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Love Creating!

A Talk delivered by tolu olugboji at 60minuteswiththegeeks a forum of techies in Obafemi Awolwo University

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Love Creating!

  2. 2. Me? May be this will help… Interests (Polymath): .Philosophy. Science. Music. . Social Engineering(Leadership). .Politics. Technology. .Software Engineering. Literature. .Poetry . Thinking. Ideation. ?@X Technology Passion: .Artificial Intelligence. cognitive sciences. .Business Computing. Software Mgmt. Countdown: 0:10Min Objective: To Push Your Mind off The Cliff!
  3. 3. ! We’ve Got it all Wrong! The significant problems(Ignorance) we face cannot be solved at the same level of thinking we were at when we created them(Old Model). …Albert Einstein (Father Geek!) Countdown: 0:9 Min Wrong Premise… Wrong Conclusion
  4. 4. Time: 0:8Min It’s Basically about Design… Not TOols. (Oops, Not a Mistake) Engineering, Technology and Creation has always been first about Design and Not the Actual Medium of Expression…. Words, Equations, Graphs, Models and now Code! Great Technology Must be built in the same Wise! A little Illustration…
  5. 5. In the Beginning. Quantitative Sciences. Nothing Changes Do you see Equations? Or Do you see An Atomic Bomb? Do you see Blocks? Or a Marvelous Formidable Structure? … Meaning comes not from the Obvious, but the Sublime. Simple English? Creator’s Spirit!
  6. 6. In the Beginning… Not to far… ! Shift your Fascination, and you will Realize that your Passion Shifts T remendously. And Creativity too
  7. 7. In the Beginning… Not to far… ! Its not about Geometry, Calculus, Arithmetic, or even the Numbers! .It’s Science. The Science of Creating. .Discovery. Communication. Information Technology?
  8. 8. Time: 0:5Min So Your mind is Shifting… Still want to Know Why we Create? Give Me a Moment… Want to Push you further. Taking you on a Roller Coaster Ride. Steady.
  9. 9. Time: 0:4Min Search For a Whole New Metaphor! The World is Changing? Changed! Bytes. XML. IPV6. WiFi. WiMAX. FTP. SMTP. Protocol. VOIP. Open Source. Linux. Vista. Ruby. Ajax. PHP. Java. Web 2.0. Semantic Web. Ping. Hey! Easy. Free Me.
  10. 10. ? Frustrated ?@X! In the seeming murky waters of chaos, there lies Harmony, There is poetry in Technology, Art in Software, and Religion in Design. Find a Niche…. Then Dig In! Countdown: 0: 3min Geek Suggestion1.O: Find Love!
  11. 11. novice Relocate! Business user After Interest, comes Passion. Ideas! The Rest is Pure Uncontrollable Love. Blind Love. Love of a creator. Marvelling at his Work. Cash, Waiting to share his love with the world. Creator & Influence developer and Value Countdown: 0: 2min Join the Geek Culture: Be a Creator!
  12. 12. Time: 0:2Min My Project Niche: Mobile IS Business Design. My Passion: Ubiquity! Imagine: Get your NYSC Postings by SMS. Lecturer Sends Assignment By SMS… Now you Understand Geek Fun!
  13. 13. .Spark the Flame. Ride the Waves. Understand the Times. om ail .The World is Flat (Thomas Friedman). Re-Imagine(T Peters). The Long T (Dunno?). .A whole New Mind(Daniel Pink). . .Uncommon Sense: Out of the Box thinking for an in the Box World (Peter Cochrane) . Proverbs-Bible (Author: Men of Faith). (Flavas all!). Countdown: 0:1Min Fall of the Edge. Thanks for the Attention.
  14. 14. Interaction & Feedback… Or Maybe Not? My Research Interests: Linked in. A world Linked in. Every body and all Systems. So Much so that there is no delineation between technology and social Interaction… Examples Pure Ubiquity ! 4x3 BPR. Banking. Social Networks. Think! 5x9 .Collaboration et. Al.