Assignment 9 draft 3 part 2


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Assignment 9 draft 3 part 2

  1. 1. 1. Title 2. Long shot 3. 4. 5. Establishing(Animation) of presenter Establishing Establishing shot of Oxford introducing shot of shot of the Circus, showing the Piccadilly houses of population, documentary Circus parliament emphasising the realism of the documentary
  2. 2. 6. Close up 7. Long shot 8. Past 9. Establishing 10. Establishingshot of of people footage of a shot of Jubilee shot ofpresenter, d being victim protest, Clock, scenes of Piccadillyoing a recap of which was last episode. Circus, that wasof last homophobia, shown in the shown in lastepisode scenes of last episode episode last episode
  3. 3. 11. 12. Long 13. Past footage 14. Scene of the 15. EstablishingEstablishing shot of of an episode, shot of a school,shot of Soho, presenter in Eastenders animation of the showing alsoalso shown in Central scene symbol of laws whats going tolast episode London, intr and regulations happen in the oducing the episode episode
  4. 4. 16. Close up 17. Gay scene of 18. Mid shot of 19. Mid shot ofshot of eastenders, shown presenter showing presenter showingpresenter in iPad to the scene to a the scene to anotherintroducing part interviewees. person. (Person is person, person is(central closer to camera to closer to camera, toLondon) emphasise emotion establish the reaction and reaction). and emotions
  5. 5. 20. Mid shot of 21. Two shot of 22. 23. Long 24.presenter in interview Statistics - shot of Statistics –psychologist between animation presenter in animationoffice presenter and Westfield, psychologist creating a debate about stereotypes
  6. 6. NEXT PART …25. Long shot of 26. Establishing 27. Animation 28. Scene of nextpresenter shot of presenter introducing the part (laws andinterviewing in Central next part, with regulations)sociologist London, concludi voiceover. ng the part.
  7. 7. Name Description Purpose Example1. Long shot Take up almost the full frame To show both whole full body height (person). Shows the of presenter and also emerge entire body plenty of background details.2. Establishing shot Establishes the scene, shows Usually to establish location, locations and surroundings. setting, to show the audience where the action is taking place3. Close up shot Certain feature or certain Used to emphasise a subject takes up the most person’s emotional state, frame. showing the realism of a person’s facial expression.4. Mid shot Shows some part of the Appropriate when the subject, but also the presenter intends to deliver background . information. Common shot used for TV interviews and programs.5. Two shot The subject don’t have to be Often used in interviews or next to each other. The basic when two presenter are idea of having a comfortable hosting a show. Two shot are shot of two people. good to establish the relationship between two subjects.