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immune support

  1. 1. MANAGER EXTRA November/December 2010HarvestNew Choicesfor ImmuneSupport
  2. 2. Because thisTime of Year,NOBODY’SIMMUNEby Courtney Hammond Great New Products for Boosting the Immune System Fall and winter tend to hit us hard. This season, get your immune system in shape before it is assaulted. Or if it’s too late, there’s no reason you can’t give your immune system a much-needed boost with NSP’s newest products to support immunity. Sunshine Heroes Elderberry Immune Fall and winter months can be especially challenging for children. Their immune systems are not fully developed; their picky diets often lack the vitamins and nutrients they need to stay healthy; and schoolrooms are full of potential trouble spots. Sunshine Heroes Elderberry Immune to the rescue! Elderberry Immune children’s soft chews provide key vitamins and minerals that play essential roles in building and maintaining healthy immune function. Ingredients include vitamin D3, vitamin C, zinc, elderberry fruit extract, astragalus root, echinacea root extract, reishi mushroom and maitake mushroom. Elderberry Immune also contains the beneficial Sunshine Heroes Protector Shield Blend. Elderberry D3fense Elderberry D3fense is a unique blend specifically formulated to support the immune system. It contains a healthy dose of vitamin D3, which mounting research indicates strengthens the immune system, along with elderberry fruit extract and Echinacea purpurea. Elderberry D3fense also contains willow bark extract, which contains
  3. 3. salicin; olive leaf extract, known Key Ingredients in NSP’sfor its immune-supporting New Immune Productsqualities; and royal jelly, a Vitamin D3nutrient-dense substance This time of year, sunshine issecreted by the honey bee and slim. That can mean trouble for thecontaining fats, carbohydrates, immune system, because mountingamino acids and vitamins. evidence suggests that, in addition to It’s the same great formula supporting bone health, vitamin D is critical to the immune system. It’s oneas Elderberry Defense, plus of the reasons why the cloudy winterVitamin D3 and willow bark months—when people receive littleextract! sun exposure—are the hardest for the immune system. Vitamin D shortagesSolstic® Immune are now being recognized as a real This time of year, the body is issue in the United States, promptingconstantly assaulted by potential health officials to propose an increasethreats to immunity. Now you to the Recommended Daily Intakes forcan take your defense wherever children and go. Solstic Immune is the Scientific evidence suggests thatlatest addition to the convenient vitamin D offers a variety of benefits to the immune system, includingSolstic stick-packet line. It enhancing innate immunity. In fact,offers daily, drinkable immune vitamin D receptors are presentsupport. on activated T- and B-lymphocytes, In addition to monocytes and macrophages—allkey ingredients— important components of the immuneelderberry fruit system.extract, Echinacea Vitamin D takes several differentpurpurea and vitamin forms. One of these, vitamin D3, isD3—Solstic Immune produced in the skin through suncontains: exposure and is thus more readily available and used by the body.• rabinogalactan a Naturally derived vitamin D3 is a and beta glucans (of key ingredient in NSP’s new immune Immune Stimulator system products. fame), which stimulate natural killer cell and Elderberry macrophage activity Elderberry fruit contains flavonoids• anax ginseng, another P that act as antioxidants and help promoter of natural support the immune system. killer cell activity Elderberry has been widely studied• itamin C, long v and found to boost the immune known for its role in system against unwanted invaders. A randomized, double-blind, placebo- maintaining a healthy controlled study conducted during the immune system cold-weather seasons found that those• inc, responsible for z who received elderberry extract had neutrophil, natural killer cell significant benefit in immune system and T- and B-lymphocyte response compared to the placebo function group. (Phytochemistry. 2009 Jul; 70• lueberry, blackberry, b (10): 1255–61) raspberry and cranberry fruits, chock full of antioxidants and Echinacea anthocyanins. Echinacea is one of the herbs most Enjoy its great berry lemonade widely used to buoy up the immune system. It has been found to increaseflavor! phagocytosis and lymphocyte activity. Stock No. Product Direct Cost QV Points Mem. to Mem. Sugg. Retail 3347-8 Sun. Heroes Elderberry Immune (90 soft chews) $17.50 12.00 $20.10 $26.25 897-2 Elderberry D3fense (90 capsules) $15.95 15.95 $18.35 $23.95 6530-6 Solstic Immune (30 packets) $29.95 29.95 $34.45 $44.95 November 2010, Manager Extra 1
  4. 4. Protect Your Health with Tiny ForcesThe Power of Probiotics for a Healthy Immune System atural health enthusiasts have longN recognized the importance of probioticsfor the gut. Now you can find countless Probiotic Eleven® Probiotic Eleven nutritional supplement provides 11 speciesprobiotic-enhanced products in of live microorganisms thatyour grocery store’s dairy aisle. support digestion, promoteAnd recently, researchers have immunity and aid in thediscovered that these beneficial elimination of toxins.bacteria also do wonders for This specially formulatedyour immune system. Studies blend contains strainssuggest that probiotics increase of important gut-the production of cytokines and beneficial organismsnatural killer cells, important and prebiotics that servemembers of a healthy immune as food for the probioticssystem. in the colon. Ingredients Nature’s Sunshine offers several include Bifidobacteriumprobiotic supplements to ensure that you get bifidum, B. infantis, B.a healthy dose of these friendly bacteria. longum, Lactobacillus bulgaricus, L. brevis, L. plantarum, L. rhamnosus, L. salivarius, StreptococcusBifidophilus Flora Force® thermophilus, L. acidophilus, L. casei and inulin.Bifidophilus Flora Forceprobiotic supplement provides Sunshine Heroes Probiotic Power®billions of beneficial intestinal Sunshine Heroes Probioticmicroorganisms that offer a Power nutritional supplementrange of health benefits. This is specially made for kids.product contains Lactobacillus Each tablet contains 1 billionacidophilus, Bifidobacterium microorganisms from the 11longum, L. casei and L. optimal strains found in Probioticrhamnosus, plus fructo- Eleven in a delicious, fruityoligosaccharides which support chewable tablet.the growth of the beneficialorganisms. Each capsuleprovides a good balance of 4billion friendly flora. Stock No. Product Direct Cost QV Points Mem. to Mem. Sugg. Retail 4080-4 Bifidophilus Flora Force (90 caps) $18.35 18.35 $21.15 $27.55 1510-1 Probiotic Eleven (90 caps) $22.95 22.95 $26.40 $34.45 3346-7 Sunshine Heroes Probiotic Power (90 chewable tabs) $14.95 14.95 $17.20 $22.452 Manager Extra, November 2010
  5. 5. New Homeopathic Helpfor Fighting a ColdIntroducing New Zinc Cold Flunatural homeopathic medicine inquick-dissolving lozenges! Just as the seasons change to fall and winter and cold air sets in, our bodies go into immune battle mode to fight germs and stay healthy. Almost invariably, many of us catch a cold and experience sore throat, stuffy nose and coughing. Now you can minimize your cold “down time” with Zinc Cold Flu lozenges. The mineral zinc boosts the immune system. It also coats the mouth and throat, preventing some germs from taking up residence there. When unwanted invaders can’t get a strong foothold in the mouth or throat, they often struggle to proliferate, and you come off conqueror. Zinc Cold Flu homeopathic lozenges feature zinc gluconate and zinc acetate (2x). They dissolve quickly and are easy for children to take. For best results, use at the first sign of a cold to help reduce duration, severity and minor discomfort of cold symptoms. This product is recommended for adults and children 3 years of age and older. Take one lozenge every 3–5 hours until symptoms are relieved. For children under 3, consult your health care professional. Active Ingredients: Zincum gluconium (zinc gluconate) 2x, Zincum acetium (Zinc acetate) 2x. Other ingredients include ascorbic acid, mannitol, natural orange flavor and stevia leaf extract. This product replaces Zinc Lozenges (Stock No. 1596-8). Stock No. Product Direct Cost QV Points Mem. to Mem. Sugg. Retail 8753-4 Zinc Cold Flu lozenges (60) $13.95 13.95 $16.05 $20.95 November 2010, Manager Extra 3
  6. 6. New Formula Thai-Go® Antioxidant Drink: Stronger, Better, Tastier Able to Leap to the Aid of Your Immune and Circulatory Systems in a Single DayInberries and pomegranate Thai-Gothe mix. Theseaçai July,NSP strengthenedtoits by addingfor best-selling juice formula anthocyanins, all of which are beneficial antioxidants. It may support cholesterol and blood pressure levels already within the normal range and may facilitatetwo fruits have been increasing in popularity in getting oxygen to the heart.the marketplace and are known for their powerful NSP sent samples of our new Thai-Go formula toimmune-system benefits and antioxidant capabilities. Brunswick Labs for testing, and they found that the Açai berries contain anthocyanins. They support ORAC score* of the new formula is nearly 14%blood flow and help maintain cholesterol levels already higher than the original, powerful Thai-Go. So it’swithin the normal range. Açai berries may also support even more effective at neutralizing free radicals andthe body’s natural cleansing functions. supporting the immune system. Pomegranate fruit contains polyphenols, tannins and *ORAC is a measure of the antioxidant capacity of a food or beverage. Thai-Go Tasting Parties— Drink to Success!In August, Nature’s Sunshine made Thai-Go tasting parties available to managers all over the country. Wecreated promotional materials to help you introduce the new Thai-Go to yoursuccessline members and customers. Hundreds of managers held their ownparties, with over 4,000 people attending! We received input from over 300 managers, and the tasting parties werea huge success! Thousands of people got to sample the new Thai-Go,hundreds of people took advantage of special discounts and many peoplejoined NSP as a result! And everyone learned about the new ingredients andhow they support health. Plus we had fun together!Managers held all sorts of parties! • ynthia Reed hosted a potluck dinner to share new Thai-Go. C • erene Olsen had 39 people at her Thai-go party. She created stations J where people could sample different drinks with Thai-Go mixed in. • ill Fage, the Father of the Herbal Hour, welcomed 43 people to his home B (17 of whom were new to NSP) where he served fresh food from his garden and taught about Thai-Go’s amazing ingredients! • elli Ackroyd held a gathering in her healing center. She used the K PowerPoint presentation NSP provided. People took advantage of the 10% discount. • ebecca Vagedes created a fun party atmosphere with four tasting tables, R each with its own theme and Thai-Go drink mix. She told people about4 Manager Extra, November 2010
  7. 7. the ingredients and served the drinks. Everyone got sunglasses and fake teeth to wear! • erina Stever welcomed about 40 people to her Thai-Go S party, complete with custom aprons and cake! • ary Born held a webinar and provided instruction to M satellite groups, which then held their own tasting sessions. • athy Hester attended Loretta Imbessie’s three-day K Thai-Go tasting extravaganza. She was so excited that she decided to hold her own party, which generated $1,400 in sales! • t Cheri Jaques’ party everyone wore flower leis. A • t Susan Johnson’s party, she asked her guests to rate the taste of A new Thai-Go on a scale of 1 to 10 (1 = bad, 10 = good). They gave it an average rating of 8.8! • haron Jensen held an open house. She offered Thai-Go and other S NSP products in her kitchen along with finger foods and product info. She also introduced her customers to a chiropractor she has partnered with. 46 people attended!Every meeting was different and reflected thepersonality of the host. Take advantage of newNature’s Fresh parties this month! We found this to be interesting and enjoyable. It was a win-win “ situation.” —Fannie Miller “We had fun!” —Mary Ward “My party and luncheon were very successful. All of my guests purchased Thai-Go and received a free NSP shot glass with their order. I plan to host another Thai-Go party in October and share recipes for the holidays and introduce the new Nature’s Fresh products.” —Catherine Watkins “We also offered taste-testing of other products. This was a huge success!” —Sarah M. Jones, N.Y.“Everyone had a blast at our Thai-Go tasting party! Forty people attended!”—Kelly Sandelius, Mich. “I held an open house from 4–7. When the group got bigger, I used the PowerPoint presentation. When there were just one or two people, I took the opportunity to talk one on one. What a great party!” —Julie Ruybal “Thank you, Nature’s Sunshine! We had a great time. It was fun.” —Myrna Schmidt Email us your Thai-go tasting party story at November 2010, Manager Extra 5
  8. 8. Take Advantage ofFREE Education at YourConvenience duringEducation Week!November 15–22, 2010 at www.nspwebinars.comWe’ll introduce four new products! • Solstic Immune • Elderberry D3fense • Sunshine Heroes Elderberry Immune • Zinc Cold Flu Homeopathic Lozenges In addition, we’ve lined up some great topics and fantastic speakers! Cynthia Reed, Baton Rouge, La. Sylvia Rogers, Portland, Ore. Stop Illness in its Tracks: 10 Ways Baby on Board: Tips for to Boost Immune Health Overcoming Infertility Naturally To listen by phone, call 1-712-432-0453 To listen by phone, call 1-712-432-0453 and use PIN 1384998. and use PIN 338496. Jay Vanden Heuvel, Oneida, Wis. Laurence Smith, Boise, Idaho Type 3–The New Diabetes: Is it the Stop Waking to Aching: Cause of Alzheimer’s? Herbal Remedies for Rejuvenating To listen by phone, call 1-712-432-0453 your Joints and use PIN 6947239. To listen by phone, call 1-712-432-0453 and use PIN 7876408. Watch or listen to the webinars and Rhonda Dial, Birmingham, Ala. get a promotion code to save on Lumps, Scales, Spots and Veins: your Education Week order! Reclaim your Beautiful Skin Naturally Tune in Nov. 15–22, 2010! Webinars To listen by phone, call 1-712-432-0453 and audio recordings and use PIN 8626. are available 24 hours a day. Tell your customers so they can learn and save too! Sign up at Manager Extra, November 2010
  9. 9. With all the challenges going around this season, you may need one of these!Available asSilver Shield® withAqua Sol Technology,Silver Shield Geland now inNature’s FreshSilver ShieldSurface Wipes. Stock No. Product Direct Cost QV Points Mem. to Mem. Sugg. Retail 4274-1 Silver Shield w/Aqua Sol (18 ppm) (4 fl.oz.) $21.95 21.95 $25.25 $32.95 4950-1 Silver Shield Gel (3 oz. tube) $15.75 8.00 $18.15 $23.65 1568-3 Nature’s Fresh Silver Shield Surface Wipes (30 wipes) $3.95 2.00 $4.55 $5.95 November 2010, Manager Extra 7
  10. 10. Your Golden Seal of ApprovalThe Nature’s Sunshine brand is the gold standard inthe herbal industry. We’re known worldwide for doingour own quality testing and for offering the purest,safest, most effective products on the market. Golden Seal provides benefits to the immunesystem. It is an ingredient in nearly two dozen NSPherbal formulas.
  11. 11. A n n o u n ce m e n t s Cancun Convention Registration Begins November 22! 7–10, 2011. Join us at the new Hilton Bayfront Hotel for Join us at the all-inclusive Moon Palace Resort great product and business education plus fantastic speakers. for NSP’s National Convention March 8–12, 2011. Plan now to attend next year in San Diego! Registration is based on availability, so reserve your room soon! A fee of $60/person ($30/person if Sunshine Select) NSP Publications Schedule for 2011 is due when you register. After Dec. 17, a $25 late fee We strive to provide you with helpful product and will apply. business information along with sharing tools that can Will your children, a friend or downline member help you grow your NSP business. Next year, Nature’s accompany you to Cancun? If so, visit www. Sunshine will send out publications or special mailings for special buy-in rates and details. in the following months: Sunshine Horizons in January, April, July and October; and Manager Extra in March, Leaders Conference 2011—in September June, September and November. Be sure to check www. We are excited to announce that NSP will hold Leaders often for additional NSP product and Conference in beautiful San Diego, California, September business information as it becomes available. All-New Natural Health and Education Seminars in 2011 Nature’s Sunshine will present two more Brilliant Body modulesnext year—the Respiratory and Hepatic systems. We’ll also feature twoother modules at our Saturday seminars.One will cover natural ways to help supportemotional healing. The other will discussnatural support for allergies, asthma andother respiratory conditions. Join us for this brand-new information allyear long as we travel to a city near you.It’s still just a $35 investment for the all-dayseminar, and that includes the take-hometraining resources (booklets and CD)! Inviteyour new members to attend with you andlearn together! E v e n t s C a l e n d a r 2010 Natural Health and Education Seminars Product Training Attend a Natural Health and Education Seminar in your area, featuring FREE NSPWebinars four brand-new topics: Join the Product Focus Webinar. Tune in live at 11:00 a.m. on • The Brilliant Body—Digestive Monday, or watch the Webinar at your convenience through Friday of the same week. Register at • The Brilliant Body—Glandular Listen by phone: Dial 1-712-432-0453, PIN#8626 (not a toll- • If Only I Had More Energy: the Adrenal–Thyroid Connection free call). • Parasites: The Uninvited Guests. Are you an unknowing host? Dec. 13 Immune System Cost is just $35 for this all-day educational event and includes incredible training materials. Please visit our website for the latest Education Week seminar information and locations. November 15–19, 2010 November 6 rlington, Texas 13 ltoona, Pa. A A 20 Philadelphia, Pa. For complete details, go to Call Customer Idaho Falls, Idaho Orlando, Fla. Service at 1-800-223-8225 to register for a school or seminar. Jamestown, N.Y. San Jose, Calif. For information on seminars in Spanish, visit our website, or call Kohler, Wis. 1-800-321-4652. Dates and locations are subject to change. November 2010, Manager Extra 9
  12. 12. Buy products and become a distributor of NSP Nature’s Sunshine Products, Inc. USA: P.O. Box 1000 Spanish Fork, Utah 84660 CANADA: Australia New Zealand: MALTA Sponsors Country: Belarus; Sponsors Account Number: 1007815NSP Manager Extra, November/December 2010, is published by Nature’s Sunshine Products, Inc., 75 East 1700 South, Provo, Utah 84606. Copyright 2010. Printed in the USA. All rights reserved. Build Immunity the Chinese Way: ® In Traditional Chinese Medicine, VS-C is a “metal-enhancing” formula, creating a favorable environment for microbial balance, overall health, detoxification and a healthy respiratory tract. It contains the time-honored botanicals dandelion, purslane, indigo, thlaspi, bupleurum, typhonium, scute, cinnamon, licorice and ginseng. Available in original formula, as a TCM concentrate or as a liquid. Stock No. Product Direct Cost QV Points Mem. to Mem. Sugg. Retail 937-7 VS-C (100 caps) $12.95 12.95 $14.90 $19.45 949-2 VS-C TCM Concentrate (30 caps) $19.95 19.95 $22.95 $29.95 3167-6 VS-C Liquid (2 fl. oz.) $13.25 13.25 $15.25 $19.90