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Preview of Tunes of love, my collection of poems. Apparently the geek does other things apart from coding :D

Its available on Kindle Store here

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  1. 1. TUNES OF LOVE Collection of Love Poems Preview
  2. 2. TUNES OF LOVEArewaSoft as a petal of the white roseAs the morning dews, like the sun that do aroseFrom the other side,your love is lightTender as a mothers kissesOn the cheeks of a sleeping childPlaced lovinglyYour love is comfortingIt is as the rivers that sweeps gentlyDown the cool of green valleys downWhere butterflies play, ArewaLike this your love is soothingJust as Niagara Falls; water cascades downThe rocky rocks in serene peace; it is enthrallingTruly more, your love is captivating.
  3. 3. TUNES OF LOVEThoughts of youWhy are other thoughts, now not worthy enough?Have they lost their nobility-?That only images of you, now cramps my mind within?What has become of other muse, other worries, other cares?That only your form, even with eyes closed, now I see?Good Lord!For as the triumphant rising of the sun, throws the night awayAnd darkness vanishes at the sight of lights ray.So also had other thoughts faded at the appearance of you:you made other thoughts as night;your image shadowed their view..
  4. 4. TUNES OF LOVEIf beauty was to be turned into art,the shape and form, and the colors shades,will trace out your lovely face.
  5. 5. TUNES OF LOVEMy Love, My WoeLoves best habit is closing its eyes,To wrong deeds done by persons loved,Knowing when an err will soon be committed,At that moment, o! Then will love blink its eyes.For loves sight: so pure wont drop its gaze,At things of lower esteem: of vices unchanging,Like the sun amidst the clouds,That wont sojourn long enough in the skyTo see the face of the coming moon,So also, love wont open its eyes long enoughTo see the blemishes of a lovers face.True love wants not truth to be toldBut it goes blind, blind with its loveTo obvious immoral deeds wroughtO! This is my woe, my dear, my only sinLoving you, blinds my sight to ills you contain.
  6. 6. TUNES OF LOVEHer Smileoh stars!though they, in their thousandscongregate in the skiesthey still leave the nightsin pitch black.But my love,with only eyes so cute,so lovely, daintily and bright.only need to smile and lo,she floods my heart with light,thousand stars, can only but dream of.
  7. 7. TUNES OF LOVEWhat has become of other muse,other worries, other cares?That only image of you now cramps my mind within
  8. 8. TUNES OF LOVEBeauty I never said hi to........................................Her smile mesmerizesAs her cherry pink lipsTurns into a curve;Turning her face into a glowing glitterO! She radiates a gentle beautyThat ladyAs I admire her from afar............................................
  9. 9. TUNES OF LOVE Collection of Love PoemsAbout"Soft as a petal of a white rose, As the morning dews, like thesun that do arosefrom the other side, her love is light..."Tunes of love is a collection of short love poems thatcelebrates passion; the beauty, and the joys oflove and romance. From the euphoria of a man who is in love,the pledges of a committed lover, to the desperation of onewhose love is not reciprocated. The books simplicity draws thereader in and its nicely crafted words then takes the reader ona journey exploring the spectrum of different emotions.The full collection is available for purchase on Amazon.comFor more