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Fundraising with salesforce and snow goose for uk charities


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Overview of Snow Goose + Salesforce - a fundraising wizard / import tool for UK Charities who raise money on Virgin Money Giving, JustGiving, BT MyDonate, or any other UK Fundraising platform.

Snow Goose is built on Salesforce and is the only tool that allows you to bring in all your data from multiple disparate sources into one database.

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Fundraising with salesforce and snow goose for uk charities

  1. 1. SNOW GOOSE AddingValue to Fundraisers using Salesforce
  2. 2. OUR
 HISTORY 2010: StartedThird Sector IT, focusing on Non-Profits adopting Salesforce 2013: Started Daddy Donkey Labs, produced two For-Profit Apps: Daddy Analytics and Breadwinner Now: Developed Non- Profit focused Fundraising App: Snow GooseCUSTOMERS INCLUDE
  3. 3. PROBLEM • Charities are unable to easily and affordably get ALL fundraising data into any database • Partial solutions include Supporter360 and Blackbaud Links • A few charities integrate by staff or volunteers rekeying info • Majority do nothing with data
  4. 4. IMPACT OF MISSING DATA • Reduced fundraising capabilities • Incorrect Communication • Incomplete Contact List • Stale, inaccurate data • Missed Opportunities • No Supporter Journey
  5. 5. SOLUTION: SNOW GOOSE Snow Goose imports ALL fundraising platform data into Salesforce quickly and easily, preventing duplicates, cleaning data, and creating new records • Powerful Import Wizard with Data Cleansing - not a FundraisingTool itself • Agnostic - Integrates with Salesforce and other Fundraising Platforms KEY POINTS
  6. 6. BENEFITS • from new people previously unreachable • from existing contacts with complete data on them • by identifying people to move along the supporter journey CHARITIES CAN FUNDRAISE MORE MONEY
  9. 9. PRICING • Starts at 20 pence per imported donation • Falls to 5 pence per imported donation for large volumes • Minimum £99 per month, includes 6000 donations imported annually - equivalent to £180,000 annual fundraising platform revenue, presuming industry standard ~ £30 average donation. • One-timeTraining and Implementation fee, varies by size WHILE AVAILABLETO ALL UK CHARITIES, SNOW GOOSE’S PRICING IS BEST SUITEDTO CHARITIES WITH FUNDRAISING PLATFORM REVENUES OF OVER £100K ANNUALLY
  10. 10. FEEDBACK ~ Matt Morris,Youth Business International & PWB
 I've never been able to see my data before like this - I can finally email our donors and thank them. ~ Fritha Vinvent,Alcohol Concern
 We’ve gathered thousands of donors throughVirgin Money Giving, but their names, emails, and donations were stuck in Excel and we couldn't do anything with them until we got Snow Goose. ~ Alexis Meech,The Challenge
 We're overjoyed to get this data into Salesforce - this is just the product we’re looking for! Our fundraising team found it very user friendly.
  11. 11. DEMO
  12. 12. DEDICATEDTAB • Only Admins or Importers use tab, and only for import • All other fundraisers see Snow Goose data on Contact and Donation (Opportunity) Record
  13. 13. DEDICATEDTAB • Only Admins or Importers use tab, and only for import • All other fundraisers see Snow Goose data on Contact and Donation (Opportunity) Record
  14. 14. SELECT A PLATFORM Select Different Platforms
  15. 15. UPLOAD FILE Progress Bar Clear Instructions
  16. 16. BACKGROUND PROCESS Remove Duplicate
 Donations Standardise Data Formats UK Numbers Identified as Landlines or Mobiles
  17. 17. MATCHING BY ID • Snow Goose records the Fundraiser ID and Donor ID against the Salesforce Contact • Once matched by ID, all future imports of that fundraising platform user are transparent • Contacts can have multiple Donor ID’s, Fundraiser ID’s, from different or the same platform • Can expand to handle new platforms
  18. 18. MATCHING BY DETAILS Visual Cues to Indicate Conflict Details matched to Salesforce Contacts
 by Email, Mobile, Phone, and First Name/Last Name/PostCode Match Contacts in Single Click
  19. 19. CREATING NEW CONTACTS Create Contacts in Single Click Personal details have been smudged for Slides to protect privacy. In Snow Goose, all details are shown.
  20. 20. PRIVACY Populate Do Not Call
 and Email Opt Out Personal Details never leave Salesforce servers or pass through Snow Goose servers. Complies with UK Data Protection.
  21. 21. DONATION IMPORT All the Hard Work is Done. Donations imported in single click. Up to 10,000 Donations imported per file
  22. 22. CONFIRMATION All the data is in Salesforce!
  23. 23. RICH CONTACT DATA Contact Details Postal Address Amounts Raised and Donated Birthdate
  24. 24. VIEW RELATED DONATIONS Related Lists on Contact Page Shows Donations Raised and Donations Made
  25. 25. RICH OPPORTUNITY DATA Credited to Fundraiser and Donor Gift Aid, Transaction Fees, and Processing Fees Payment Date makes reconciliation easy Fields unique to a single fundraising platform captured in long text field
  26. 26. POWERFUL REPORTS Sort report by best donor or fundraiser across all fundraising platforms.