Assignment 9 draft 4


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Assignment 9 draft 4

  1. 1. The Purpose of this presentation is to re-draft all the ideas that were wrong, incomplete or misunderstood. This process of redrafting and planning will help us to get it right when we start to film.Alexa RanussiDafne CaldattoRafaella Batista
  2. 2. Part Name WhyF Forms & Conventions We forgot to put all the conventions of documentaries in other drafts we only added the ones we are usingH Storyboard We need to re-draft as the script changedI Script We need to do a new script following the right patternsJ Shotlist Needs to state every shot in order, not just name themK Target Audience Complete a video interviewsK Target audience Answer the 3 questionsM Titles Answer the 3 questionsO Ancillaries Say which listing magazine we have chosen, and whyQ Locations More images of locations
  3. 3. Conventions Meaning Visual and CodesVisual Coding The use of props, the scene for example a person using doctors equipment, is this person a doctor even without the equipment? Makes you questionsText Tiles Used to anchor images to the screen capture your attention also helps to set the pace of a clipReconstruction Re creating scenes that you couldn’t film.Sound The use of diagetic and non-diagetic sound. Sound that you would hear on set and sound that is addedInterview with an The opinions given can sometimes be disproved byexpert the audience. Experts helps to prove the point given.
  4. 4. Conventions and Meaning Visual CodesTechnical of Realism Real sound, real imagesVoice Over Is normally authoritative, encouraging the audience to believe they have inside knowledge of what is happeningPast Footage/ History Helps to prove your point orof something idea, add more informationReal Footage Making the documentary seem as real as possible, using a little non-fiction work or footage as possible.
  5. 5. FORM Use/Develop/Challenge Description & Purpose1. Framing Use – we will only use this form because By using framing form we will be following we do not want to make the audience documentaries form and it will make it confused, also it can relate appropriately clear to the audience, also we do not need to the overall documentary. to develop or challenge this form to meet our target audience.2. Transition Develop – we will develop the form of Even though we want to develop the form transitions as we want to meet our target of transitions we do not want to use it audience and also we want to make without being necessary, we only want to upbeat make it upbeat with different types of transitions3. Titles Develop – Usually in a documentary, To make it appropriate to our target titles and captions are very formal and audience, we want to use animations, to realistic, but we want to develop it to show connotations of our topic. make it appropriate to our target audience and our topic.4. Editing Develop – We will try to develop our In order to make it appropriate to our editing by using different types of editing audience, and our target audience. The than the conventional. editing has to be ‘invisible’ so that the audience doesn’t get confused.5. Music Develop – We’ll consider using very Limited amount of copyright music, from upbeat music, which is different from the Lady Gaga for example, to support the conventional, because as a documentary idea of our topic and also it is very is very realistic, we’ll try to use unrealistic appropriate to our target audience upbeats.
  6. 6. Convention Use/Develop/Challenge Description & Purpose We will only use the presenter convention as we will We will use the convention as the presenter1. Presenter have one presenter through out the series. will show a lot of information and will be there to understand about the topic as well. We will only use the convention of past footage, in This convention we will use in order to show2. Past order to show facts and the history of documentaries. history facts such as the laws and how it hasFootage It will help us as we have to back up our information changed. It will help us to gain information and to inform the audience about the main topic. We will develop the voiceover convention, as we will This will be used so that we can sync the3. Voiceover be using it a lot in order to explain our images images that we show. We want to show a lot of images and different shots but we need to explain everything we show. Develop – We want to develop this convention We want to show a lot of real footage as we4. Real footage because we want to show real footage to show our will be learning from interviews and also as own research and our own learning our presenter will be living a experience from LGBT community, by researching and finding out about Challenge – because we will use a lot of interviews so We will interview varies people that5. Interview that we can understand more the topic and also to understand about LGBT, such as Stonewall inform the audience even further about LGBT and LGBT Community6. Expert Challenge – We will challenge this convention by We want to challenge this convention having 3 or more expert opinions because we want to because we want to show that we understand promote debate and compare how public’s opinion are about the topic and one way to do that is by different from the experts. having some experts where they explain questions.
  7. 7. 1 2
  8. 8. 3 4
  9. 9. 4. Establishing shot of1. Institution 2. Institution 3. Title Piccadilly Circus5. Mid shot of presenter 6. Past footage of 7. Establishing shot of 8. Establishing shot ofintroducing the ‘Homophobia’ church (from last episode) jubilee clock (from lastdocumentary in Piccadilly episode)Circus.
  10. 10. 9. Establishing shot of 10. Mid shot of presenter 11. Past footage of 12. Mid shot of presentercarnaby street (from last in Piccadilly introducing the Eastenders scene interviewing publicepisode) episode (Piccadilly Circus)13. Mid shot of presenter 14. Two shot presenter and 15. OVS of presenter 16. Long shot of presenterinterviewing public psychologist, in office with interviewing psychologist concluding the episode(Carnaby Street) voiceover
  11. 11. Name Description & Purpose Example1. Establishing shot • Piccadilly Circus, establishing shot to establish location.2. Mid shot • Mid shot of presenter in Piccadilly Circus, establishes presenter and location.3. Establishing shot • Establishing shot of catholic church, in Harlesden to emphasise religion.4. Establishing shot • Establishing shot of Jubilee Clock, to emphasise different areas and locations5. Establishing shot • Establishing shot of Soho, to emphasise different areas and locations
  12. 12. Name Description & Purpose Example6. Long shot • Long shot of presenter in London Eye, introducing the episode, mid shot shows part of presenter and location.7. Mid shot • Mid shot of presenter interviewing public in Central London (Piccadilly Circus)8. Mid shot • Mid shot of presenter interviewing public in Soho9. Two shot • Two shot of presenter and psychologist, an interview, in a office, sitting down in front of each other10. Over the shoulder • OVS of presenter interviewingshot psychologist.11. Long shot • Long shot of presenter in Westminster Bridge concluding the episode
  13. 13. How are you going to make a documentary which is interesting to your target audience according to forms and conventions?FORM • Using upbeat music for background, and fast pace cuts, it’s a way to entertain mostly people that are 15 to 30 years old, which is our target audience age.CONVENTIONS • Showing statistics and inserting animation to it, it would make the documentary more entertaining and people of young age would be more interested. How are you going to make a documentary which is interesting to your target audience according to your chosen topic?After doing the public interview to decide which topic we were going to choose wedecided that the LGBT community is a topic that creates debate, as it deals with atopic that people have different attitudes and thoughts. We are going to exploredifferent ideas and perspectives according to different locations.
  14. 14. What font do you want to use and why? The font that we used for this idea is ‘Candara’ and we Presenter thought it looks appropriate according to the serious side of the topic. Alexa RanussiWhere do you want the font to be placed and why?The example that we gave before we want to place it asthe captions because it looks professional but at the sametime we are following our chosen target audienceWhat style of animation do you want for the titles/captions and why?We want to use the ‘drifting’ from iMovie 11. It looksprofessional but at the same time we are trying to attract ourchosen target audience.
  15. 15. Listing Magazine Listing magazine would you use, why?We would use TIME OUT LONDON, because it has asection for homosexuals, with detailed information onwhat to do in London that interests gays and lesbians. Inspirational Doublespread
  16. 16. Newspapers Which newspaper would you use to advertise your documentary, why? One of our options would be METRO because it is a free newspaper, which involves a lot of society issues and events. We want to make people aware that homosexuality is important as any other topic