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  1. 1. MANAGER EXTRA November/December 2009Time for anOil Change?Get theScoop onGood andBad FatsAlso inside:Protein Power—Why YouNeed Morein Your Diet
  2. 2. Plenty of Protein: by Darlyn Britt The Why and the HowM ost people think of meat when you talk about getting adequate protein. After all, advertisers spend millions telling us which meat is for dinner, and what the other white meat is. And chicken nuggets have become their own food group, right? Well, meat does provide a good source ofprotein, and we all need protein in our diets. Protein is a building block of many parts of our bodies: muscle tissue, hair, skin, nails, blood, hormones andenzymes to name a few. Anytime you exercise, you break down muscle tissue, which needs to be rebuilt.Dietary protein helps with that process. Additionally, muscle mass powers the body’s metabolism, or therate at which your body burns calories for energy. Increasing dietary protein can help build lean muscle massand thereby promote an increase in metabolic rate, which can lead to greater fat burning and fat loss. Protein is composed of amino acids. The body cannot store amino acids or protein, so we need to getthis nutrient from the diet on a regular basis for ongoing health and body structure. Pregnant and nursingwomen require extra protein in their diets to support the growth and nourishment of their babies.Adolescents also need about as much protein as full-grown adults. Protein is readily available from animal sources, including meat, eggs and, to a lesser extent, dairy products.But some people do not like animal protein or the cardiovascular risks associated with the consumption ofmeat and dairy products. Fortunately, protein is also found in foods such as legumes (peas, beans, peanuts,etc.), seeds, unrefined grains and certain vegetables. It is even found in some algae. Nature’s Sunshine offers three tasty, nutritious choices for getting more protein into your diet withoutcompromise. Get ample protein in your diet in one of three delicious ways, with NSP protein products! SynerProTein® SynerProTein powder features protein from non-GMO soybeans for a low-fat, balanced protein supplement. It provides essential amino acids, vitamins, minerals and a great vanilla flavor. One serving provides 20 grams of soy protein. Soy is renowned for its support of the cardiovascular and female endocrine systems. In fact, diets low in saturated fat and cholesterol that include 25 grams of soy protein per day may reduce the risk of heart disease. SynerProTein also contains a base of rich and wholesome fruits and cruciferous vegetables, including broccoli, carrot, red beet, rosemary, tomato, turmeric, cabbage, grapefruit and more.
  3. 3. NEW! Love and Peas Love and Peas is a blend of pea protein powder from split yellow peas with a host of other nourishing whole foods. Pea protein offers a natural, plant-based protein source. It also supports the urinary system and helps to maintain blood pressure levels already within the normal range. NSP Love and Peas contains no common allergens, dairy, lactose or gluten. It is Vegan-Certified. Each serving of Love and Peas provides 20 grams of pea protein isolate, 1 gram prebiotic fiber (short-chain fructo-oligosaccharides) and 3 grams total fiber in a blend of naturally occurring amino acids, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals, plus beneficial fats from flax seed and borage oil. Love and Peas has a wonderful vanilla flavor. Nutri-Burn® Nutri-Burn lactose-free protein drink mix supplies pure whey and calcium caseinate protein for a powerful, muscle-building, meal replacement supplement. It provides 25 grams of protein per serving and 60 percent or more of the Daily Value of 14 essential vitamins and minerals. Whey protein releases quickly into the body for fast, efficient muscle building and repair. Calcium caseinate protein offers a sustained release of amino acids and may help curb appetite. Nutri-Burn tastes great with improved chocolate and vanilla flavors. It also contains CLA, l-carnitine, a proteolytic plant enzyme blend (to aid digestion) and green tea extract. These may help enhance lean muscle mass, help boost energy levels and increase fat burning.Stock No. Product Direct Cost QV Points Mem. to Mem. Sugg. Retail 3080-0 Nutri-Burn Vanilla (870 g) $29.95 20.00 $34.45 $44.95 3078-0 Nutri-Burn Chocolate (915 g) $29.95 20.00 $34.45 $44.95 3025-0 SynerProTein (525 g) $19.95 19.95 $22.95 $29.95 3082-9 Love and Peas (675 g) $24.95 20.00 $28.70 $37.40 November 2009, Manager Extra 1
  4. 4. A Closer Look at Fats The Good, the Bad and the Essential by Courtney Hammond Fats can strike fear in anyone on a weight-management plan, and for good reason. The wrong kind of fats can certainly derail your best plans, not to mention wreak havoc on your heart and cholesterol levels. Yet, other fats actually help your brain and heart functions. Take a closer look at fats and the NSP products that can help you get a handle on them, whether you’re looking for weight support, better health or both.The Good Fats The Bad Fats Every fat is made of a chain of fatty high in vitamin E and are liquid at Saturated fats have been linked toacids linked together by carbon bonds. room temperature. They can be found cardiovascular disease, diabetes andThe difference between unsaturated in olive oil, canola oil, peanut oil, other health problems. These fats areand saturated fats is the type of bond sunflower oil, sesame oil and in foods typically solid at room temperature andbetween the carbon atoms. The carbon such as avocado, peanut butter and are found in dairy products, animalatoms in saturated fats are linked many kinds of nuts and seeds. fats, coconut oil and palm oils.through single bonds, allowing room Polyunsaturated fats contain more Another type of bad fat is transfor hydrogen atoms to bond to the than one double bond. These fats fat, also called partially hydrogenatedcarbon atom and “saturate” the fatty- include the omega-3 and omega-6 fat. Trans fats are manufactured byacid chain. Unsaturated fats, or “good essential fatty acids—important fats adding hydrogen (hydrogenating) tofats,” contain one or more double bonds that are crucial for brain growth and unsaturated fats in an effort to increasebetween carbon atoms in the chain, development and cardiovascular the shelf life of processed foods. Transeliminating some hydrogen atoms. health, yet cannot be produced by the fats have been linked to coronary heart Monounsaturated fats contain body and must be obtained through the disease, increased cholesterol and typeone double bond. These types of diet. Foods high in polyunsaturated 2 diabetes and are commonly found infats have been shown to lower total fats include soybean oil, safflower baked goods and fried foods.cholesterol and LDL cholesterol oil, corn oil, fatty fish, walnuts andand provide nutrients for body cells. sunflower seeds.Monounsaturated fats are also typically2 Manager Extra, November 2009
  5. 5. Nature’s Sunshine offers powerful supplements to helpyou obtain beneficial dietary fats, as well as avoid the fatsthat can wreak havoc on your health and weight.Super Omega-3 EPA DHA Super Omega-3 EPA is a source of DHA is one of the mosttwo healthful omega-3 fatty acids: abundant fatty acids inEPA and DHA. These important the brain. It is requiredfatty acids are some of the primary for brain developmentcomponents of cell membranes. and important inSupportive but not conclusive maintaining andresearch shows that consumption of protecting neural tissue.EPA and DHA may reduce the risk Each softgel containsof coronary heart disease. Omega-3 250 mg DHA and 50fatty acids are also beneficial to mg EPA in a base ofthe structural system and to the fish oils and naturalskin. Super Omega-3 EPA contains lemon.approximately 1,000 mg fish oil,with a ratio of 33:16 EPA to DHA Super GLA Oil Blendper softgel. It also contains lemon Super GLA Oil Blendto significantly reduce the aftertaste provides generous amounts offrom fish oil and to reduce gas. essential omega-6 fatty acids from evening primrose, black currant andFlax Seed Oil with Lignans borage oils. It also provides omegas Flax Seed Oil is a rich source of 3 and 9! In the body, these canomega-3 fatty acids—containing be converted into eicosanoids—twice as much omega-3 as common prostaglandins that regulatefish oil products. It also contains many vital bodily functions andlignans—substances known to processes. These compounds maystimulate immune activity—and affect circulatory system health,linoleic acid, another essential fatty skin and joint health, immunityacid. Available in softgel or liquid. and nerve function.CLA Fat Grabbers® CLA, or Conjugated Linoleic Acid, Reducing the level of fat inis a mixture of essential fatty acids the diet is part of most weight-with health and weight benefits. CLA management plans. Fat Grabberscan help modify body composition provides natural ingredients to bindby sustaining lean muscle tissue and some dietary fat in the small intestineenhancing lipolysis. It has also been and interfere with the absorption ofshown to be effective in helping to that fat. Fat Grabbers contains guarmaintain cholesterol levels already gum, psyllium hulls, chickweed leafwithin the normal range. extract and lecithin. Stock No. Product Direct Cost QV Points Mem. to Mem. Sugg. Retail 1515-7 Super Omega-3 EPA (60 softgels) $21.95 21.95 $25.25 $32.95 3162-1 Flax Seed Oil w/ Lignans (8 fl. oz.) $20.75 20.75 $23.90 $31.15 1583-6 Flax Seed Oil w/ Lignans (60 softgels) $14.75 14.75 $17.00 $22.15 3010-1 CLA (75 softgels) $32.25 32.25 $37.10 $48.40 1513-5 DHA (60 softgels) $17.95 17.95 $20.65 $26.95 1844-5 Super GLA Oil Blend (90 softgels) $21.45 21.45 $24.70 $32.20 3035-9 Fat Grabbers (120 capsules) $15.50 15.50 $17.85 $23.25 3030-4 Fat Grabbers (360 capsules) $39.95 39.95 $45.95 $59.95 November 2009, Manager Extra 3
  6. 6. We put our hearts into bringing you sunshine. Share the Sunshine!Rose hips remain after the petals fall offthe bloom. They are a natural source ofvitamin C and bioflavonoids.
  7. 7. Another Season of Sunshine…Autumn!New Sunshine 500–Autumn Program,September 10–December 31, 2009 In order to give a whole new group of Members the opportunity toparticipate in the exciting Sunshine 500 program, NSP introduces Sunshine500–Autumn! Register for Sunshine 500–Autumn through December 31,2009. Sunshine 500 allows Members to reach Manager rank faster. Managerswork closely with two of their Members from different lines. If bothMembers earn at least 500 QV points (including 100 Personal QV points) inthe same month and each directly sponsors at least two new members, theyare considered Managers for that month. Both Members in the team andtheir sponsoring Manager earn bonuses and benefits.Details of Sunshine 500—Autumn• ach member of a successful team will receive a $50 bonus every month he/she E succeeds, regardless of how many consecutive months are achieved. Upline Managers will receive a $100 bonus each time one of their teams succeeds for three consecutive months.• uring the registration period, only Sunshine 500–Autumn teams may be formed—even D if the individuals teamed up were formerly in Sunshine 500–Spring teams.• nly Managers can form teams (by contacting Customer Service) consisting of two O Members in their group who are not in the same “line.” Anyone who was NOT a Manager on September 10, 2009 is eligible to be teamed during the registration period (unless he/she breaks out as a Manager prior to being teamed).• oth Members in the team must accumulate at least 500 Group QV points, achieve at B least 100 Personal QV points and personally find and sponsor at least two new Members in a month (no one else may sponsor in their behalf).• o continue eligibility into 2010, a Sunshine 500–Autumn team must be registered AND T have a qualifying month by December 31, 2009.• he Group QV requirement changes from 500 to 750 in January 2010. T• he Sunshine 500 program ends June 30, 2010. T• eams may not be dissolved and reformed until at least two bonus periods have elapsed. T “Successful” teams (those that have qualified at least once) may be dissolved and the team members re-teamed as long as the new teams include an eligible Member who hasn’t yet participated in the program. November 2009, Manager Extra 5
  8. 8. The following Managers were among those recognized at our recent National Convention that New Senior National was held in Las Vegas, Nev. Managers New Global Elite Managers Martha Severino Víctor León Evelia Zepeda María Jesús Caballero New National Managers New Senior Divisional Managers Ismael Nicolas Bautista Cristina Benito Grullón María F. Rodríguez Sagrario Díaz Garza Julissa Hernández- Hilda Rosa Hernández Benito Grullón Lucero Guzmán Pichardo Jean Frómeta Sagrario Díaz Palacio New Divisional Managers Bessheen E. Baker Yanirda Rojas Soraya Sánchez Yenny González Manuel A. Morillo New Regional Managers Ana María Manuel Cano Elizabeth A. James R. Lee Alan Michelle Mowery Ana Hilda Corporán Nora A. Juan Marroquín Ron D. Glenda S. NicholsCándida del Rosario Crisóstomo Tomasa A. Joel Paz Rafael Tavárez César O. Martínez Deb K. Staab La Donna Daniel Frantz Martha Patricia Martínez Sirena Gene Stever Amable Grullón Verónica Carlos Martínez Graciela Zepeda Cándida Rivas Delania McCarty Doris Bryant
  9. 9. Ed Bashaw Spirit of Sharing AwardLifetime Achievement Faith M. Luce Award Ivy Bridge Founders Entrepreneurial Award Néstor Rivera Gretchen Mendell
  10. 10. President’s Trophy Winners The President’s Trophy is presented to those Managers who go the extra mile by earning the most points from the three Development Award categories—Sponsoring, Manager Development and Sales Increase. Benito Grullón Ismael Sagrario Díaz María F. Garza Managers of the Year 2009Ismael María F. Garza Sandra V. Taylor Leadership Award WinnersThe Leadership Award is presented to those Managers who earn all three of the Development Awards—Sponsoring, Manager Development and Sales Increase. Doris Hernández Verónica Evelia Efraín Correa Carlos Martínez Zepeda New Million Dollar Club Member Managers in the Million Dollar Club have earned their membership with the total of their successline QV five levels deep, including any International QV. Roy W. Porter
  11. 11. A n n o u n ce m e n t sAnnouncing Brand-New Seminars for 2010 Health Freedom Is Worth the Fight! NSP’s Natural Health Education Seminars will feature Nature’s Sunshine believes that all of us have the rightthree new topics next year: Total Family Health, the to choose the health treatments and products we wantAdrenal and Thyroid Gland Connection, and Parasites. and need. To ensure that our health freedom is protected,We’ll also introduce two new instructors, Sylvia Rogers NSP created the Sunshine Health Freedom Foundationand Brenda Montrella. (SHFF). SHFF assists courageous and vigilant efforts Take advantage of this wonderful opportunity to learn on behalf of our health freedom. During the past year,the latest natural health and supplement information from CODEX Fund was created as part of SHFF. (For moreexperienced manager teachers. And bring your customers information, visit group members. It’s a bargain at just $35 for an eight- This month, Nature’s Sunshine will hold its annualhour seminar, and that includes your training materials! SHFF drive. All donations will go toward the CODEXWatch for more information in January’s magazine. portion of SHFF. Nature’s Sunshine will match every contribution made dollar for dollar in November. ThisUse Care When Providing Member Address Info includes one-time contributions and increases to your When you sign up a new member, whether on our current contributions. (Sorry, we cannot match automaticwebsite or by mail/fax, please double-check all of donations.) Please donate as you place your order byyour information and provide it properly. Do not list a calling 1-800-453-1422, or without placing an order bypost office box as a shipping address, and please don’t calling 1-800-223-8225. Thank you for your support ofpunctuate the address. Thank you. health freedom!Don’t Miss Leaders Conference in February 2010 Join NSP’s leading managers and business builders in February for ourannual Leaders Conference at the Peabody Hotel in Orlando, Fla., Feb. 18–21. Nick Vujicic You’ll hear from internationally recognized researchers and inspirationalspeakers, including Nick Vujicic (Life without Limbs) and Dr. Derek Hassay.They’ll share ideas on determination and marketing to different cultures. Otherrespected doctors and presenters will also address us. NSP will roll out ourfresh-faced Herbal Hour program and Body Systems Approach. Attend LeadersConference and you’ll witness the presentation of all nine body systems asHerbal Hour meetings, and you’ll take home the tools and training materialsyou need to successfully share with your group members and customers! We’ll also launch several new products, including a co-Q10 product,a new Solstic Revive stick pack drink mix, a nutritional bar and severalimproved NSP formulas. And we’ll have our popular roundtable discussions. Watch your mail in mid-November for registration information, and plannow to attend this winter getaway to sunny Florida with your Sunshinefamily! Registration starts Nov. 16 and ends Dec. 18. Check our website foradditional details and updates. Dr. Derek HassayE v e n t s C a l e n d a r2009 Natural Health and Education Seminars Product TrainingUnderstanding Nature’s Pharmacy, The Seven- FREE NSPWebinars Join the Product Focus Webinar. Education WeekStep Candida Solution and Change Your Brain,Change Your Life. Log in at any of the available Nov. 16–20, 2009November times: 11 a.m. (LIVE), 3 p.m., 6 p.m., 8 p.m., 10 p.m. Mountain FREE TRAINING!7 Appleton, Wis. Time. Register at www. Arlington, Texas Product Discounts! Orlando, Fla. Philadelphia, Pa. Or listen by phone. Dial 1-712- San Ramon, Calif 432-0453, PIN#8626 (not a toll- Tune in anytime all week14 naheim, Calif. A free call). long to participate! Charlotte, N.C. December 9­ Winter Immunity — Ellicottville, N.Y. Visit for Round Rock, Texas complete details.December5 Mankato, Minn. For complete details, go to Call Customer Service at 1-800-223-8225 to register for a school or seminar. For information on seminars in Spanish, visit our website, or call 1-800-321-4652. Dates and locations are subject to change. November 2009, Manager Extra 9
  12. 12. Nature’s Sunshine Products, Inc. Buy products and become a distributor of NSP P.O. Box 1000 Spanish Fork, Utah 84660 Sponsors Country: BELARUS; Sponsors Account Number (ID): 1007815NSP Manager Extra, November 2009, is published by Nature’s Sunshine Products, Inc., 75 East 1700 South, Provo, Utah 84606. Copyright 2009. Printed in the USA. All rights reserved. Winterize Your Home and Your Health It’s time to winterize your home to protect against the onslaught of cold weather—and the immune challenges that come with it. The Boomerang will help you winterize your home and your health. The Boomerang Air Surface Sanitizer promotes better health with its Photo Catalytic Oxidation (or PCO) cell. It kills airborne microbes and neutralizes pollen and particulates, making the air you breathe cleaner and less harmful. The PCO cell contains nano-sized metals—silver, nickel, rhodium, copper and titanium—that react with photons from ultraviolet (UV) light to create millions of redundant oxidizers. These create a barrier of protection by killing or neutralizing airborne organisms, removing them from the air you breathe. The Boomerang covers up to 2,000 square feet of open living space and requires no cleaning or filter replacement. Try these NSP immune boosters for extra support this winter. Stay healthy with an adequate supply of minerals. Ionic Minerals contains 70 charged trace minerals that are easily and quickly absorbed into the cells that line the intestinal tract and readily used in the body. Seasonal Defense provides an immune-boosting blend of andrographis, synephrine, thyme, oregano and eleuthero root. Silver Shield provides 18 ppm of silver that stays suspended in purified, deionized water. Trust NSP to provide the highest-quality, safest products available. Immune Stimulator’s natural ingredients are known to support and boost the immune system. It contains beta- glucans, arabinogalactan, colostrum, reishi mushroom, maitake mushroom and cordyceps. Have a safe and healthy winter! Stock No. Product Direct Cost QV Points Mem. to Mem. Sugg. Retail 7030-5 Boomerang Air Sanitizer $495.00 250.00 $569.25 $649.95 310-5 Ionic Minerals (32 fl. oz.) $24.50 24.50 $28.20 $36.75 806-6 Seasonal Defense (90 capsules) $13.60 13.60 $15.65 $20.40 4274-1 Silver Shield w/Aqua Sol (18 ppm) (4 fl. oz.) $21.75 21.75 $20.15 $32.65 1839-3 Immune Stimulator (90 capsules) $31.65 31.65 $36.40 $47.50