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New Social Movements (NSMs) Presentation


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New Social Movements (NSMs) Materi Gerakan Sosial Baru,

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New Social Movements (NSMs) Presentation

  1. 1. (new) social movements Proudly Presented by: Daeng Muhammad Feisal Pelatihan Kader Luar Biasa Hebat Taruna Melati 3 IPM Jawa Barat Bandung, 24 Februari 2015
  2. 2. New Social Movements (NSMs) Proudly Presented by: Daeng Muhammad Feisal @daengdoang 08562383262
  3. 3. ALUR LOGIKA MATERI Taruna Melati Utama 2 Orientasi 3 Input Materi Falsafah Manusia Falsafah Pendidikan Sejarah Sosial IRM Globalisasi Gerakan Sosial Baru 4 Analisa Sosial (Alat bantu analisis) Case Study Field Research 5 Workshop 6 R K T L 1 Konteks Masalah
  4. 4. Keywords NSMs • Post-industrial economy is responsible for a new wave of social movement • ‘Those’ movements are significantly different from previous social movements of the industrial economy • the new movements focus not on issues of materialistic qualities such as economic wellbeing, but on issues related to human rights • Social Changes – Collective Action
  5. 5. (Another) keywords
  6. 6. Key-person • Alain Touraine, Ernesto Laclau, Chantal Mouffe, Claus Offe, Immanuel Wallerstein, or philosophers such as Michel Foucault, Jürgen Habermas and Félix Guattari • You
  7. 7. The Theory • new social movement theory focuses on movement culture; it also pays attention to their identity and on their relations to culture, ideology and politics.
  8. 8. Collective action • Collective action is traditionally defined as any action taken together by a group of people whose goal is to enhance their status and achieve a common objective. It is enacted by a representative of the group. Source: Wikipedia
  9. 9. Social change • Social change refers to an alteration in the social order of a society. Social change may include changes in nature, social institutions, social behaviours, or social relations. Wikipedia
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  11. 11. questions • Apakah IPM termasuk NSMs? • Kolektif Kolegial? • IPM masa gini?
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  13. 13. • Apa yang sebandungnya kita lakukan?
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  15. 15. Kembali (fokus) ke Basis Masa – Grass Roots
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