Discovery of Production Processes - Tutorial


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The attached demonstration includes some of the treasures which can be revealed by those who record their production data, and instructions for taking a self test-drive with Disco, a process mining tool of Fluxicon.

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Discovery of Production Processes - Tutorial

  1. 1. Discovering a Production Process in Priority ERP
  2. 2. The Contents  A Quick overview of production management in Priority ERP  Demonstration of some process discovery deliverables  Instructions for performing a self-discovery of the production process
  3. 3. The Production Floor  Departments  Workers  Work Cells  Operations  Machines  Manual Work
  4. 4. The Planned Production Process
  5. 5. The Routing as Defined in Priority
  6. 6. Production Reporting Screen in Priority
  7. 7. Discovering the Actual Production Process With Disco Example Deliverables
  8. 8. Some Possible Deliverables  A process map of the executed production processes  Conformance Checking ► Deviations from routings  Performance Analysis ► Machines ► Operators ► Idle times ► Bottlenecks  Focused analysis of: ► Breakdowns ► Rework ► Rejected parts  Comparison of workers performance
  9. 9. The data Source  The production data exported from Priority The mandatory data
  10. 10. The Data in Disco  The Production data are configured and imported to Disco for process discovery
  11. 11. Operations Paths taken by work orders The Actual Process Flow Repeated Operation Frequencies Number of work orders starting the process Start point End point
  12. 12. Analysis of Operations
  13. 13. Revealing Deviations from Routing  For some work orders, the process starts and ends with different operations then defined in the routing (circled in red) Start point End point
  14. 14. Locating the Slow Work Orders  The Performance filter is used to retrieve slow work orders by a selected duration
  15. 15. The Slow Process Flow The mean waiting time between operations The mean duration of operations
  16. 16. Animation of the Slow Process  The actual process is replayed based on the production data  To view the animation press here. Work orders starting the process An Indication of a Bottle Neck Operation TimeAn Indication of work loads
  17. 17. Statistics About Products in the Slow Work Orders
  18. 18. Analysis of Work Cells
  19. 19. The Process Flow Among the Work Cells
  20. 20. Locating the Longest Idle Times  The Performance filter is used to retrieve the work cells with the longest idle times between operations
  21. 21. Idle Times in the Process The numbers represent the maximal waiting time between work cells
  22. 22. Analysis of Breakdowns
  23. 23. Statistics About Breakdown Reasons
  24. 24. Analysis by a Selected Breakdown Reason
  25. 25. The Impact of a Breakdown on a Selected Part  The operation with the ellipse was reported as a breakdown  The red arrow points at a delay in the process (compared to the one indicated by the green arrow) With BreakdownWithout Breakdown
  26. 26. A Do-It-Yourself Process Discovery
  27. 27. Installing Disco  Download and install Disco from here (it’s free & easy!)
  28. 28. Downloading a Demo Project  Download and save a demo project with production data from here
  29. 29. Loading the Demo Project to Disco 1. Run Disco, and click on the Open File button 2. In the Windows explorer that opens, select the saved project file: Discovery-of-a-Production-Process.dsc
  30. 30. The Project View in Disco  For each data set in the list on the left, look in the Notes for instructions.
  31. 31. More Helpful Links  Manufacturing Intelligence – the full presentation  A case study of production analysis at Samsung Electro-Mechanics  More Examples based on Priority ERP  hands-on tutorial for Disco (in Hebrew)  Fluxicon’s Blog  Fluxicon’s Academic Initiative
  32. 32. For further info please contact: Dafna Levy Email: Phone: +972 (0)54-6881739 Intelligent Process Management