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  1. 1. MANAGER EXTRA June 2012 Inside: • potlight on S Men’s Health • esearch on R Magnesium L-Threonate • hare the Dream S and Sunshine Rewards PromosClear the Brain Fog with Mind-Max
  2. 2. Men’s Health by Courtney HammondStand By Your Healthy Man… with a little help from Nature’s Sunshine Men face a unique set of health challenges. As men get older, they become increasingly susceptible to prostate gland and heart health issues. Nature’s Sunshine offers supplements that provide men with the natural support they need. Men’s Formula with Lycopene This unique formulation provides nutritional support for the prostate gland and was created specifically for men 40 and older. It: • ontains the antioxidant lycopene, shown to have a C supportive effect on prostate gland function. • ontains saw palmetto, which supports the prostate gland. C • rovides 100% of the Daily Value of zinc. P • lso contains pumpkin seeds, pygeum bark extract, gotu A kola aerial parts and stinging nettle root extract. Saw Palmetto Saw Palmetto has been used for ages to support glandular tissue, particularly the prostate gland. This herb: • ontains a compound used by the body to produce C cortisone, an adrenal hormone that helps regulate the metabolism of fats, carbohydrates, sodium, potassium and proteins. • rovides hormone balance, especially for men over 40. P • elps boost immunity. H
  3. 3. Co-Q10 50 mg PS IICo-Q10 is a vitamin-like substance present in every cell. It This herbal formula helps support a healthy prostate glandis necessary for energy production in the cell. The energy by providing nutrition for the male glandular system. It:from this process fuels most metabolic reactions. As an • ontains macro and micro nutrients from pumpkin Cantioxidant, Co-Q10 scavenges free radicals, reducing seeds, saw palmetto, licorice, black cohosh, gotu kola,oxidative stress on cells throughout the body. It especially capsicum, goldenseal, ginger, dong quai, lobelia and kelp.contributes to the health of the heart, kidneys, liver andpancreas. NSP Co-Q10: Ginkgo Hawthorn Combination • romotes healthy cardiovascular function and general P The herbs in this combination are stars in supporting longevity. circulation. Ginkgo has been documented in clinical studies • upports energy production. S to improve circulation throughout the body. This combo: • upports already-normal-range blood pressure levels. S • Provides enhanced enzyme metabolism and oxygen • rovides 50 mg non-crystallizing, highly bioavailable co- P utilization in the heart muscle. enzyme Q10 in each serving. • Optimizes the amount of oxygen supplied to brain cells.Super Omega-3 EPA • May help support blood flow to the extremities. Omega-3 fatty acids benefit the body and are especially • Provides antioxidant and flavonoid protection. good for the heart. The body cannot make omega-3s; theymust be derived from foods and/or supplements. OurSuper Omega-3 EPA: • rovides EPA and DHA, which supportive but not P In June, Nature’s Sunshine is focusing on men’s conclusive research shows may reduce the risk of coronary heart disease. health. In addition to this article highlighting some • nhances circulatory system function. E • rotects cell membranes. P of our most popular products for men, look for • s formulated to significantly reduce the aftertaste I from fish oil. savings and sales tools in our product specials, Health Sciences newsletter, in our retail offerings and on the website. Stock No. Men’s Products Direct Cost QV Points Sugg. Retail 3112-7 Men’s Formula w/Lycopene (60 caps) $20.25 20.25 $30.40 630-4 Saw Palmetto (100 caps) $12.25 12.25 $18.40 4109-8 Co-Q10 50 mg (30 softgels) $23.75 23.75 $35.65 1515-7 Super Omega-3 EPA (60 softgels) $22.95 22.95 $34.45 1050-8 PS II (100 caps) $14.75 14.75 $22.15 909-3 Ginkgo Hawthorn Combo (100 caps) $11.95 11.95 $17.95 June 2012, Manager Extra 1
  4. 4. Magnesium L-threonate— a Spectacular Help for Improving Memory and Brain Function Dr. Guosong Liu, M.D., Ph.D., recently presented the following information at Nature’s Sunshine’s National Convention in Hawaii. Dr. Liu is Professor and Founding Director of the Center for Learning and Memory at the School of Medicine at Tsinghua University in Beijing; Adjunct Professor of the Center for Learning and Memory at the University of Texas in Austin; and Former Professor at the Department of Brain and Cognitive Science and the Department of Biology at MIT.2 Manager Extra, June 2012
  5. 5. As people age, their brains age too. Sciencehas shown that certain portions of the brain, namely the In 2003, the Journal of Nutrition reported that half ofprefrontal cortex and hippocampus, shrink as we age. Our the US population may be magnesium-deficient. Deficitscomputation skills slow. Our spatial orientation, verbal appear to worsen after age 50 in men, and Africanmemory, perceptual speed and inductive reasoning all Americans take in less magnesium than Caucasians do. Sodecrease, the last three of these decrease dramatically. we all can benefit from more magnesium. Researchers have found that the number of synapses It has also been established that Alzheimer’s patients(spaces between nerve endings where brain chemicals have much lower levels of magnesium in the body. In fact,transfer information) decreases with age. In order to the lower the magnesium levels, the worse the Alzheimer’srecover lost ability, we need to regrow synapses in both symptoms. It follows, then, that administeringthe prefrontal cortex and the hippocampus. magnesium l-threonate, which can cross the blood–brain Scientists had already discovered that aging people barrier, to Alzheimer’s patients would likely lead toand those with dementia had a lot less magnesium in improvements in learning, memory and emotionaltheir brains than younger people. They theorized that control.increasing brain levels of magnesium might enhance Dr. Liu discussed the safety of MgT. In their research,synaptic activity and thus improve brain function. he and his associates gave MgT to mice for their lifetime Dr. Liu and his colleagues at MIT found that magnesium without finding any significant side effects.l-threonate (MgT), a vitamin C metabolite of magnesium, In conclusion, magnesium l-threonate may indeed beis indeed able to penetrate into the hippocampus and a spectacular nutrient for improving memory andprefrontal cortex—the two areas of the brain known to learning, and reducing anxiety.shrink with age. After administering MgT to ratsand mice for a period of time, theymeasured a 50% increase in the In 2003, the Journal of Nutrition reported that half ofnumber of synapses! Further animaltesting showed that MgT enhances the US population may be magnesium-deficient.learning and both short- andlong-term memory in young andaging rats. Dr. Liu and his fellowresearchers also found that MgT doesnot enhance or impair fear memories(or increase “bad” memories) as MgThelped reduce anxiety-like behaviorand learned helplessness. Dr. Liutheorized that this nutrient might be usefulfor people with post-traumatic stressdisorder (PTSD). June 2012, Manager Extra 3
  6. 6. Manager Spotlight:by Courtney Hammond Marjorie WardTo celebrate our 40th anniversary, NSP is When Marjorie was a young girl growing up in thespotlighting a few of the managers who prairie of South Dakota during the Depression, she would ride her horse far out into the pasture. Then, ashave been with us for the long haul. This he munched on the grass, she would lie on her back andmonth, we shine a light on Marjorie Ward, watch the clouds float across the sky and tell herself,National Manager from El Monte, Calif. “Someday, I am going to go where the clouds go.” Now, after traveling the world with Nature’s Sunshine, she realizes that those dreams have come true. Marjorie joined Nature’s Sunshine in 1974. She had always been interested in herbs, vitamins, healthy living, and raising her children with more natural foods. But at that time, herbs were only available in bulk form. So, she made teas. Then she discovered Nature’s Sunshine’s encapsulated herbs. “How exciting that was,” she says, “because now we could swallow the capsules with a big glass of water and let our tummy make the tea.” Marjorie is thankful to be part of NSP and for the opportunity it has given her to learn, grow and share, helping others find better health and a better quality of life. Along the way she has been able to study and learn from pioneers in the health field and pass that learning on to others. She built her business on education, holding her first classes in her home. “People were so hungry for the herbal information,” she remembers. “I’ll never forget the first informational meetings I held in our living room. They were packed with folks who were so excited about the opportunity to learn how herbs could contribute to good health. People were actually standing outside, trying to listen through the open windows!” Nearly 40 years later, she still holds classes and consultations. One of her favorite places to teach is in the elementary schools, where she teaches children that Marjorie receives a National “When you are sick, you are grumpy, but when you are healthy, you are happy!” Manager Award in 2001. And then there’s the travel. Marjorie attended the very first NSP get-together in October 1975 in Arcadia, Calif. That was the first time she met the Hughes family. She also attended the first convention in Las Vegas. She hasn’t missed a convention since, including the recent 40th anniversary celebration in Hawaii,4 Manager Extra, June 2012
  7. 7. where she was able to reunite with her successlinemembers and friends she has made over the years.Marjorie attended the very first TAC trip, whichwas a tour of four Hawaiian Islands. She recalls thatthere were just 56 people in attendance, includingthe Home Office staff and the Hughes family. “Thatwas my first introduction to paradise and beingtreated like royalty. From there, I’ve been taken allover the world, visiting many countries in grandstyle. My box of memorabilia keeps growing, andI’m living my childhood dream of going where theclouds go.” June 2012, Manager Extra 5
  8. 8. Come Home to NSP! National Convention 2013 Salt Lake City, Utah April 2–6, 2013 In 2013, we’re welcoming you to our home…Salt Lake City, Utah. You’ll see the sights of Salt Lake amid the majesty of the Wasatch Mountains. Best of all, you’ll get to tour your new state-of-the-art, environmentally friendly home offices, the newly remodeled office space in Spanish Fork and the unequaled quality of NSP’s manufacturing facility. Attending every convention is an ideal way to improve your business skills, connect with other NSP Managers and learn about new products and programs. Come to Convention. We promise it will help you: • Swiftly achieve your goals • Build a strong group • Increase product knowledge • Sharpen sales skills • Be a better leader • Progress to higher ranks So bring the whole group and COME HOME to Salt Lake City for our 2013 National Convention. Choose from Several Easy Ways to Qualify Every business is different, so this year, choose from many different ways to qualify for Convention. Choose to qualify in the way YOU want, for either yourself or for two. Qualification has started and it ends November 30, 2012. Convention for 2 at 50% Convention for 2 at 100% (or for 1 at 100%) Increase your monthly Increase your monthly Grow Your Group QV average by 300* average by 250* Achieve GQV average Achieve GQV average Be a Top QV Earner of 9,000/month of 7,000/month Be a Manager Increase your first-level N/A Developer count by 2** Be a Successline Increase your 5-level QV Increase your 5-level QV Developer by 2,000/month*** by 1,500/month Hold National rank 7 out Be a National Manager N/A of the 8 months *From your Group QV average in April–November 2011. **From your first-level count in March 2012, you must realize an increase of at least two first-level managers in every month from August–November, 2012. Also, you must not experience a qualification period decline in your Group QV points compared to the period of April–November 2011. ***5-level QV includes the QV points of all Managers and Members within 5 levels below you. Also, you must not experience a qualification period decline in your Group QV points compared to April–November 2011. Notes 1. onvention qualification includes hotel room, all meetings and materials, and several Convention meals. C All travel and incidental expenses are the responsibility of the attendee. 2. anagers can qualify by any method—limit one qualification/account number. M 3. ualification is non-transferable. Q 4. ualification is based on double-occupancy; qualifiers “for 1” will need to register for Convention with Q someone they wish to share a room with, or pay to upgrade to their own room. 5. ll attendees will pay a nominal registration fee. A6 Manager Extra, June 2012
  9. 9. Share the Dream Nature’s Sunshine is a dream-come- true for so many, whether your goals are better health, a little extra income, a new car or a thriving business. Every month you “Share the Dream” by sponsoring two or more people with at least 100 QV, you will earn 5 Sunshine Points for each sign-up. Earn up to 25 Sunshine Points per month, which can be used toward free product (1 point = $1.00 Direct Cost). With Nature’s Sunshine, you can live the dream; now’s the time to share it!Sunshine Rewards gives you:Free Shipping—on your order every month!Free Products— arn Sunshine Points on your monthly order e (10–25% of your QV).Enroll now! Here’s how:1. hoose a date for your monthly Sunshine Rewards order to be C shipped (between the 1st and 25th).2. reate your order (100 QV minimum). C3. ign up with a credit card. SNo hassle! • hange your order anytime. C • Don’t worry about remembering to re-order. • No running out of the supplements you need and want.Notes1. edeem your Sunshine Points for free products anytime you want. R2. articipate for a minimum of 90 days (3 consecutive qualifying SR orders). If you choose to P cancel before your third order, your credit card will be billed regular shipping costs for previous SR purchases. After 90 days, you may cancel with no penalty.3. You must have a valid email address to participate. June 2012, Manager Extra 7
  10. 10. Donna Beth Fry, Texas “My purpose is to assist others in reaching their health goals. Nature’s Sunshine has been a wonderful partner in that endeavor. I am very grateful to do what I am doing with Nature’s Sunshine at my side, in quality, education and financial opportunities.”New Area Managers Rebekah Norman, Calif. “Remember that your journey in Nature’s Sunshine is not a race.You have to run a business that you know in your heart represents who you are. And as long as you are true to your principles, it won’t matter how fast you grow. Don’t give up...ever!! Always remember WHY you started this in the first place, and never forget the lives you are changing and will change with these amazing products and opportunity!” Tonya M. Ledford, N.C. “Our family has been using Nature’s Sunshine products for over 15 years. The last few years I have focused on the business side, and I am grateful to the Lord for the growth my company has experienced.” Marie Biddix, N.C. “Nature’s Sunshine has been such a blessing for me and my family in so many ways. After seeing incredible personal results with the products, I began sharing Nature’s Sunshine with everyone, and I quickly saw their results as well as the financial benefits. God directed my path to Nature’s Sunshine, and I am so thankful to be part of such an amazing, well-balanced company.” Valerie Underwood, Ga. 8 Manager Extra, June 2012
  11. 11. A n n o u n ce m e n t sEducation Week Is June 18–22 Registration is open June 18–July 6. Hotel rooms are Mark your calendar and tune in all week long for just $119, and that includes a full breakfast daily for twoterrific product information and exclusive savings. Visit adults.** Call 1-972-386-6000 before July 27 to reserve for details. room. Use the group code “NSP.” *Available for any manager who brings a manager or member whoRegister for NSP Leaders Conference in Dallas has never attended Leaders Conference. Each person registers separately Leaders Conference will and must indicate who they will attend with. You pay full price attake place Aug. 23–26 in registration then receive a rebate after you and your guest attend. ** A third or fourth person in room is no additional charge; (breakfastDallas, Texas. Join us at the NOT included for extra persons).Intercontinental Hotel fortargeted business training. NSP to Be Featured in DocumentaryLeaders Conference gives Medical, Inc. tells the story ofyou the latest new product the ongoing battle between theinformation, great training medical establishment and naturalfrom industry professionals health options. This compelling newand motivational messages movie discusses natural health andthat are sure to inspire you. supplementation as a viable alternative This year, we’ve also got to allopathic care and shines a spotlightawesome prizes! If you qualified for our Sunshine Rewards on Nature’s Sunshine—a quality supplement companyRace, you have a chance to win a prize in our drawing— offering alternative health options. It includes interviewsincluding a new car! Total prize kitty is $35,000! with NSP managers. Jeff Hays, the film’s creator and Invest in your NSP business by attending Leaders director, introduced his project at our national convention inConference, and discover new ways to share NSP. Hawaii. Cost for one person $350 Everyone who attends Leaders Conference will receive a free copy. The DVD will also be available through Nature’s Two for one* $175 (each) Sunshine. Watch for more details. Couple $500 Wanted to Buy New Area Managers $30 registration fee only Menopause Homeopathic, Cough Syrups (DH, LP, All prices include the registration fee. NT, Children’s). Nanette Gil, 1-661-323-4658. Cancellations and changes will be billed $30 each. OzoneFresh Refrigerator Unit. Ginny Irvin, 1-336-707- 0393.E v e n t s C a l e n d a r2012 Calendar Learn “The Power of the Flower!” Free Online Training Announcing all-new Natural Health at Flower Essence Seminars with NSP WebinarsSchools for 2012! Find one in your area, Steven Horne Get FREE education on NSPand bring your customers and friends for • ll-day seminars include A products and the business opportunity.fantastic training, which includes: in-depth training on all Tune in for live or pre-recorded • he fundamentals of natural health T seven NSP Flower Essences Webinars at your convenience. • n in-depth look at all 10 body systems A and their ingredients. Register at • SP’s unsurpassed quality (take home N • iscover how to turn D Or listen by phone. Dial 1-712-432- a brand-new DVD!) negative emotions into 0453, PIN# 8626 (not a toll-free call). • discussion of the NSP business A positive opportunities for June 5 Men’s Health opportunity personal growth. July 11 Digestive Health Cost is just $35 for this all-day • earn specific techniques L August 1 Children’s Healtheducational event and includes a you can use to help peoplebrand-new book and DVD. Visit www. deal with anger, grief and Coming for the latest fear. Education Weekinformation and locations. • ind out which essential F June 18–22 oils and Chinese herbalAugust September formulas best augment For complete details, go to www. Call Customer Service18 Atlanta, Ga. 8 Arlington, Texas emotional healing. at 1-800-223-8225 to register for a seminar. Reno, Nevada Kansas City, Mo. June Register for Webinars at 15 Denver, Colo. El Segundo, Calif. 9 Oak Brook, Ill. Leominster, Mass. September For information on seminars in Spanish, 22 irmingham, Ala. B 8 Green Bay, Wis. visit our website, or call 1-800-321-4652. The Woodlands, Dates and locations are subject to change. Texas June 2012, Manager Extra 9
  12. 12. Buy products and become a distributor of NSP Nature’s Sunshine Products, Inc. USA: P.O. Box 1000 Spanish Fork, Utah 84660 CANADA: Australia New Zealand: MALTA Sponsors Country: Belarus; Sponsors Account Number: 1007815NSP Manager Extra, June 2012, is published by Nature’s Sunshine Products, Inc., 75 East 1700 South, Provo, Utah 84606. Copyright 2012. Printed in the USA. All rights reserved.Power up Your Brain With age, our brains shrink, and we losehealthy synapses (spaces between nerveendings where brain chemicals transferinformation). We also lose memory, attentionand other cognitive function. Good news! Mind-Max is a proprietaryblend of herbs and magnesium l-threonate thatsupports brain health and function by increasinghealthy nerve synapses and supportingcirculation.Mind-Max Builds Brain Power • upports memory. S • ay help increase cognitive function. M • elps promote circulation to the brain. H • ay promote more restful sleep. M Mind-Max contains magnesium l-threonate plusgotu kola aerial parts, bacopa leaf and ginkgoleaf to boost circulation and brain health. Mind-Max took national convention by stormand has quickly become one of our top-sellingproducts! Nature’s Sunshine is the only direct-selling company to offer magnesium l-threonate.Have you tried Mind-Max yet?Have your customers and friends? Give your brain the nutrient it craves foroptimal performance. Mind-Max!Stock No. Product Direct Cost QV Points Sugg. Retail 3134-4 Mind-Max (90 capsules) $29.95 29.95 $44.95 5458-8 Mind-Max Trial Pack (20 packs, 6 caps each) $19.95 5.00 $30.00 ID: 1007815 Country: Belarus