-loss experts encourage sary to fuel and nourish your toward our bodies, our weight accepting yourself, loving who you body with healthful foods. It’s and food can be quite challenging are right now, and then finding the amazing what a simple change in today’s society. On one hand, motivation to set goals to allow in mindset can do. The exact food is a major element of just yourself to be the best you can be. same nutrition program can about every social gathering and If you are one of the millions with be viewed by one person as a occasion. We celebrate with food, “lose weight” on your New Year’s diet and another as a lifestyle fight stress with food, we even resolutions list this year, resolve change. Can you guess who will mourn with food. On the other hand, something new: resolve to love see greater success? the media constantly presents us yourself no matter what, and then with impossible body ideals that plan the lifestyle changes toward a are unrealistic and even unhealthy healthier body. for the vast majority of us. Air brushing, PhotoShop and other ® tricks of the trade allow models and celebrities to appear thinner than they are in real life, giving us the perception that we too can and should strive for that appearance. Even Barbie , the famous doll, is ® way out of proportion. Where does this leave us? For some it can be an emotional dependence on the wrong kinds of food. For others, a negative image of our bodies and false hope in getting thin without too much effort. More importantly, now that you’ve made the physical commitment to find a healthier you, how do you make the emotional commitment? A good place to start is by finding your motivation. Are you losing weight to look better? To fit into a swimsuit before an upcoming12 Sunshine Horizons, January 2010
  15. 15. A n n o u n c e m e n t s It’s a Brand-new Website! your new insights with your group members and customers! Hopefully by now, you’ve discovered our Register online at Space is based fresh, new website. If not, take a look today, and on availability. A $25 late fee will apply. enjoy an improved shopping experience, better menus, graphics and colors, and a load of great New Sunshine Select Term Starts Now new features, including: January marks the beginning of another Sunshine • ew navigation N Select term. Achieve your QV goals and earn Sunshine • mproved Rapid Entry screen with name and I Select status for 5% product discounts* (6% on Internet stock number verification orders), special events pricing and membership in our • new Smart Entry feature that allows you to A Sunshine Select Product Club. Sunshine Select managers start typing an ingredient or name to generate automatically receive a free box or bottle of brand-new NSP a list of products products when they are introduced. *Excluding specials. • mproved checkout, designed to decrease I ordering time Mark Your Calendar for Cancun! • new and improved Members page with A Our National Convention to Cancun, Mexico will take side navigation place in March 2011. Plan to join us for this unforgettable Visit today! gathering in tropical paradise! Last Call for Leaders Conference! Sunshine 500 Reminder Join NSP’s leading managers Please note that members participating in Sunshine 500 and business builders next now need to achieve 750 QV points along with two new month for our annual Leaders member sign-ups each month to be considered managers. Conference, which takes place at If you have any questions about this program, please call the luxurious Peabody Hotel in Customer Service. Orlando, Fla. Feb. 18–21. Join special guest speakers Nick NSP’s 2010 Holiday Calendar Vujicic (Life without Limbs) Please make a note of the days that NSP Order Sales and and marketing guru Dr. Derek Hassay. Be the Customer Service will be closed in 2010. Thank you. first to sample brand-new NSP products. Get a New Year’s Day: Friday, January 1 look at our awesome new Herbal Hour program Independence Day: Monday, July 5 and Brilliant Body Training System. Learn from Labor Day: Monday, September 6 expert NSP managers. And take home tools and Thanksgiving: Thursday, November 25 training materials so you can successfully share Christmas: Friday and Saturday, December 24–25NS P C al e n d a r2010 Natural Health and March Product Training Coming EventsEducation Seminars 6 Austin, Texas FREE NSP Webinars March 26–27, 2010Join us for our all-new Clermont, Fla. Join the Product Focus Webinar. Herb ConferenceNatural Health and Oak Lawn, Ill. Tune in live at 11:00 a.m. or for Springfield, OhioEducation Seminars Parsippany, N.J. 48 hours afterwards to watch Speakers: Dr. Ralliefor 2010, featuring 13 Augusta, Ga. the Webinar. Register at www. McAllister and Frankbrand-new modules. Bluffton, Ind Or listen by MiesseThe Brilliant Body (2 Greensburg, Ga. phone. Dial 1-712-432-0453, Contact: Bonniesystems) and much more. Omaha, Neb. PIN#8626 (not a toll-free call). Dantzer 20 Canton, Ohio January 13 New NSP Weight- 1-937-325-2173February Corydon, Ind. Loss products Portland, Ore. Feb. 10 Herbal Hour May 3–1027 Chambersburg, Pa. Tampa, Fla. Tyler, Texas March 10 Herbal Hour Education Week 27 Richmond, Va. Business Training Webinars May 18–21 Jan. 20 Rising Star Provo, Utah For complete details, go to Call Customer Service at 1-800-223-8225 to register for a school or seminar. For information on seminars in Spanish, visit our website, or call 1-800-321-4652. Dates and locations are subject to change. January 2010, Sunshine Horizons 13
  16. 16. Nature’s Sunshine Products, Inc. Buy products and become a distributor of NSP P.O. Box 1000 USA: Spanish Fork, Utah 84660 CANADA: Australia New Zealand: MALTA Sponsors Country: Belarus; Sponsors Account Number: 1007815 Got Berries? Share the Sunshine!NSP features a variety of herbal formulasharnessing the natural benefits of berries,including Cranberry Buchu Concentrate,Elderberry Defense, Juniper Berries,Hawthorn Berries, Wolf Berry (in Thai-Go)and much more.
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  20. 20. Top 25 Successline QV for Third Quarter 2009 1. ojac, Colo. D 9. retchen Mendell, N.Y. G 18. eanine John Lingerfeldt, S.C. J 2. o-Ad Herb Shop, Ohio J 10. urnadine Ganger, Ariz. B 19. erbs More AHS, Inc., Neb. H 3. raig Jacobson, Wash. C 11. ucille Lloyd Ernst, Okla. L 20. he Herb Basket, Va. T 4. he Sun Shack, Ohio T 12. Better Health Herb Shop, N.C. 21. am Allen, S.C. S 5. rank Miesse Trust, Ohio F 13. he Genesis Herb Garden, N.C. T 22. atural Selections, Wis. N 6. eth Gerald Carlson, La. B 14. arry Sherry Boerstler, Ohio B 23. rlene Oostdyk, R.N., N.J. A 7. osario Alessandro R 15. rVitaHerbs, Inc., Ohio M 24. Ruby Lawler, Texas Natasha Manon, N.J. 16. dith Timberman, N.J. E 25. atural Solution, Texas N 8. ose Ann Miesse Trust, Ohio R 17. ichard Carol Dicks, N.J. RTop 25 QV Growth Percentage for Third Quarter 2009 1. he Genesis Herb Garden, N.C. T 10. wen Orman, Va. G 19. aturally Herbs, Tenn. N 2. he Herb Basket, Inc., Va. T 11. eb Staab, Iowa D 20. aren Charles Bright, Texas K 3. ynthia Reed, La. C 12. aricely Piniella, Fla. M 21. imee Long, Pa. A 4. ellness Journey, Calif. W 13. icardo Garcia, Calif. R 22. aDonna Daniel Frantz, Ind. L 5. . auch Co., Ind. J R 14. J Enterprises, Calif. V 23. arry Jr. Shereen Davis, Ohio L 6. ennifer Cheeseman, Ohio J 15. arcia Simler, Wis. M 24. ichal Makaruk, N.Y. M 7. ake Elizabeth Schwartz, Ind. J 16. lisa Ruff, Fla. E 25. nstitute of Common Sense, Calif. I 8. alentina Cantu, Texas V 17. everly Brown, Minn. B 9. wiss Village Bulk, Ohio S 18. isa, ND David Kellerman, Pa. L Top 50 Group QV for Third Quarter 2009 1. etterherbs, Inc., Iowa B 26. he Herb Basket, Inc., Va. T 2. ame requested withheld N 27. he Genesis Herb Garden, N.C. T 3. ealthy Sunshine Inc., Tenn. H 28. vy Bridge, Calif. I 4. erry-Lynn Hall, S.C. T 29. . auch Co., Inc., Ind. J R 5. honda Phillip Dial, Ala. R 30. isty Chaney, Ind. M 6. anna Plus, Mich. M 31. olomon Anna Wickey, Ind. S 7. rank Miesse Trust, Ohio F 32. J Enterprises, Calif. V 8. arlene Haberer, N.C. D 33. aul Sharon Tsui, Texas P 9. everly Brown, Minn. B 34. onja Wells, Texas T 10. he Herbs Place, Va. T 35. atricia William Adams, Calif. P 11. Knight Enterprises, Colo. 36. atricia Cacie Parker, W. a. P V 12. izzie’s Herb Shop, N.C. L 37. homas Janet Mather, Pa. T 13. ori Cranmore, Alaska D 38. atricia Arthur Block, Va. P 14. ennifer Cheeseman, Ohio J 39. indy Michael Schmillen, Idaho C 15. ary Ron Ward, Ill. M 40. lex Brensike, Texas A 16. wen Orman, Va. G 41. ou David Herron, Ohio L 17. ake Elizabeth Schwartz, Pa. J 42. arcia Simler, Wis. M 18. renda Montrella ND, Pa. B 43. . . Russell Enterprises, Ore. R L 19. annah Simmons, Pa. H 44. etty Frank Russell and Nicole Jay Betz, Kan. B 20. rystal Tigers Eye, Texas C 45. ature’s Paradise, Texas N 21. N Operations, Calif. D 46. oreen Lawrence Harris, N.J. D 22. randad’s Home Remedies, Ohio G 47. erbs for Health of PG, Inc., Utah H 23. o-Ad Herb Shop, Ohio J 48. nstitute of Common Sense, Calif. I 24. uby Lawler, Texas R 49. oring Hammer, Calif. L 25. ottie Eggeman, Fla. D 50. harles Barbara Gawron, Mich. C ID: 1007815 Market: Belarus