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The wayweare


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history 140 assignment

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The wayweare

  1. 1. The Way We Are Ryan Swetz
  2. 2. • How might what you had for breakfast be connected to Christopher Columbus’ journey? 2
  3. 3. • Columbian Exchange Map• What Crop Am I?• Thought Experiment Writing Assignment
  4. 4. The Columbian Exchange What were some environmental and cultural consequences of Columbus’ journey?
  5. 5. Food CropsTry to match up the following foods/ beverages with their area of origin.Write your guesses in your notebook.Sunflowers Rice North AmericaPeas Sugarcane Central AmericaRadishes Apples South AmericaBeans Potatoes AsiaCorn Beats AfricaChocolate Onions EuropeMangos CarrotsWatermelon TomatoesPeanuts PeppersAvocadoesWheatCabbage
  6. 6. Answers (how did you do?)Place the food crop in the correct region on your map. You may draw if you like.North America Asia Europe Sunflowers Rice Wheat Corn Sugarcane Beats Avocadoes Mangos Onions CabbageCentral America Africa Apples Peppers Radishes Peas Beans Watermelon Carrots Chocolate CoffeeSouth America How did the world’s cuisine change with the Potatoes connecting up of Afroeurasia and the
  7. 7. Dinner MenuCan you think of a meal that you enjoy, that would have been available to people living in the Americas, before Christopher Columbus?Can you think of a meal that you enjoy, that would have been available to people living Afroeurasia, before Christopher Columbus?
  8. 8. The Americas Afroeurasia
  9. 9. What was the impact of this exchange on the globe?What was the impact of this exchange on regional areas, such as Africa, North America, South America, Asia and Europe?
  10. 10. Worldwide• Increased population (due to more calories) worldwide, not necessarily regionally• Increased innovation (spread of ideas)• Increased global wealth (more gold and silver) Regionally• Ecological imbalance (invasive species)• Population crash in the Americas• Forced migration of Africans (slavery)• New food sources/ New cuisine
  11. 11. Writing AssignmentThought Experiment:Imagine the world without Christopher Columbus’ journey (Afroeurasia and the Americas never having contact), what would be different for each region. Base your answer on fact learned in today’s lesson.