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Individual presentation

  1. 1. IndividualpresentationDocumentariesDafne Caldatto – 13 Plato
  2. 2. DOCUMENTARIES  The creation of realism, where it explores different themes however they are all themes that are currently or were involved with the society. * For example they might have a documentary about the climate change because it something that we really worry now.
  3. 3. FIRST IDEA I want to explore how celebrities with the help from media, can change our lives. Justin Bieber Marilyn Monroe Do they have a Amy Winehouse good/bad influence? How does celebrities How does change our lives? media portray Idolatry them?Dreams,clothes,money & and The influencefamous towards a Do they know young us? person’s life? Idolatry is a pejorative term for the worship of an idol
  4. 4. 1 -DEVELOPMENT – 1ST IDEACelebrities How do they change our lives? Through different com/watch?v=dTC media m8tdHkfI platforms
  5. 5. 2- DEVELOPMENT OF 1ST IDEA - They clearly change our A Celebrity is a someone that has a lives, because we followRESEARCH prominent profile in the media and is easily them every single day recognized. Some careers are associated with celebrity status, such as modelling, acting, singing and sports industries.* You can also be famousbecause of the history andstatus of your family. Paris This is a clear platformHilton is a clear example where the celebrities could upload videos. Or even “normal people”Media Platforms can allow could upload videos fromreal time media to upload to celebritiesthe computer, such as video,audio, picture or text. HOW DOES MEDIA GET INVOLVED WITH CELEBRITIES? Simply because they follow what celebrities do.
  6. 6. THE WHOLE DOCUMENTARY I would question how celebrities change our lives I would - I would put into three prefer to episodes focus on this Via websites, magazines, news and blogs Is theirTwitter being Media influencetheir diary following bad or good celebrities to society?
  7. 7. SECOND IDEAHow is How has thewomen role ofportrayed womenin media? changed(film & TV though outdrama) the time? Role of women Compare women nowadays from 70’sWomen are to womenstill nowconsidered tobe moreemotional andsupposed to Gettake care of inspirationalfamily? women in business and as actress
  8. 8. 1 – DEVELOPMENT OF 2ND IDEA I want to be more a historical documentary about the change in the role of women since their fights for I want also to their rights compare how women have changed themselves throughout time How does society accept modern women? Role of women in 1900 Type of employment Number of women employed Domestic Servants 1,740,800 Teachers 124,000 Nurses 68,000 Doctors 212 Architects 2
  9. 9. 2- DEVELOPMENT OF 2ND IDEA VS Stereo typically women are not supposed to be emotional and have a job at the same time. Has that changed?Three episodes 1st episode 2nd episode 3rd episode The history of Can women Do men still women – how did have a family grow more in they got a proper and work at business job (as teacher, the same than women? business woman) time?
  10. 10. THIRD IDEA Does it Are make a people difference atheist nowadays? right now? What do young Religion people thinkI want to explore about religion?the fact thatyoung peoplelive now as ifthere wasnothing that theycould believe I want to explore the idea of religion just being there. But nothing that people believe.
  11. 11. 1- DEVELOPMENT OF 3RD IDEA People seemed to forget about the value of a religion, and they are not following anything a person who denies or disbelieves the Atheist existence of a supreme being or beings. Do people follow a religion because of their family teaching? People are so busy nowadays that they prefer to live by themselves, without a religion
  12. 12. 2 – DEVELOPMENT OF 3RD IDEA We are in a busy society nowadays, where every day we are even more busy. Therefore we do not have time to pray - I want to explore what people think about the need of prayer and see whether they think that religion is a waste of time How does 1st episode society live 2nd episode 3rd episode without religion, where there is a How does Why religion lot of religion young/teenagers is turned into around view religion? a war?
  13. 13. CONVENTIONS The interview is a commonDocumentaries have varies aims documentary technique. It allows- to record important events and ideas people being filmed to speak about- to inform viewers their opinion, by the questions- to convey opinions and to create public asked the narrator. An interview interest. may take place on screen, or off A number of common techniques or screen, on a different set.conventions can be used such as Voice over – done by the camera, while it has another footage of a film, however with different comments. That can also be done with just the audio Archival Footage is material obtained from an archive and inserted into a documentary to show historical events or to add detail
  14. 14. - I would focus on the younger My topic does not include sexualgeneration, and even with the images, and it may have a bit ofmodern society. As celebrities strong languageallow me to talk about newplatforms such as twitter, andYouTube. TARGET AUDIENCEIt would be rate in 15 as it does nothave offence images