I sing because(2)


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I sing because(2)

  1. 1. Taking Our Ministry To The Next Level!
  2. 2. Ques: Isn’t God good?
  3. 3. Ques: And how do we address the vision in Music Ministry?
  4. 4. Why Rev J? Skilled on the harp and cymbal? Skilled vocalist?
  5. 5. A Purpose Driven Music Ministry
  6. 6. The Five Priorities of A Believer 1. Thou shalt love the Lord thy God … Worship 2. Thou shalt love thy neighbor … External Ministry 3. Go ye into all the world … Evangelism 4. Baptizing them … Assimilation 5. Teaching them … Edification How would you rate our Music Ministry on these?
  7. 7. What You Told Me! 1. Worship C 2. External Ministry F 3. Evangelism F 4. Assimilation D 5. Edification D
  8. 8. What you told me! Time
  9. 9. What you told me!  “I’m staying but I’m not having any fun anymore.”  “We sound really bad, but no one seems like they want to work to get better.”  “Some of these folks are really mean.”  “No one wants to do what’s necessary to change things.”
  10. 10. The Performance Measures  Kind hearted  Enjoy being with others  Sensitive to the Holy Spirit  A personal relationship with Jesus Christ as demonstrated by the Fruit of the Spirit
  11. 11. The Performance Measures  Full choir gets caught-up often  Attract others  Energetic  Balanced
  12. 12. M² Organization Structure Pastor Dir of M² Min of Music Directors Chief Musician Vocalists Musicians Presidents Admin Asst. L e a d e r s h i p C o u n c i l
  13. 13. Goals and Strategies - Worship Goal: Create an effective ‘full-choir’ Strategies: Select music that the ‘full-choir’ can and will perform Hire a Minister of Music Monthly mass choir rehearsals (one sings … all sing) Quarterly workshops Complete a ‘taking it to the next level plan’ GODCongregation Musicians Vocalists Directors
  14. 14. Goals and Strategies - Evangelism Goal: Get others to join The Kingdom & EBC Strategies: Conduct (2) public concerts annually Implement a formal Praise & Worship Team
  15. 15. Goals and Strategies – Ext. Ministry Goal: Serve a public need Strategies: Conduct (1) annual external ministry project
  16. 16. Goals and Strategies – Edification Goal: Increase leadership, management and spiritual skills Strategies: Develop and implement an annual schedule Implement M² Leadership Council meetings Conduct leadership training Implement monthly Bible studies Conduct an annual ‘Anointing Service’
  17. 17. Goals and Strategies – Assimilation Goal: Increase the number of M² participants; increase bonding Strategies: Implement a ministry invitation program Conduct an annual M² conference
  18. 18. Next Steps Schedule meeting with Admin. Asst. to start development of Annual Schedule. R: A. Jackson S: 22 Oct 2010 Develop Leadership Council Contact List. R: C. Bennett S: 22 Oct 2010 Conduct first Leadership Council meeting. R: A. Jackson S: 6 Nov 2010 9am – 12pm Meet individually with each choir. R: A. Jackson Gospel Choir – 28 Oct 2010 – 7:30 to 9:00pm Prepare Mass Choir for worship at Mt. Zion Baptist Church; 31 Oct 2010 R: L. Wicker S: 30 Oct 2010
  19. 19. Questions & Answers
  20. 20. Getting to Rev J 703-680-3203 H/W 703-447-0577 C artjackson@usa.net www.artjackson.com
  21. 21. Ques: And how do we in Music Ministry address the vision? Answer: By focusing on God In music and song!