Assignment 9 – group presentation draft 3


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Assignment 9 – group presentation draft 3

  1. 1.  In what ways does your media product use, develop and challenge forms and conventions of real media product?a) How do real media products (real TV documentaries) use/develop/challenge forms?b) How do real media products (real TV documentaries) use/develop/challenge conventionsc) How does your TV documentary use/develop/challenge formsd) How does your TV documentary use/develop/challenge conventions What have you learned from your audience feedback? How did you use media technologies in the construction and research, planning and evaluation stages?made only for evaluation A presentation
  2. 2. Presenter:School – Easy access, a quiet place toemphasise that we’re also considering that thetopic is serious.Westfield Shopping centre – A lot ofpeople, shows that we’re considering differentopinions.Public Interviews:Central London (Piccadilly Circus) - Easyaccess to different genders, ethnicities, ageand opinions.Soho – It is a typical place that homosexualityis shown in London. It is a social place forLGBT parties etc.Case Studies
  3. 3. Interview with Experts:Library – books, shows the serious side of the topicMade up office – a psychologist’s officeStatistics to support topic/issues:Any other background image, setting:Camera shots (fast pace) from busy places, such asOxford Circus.Footage of a gay pride to support opinion (smallamount of footage)Psychologist OfficeGay pride Flag as background, when presenter isintroducing the series
  4. 4.  Presenter The presenter will be Alexa Ranussi, and she will be wearing different costumes within the documentary to show both the serious/formal side of the topic and the modernism about it as well. Alexa - Everyday life Casual costume
  5. 5. Interviewees1) What type of people do you want to interview from public? Why?People from a wider range of age as possible, to get different opinions and toreflect that age has an impact on your way to visualise society.2) What type of people do you want to interview for case studies? Why?It’s very complicated to have a case study in this topic. As not many people areconfortable to talk about homosexuality and even to expose themselves in thistopic, but we will try to have a person talking about its experiences in this topic.3) What type of people do you want to interview for experts? Why?People from the LGBT’s Community, because our documentary will reflect on theiridea to make LGBT more recognisable within society.The Stonewall Charity members which supports LGBT communityA psychology teacher from school as well, to see how psychology explains our‘question’ (Are you born gay or do you become gay?).
  6. 6.  Presenter Costumes Casual costume when interviewing different Formal costume people and getting while talking to an different opinions. expert (to represent E.g.: when filming at the serious side of busy places, such as the documentary) central London
  7. 7.  Props LGBT Flag - We want to use as background when filming the presenter white introducing the documentary. We want to have the Ipad with us, in order to show the video from Eastenders to the public.
  8. 8. Part Name Draft 1 Draft 2 Draft3C Ideas Were not very clear Ideas we more Ideas were much better and had a poor clear but still didn’t and now the follow and understanding of the follow each other make much more sense topic chosen.E Research Amazing research very Good research on Have a mature knowledge detailed. the new topic we of the topic and a lot of choose different researchF Forms & Done but very briefly Developed the table Made a table for forms convention only a table with some added more and one for conventions s conventions and conventions forms with examples very well formers were not done still not done done.G Structure Incorrect Very well done but We understood the understanding of the ideas were still structure and changed the structure done but not following the ideas and now everything wrong structure follows one directionH Storyboard A brief story board with A detailed storyboard with description in each box more boxes and more shot information
  9. 9. Part Name Draft 1 Draft 2 Draft3J Ofcom A basic research A better Develop the research and understanding but added a table explaining still not completed the OFCOM expectationsK Captions Didn’t do captions only Got inspirational We created our own titles captions captionsO Location We were not told to We done locations Location done very well locations in the first but we didn’t think if and explained every draft the places would location and why we are work well with our using. topicN Evaluation Didn’t answer the Considered Answered all the evaluation questions answering some questions in details questions brieflyP Actors We were not told to do Done briefly with Very well done with actors in the first draft only ideas and not example and own pictures much examples of what the actor’s costume would be.