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Titles tutorial

  1. 1. Titles: Custom, full-screen, overlay, lower thirds, templates Premiere Pro CS4
  2. 2. You can create a title by clicking on Title  New Title  Default Still
  3. 3. For now, you can leave the default settings alone, but it’s a good idea to name each title.
  4. 4. If you’re overlaying your title on top of a clip, select the EYE icon at the top of the screen.
  5. 5. If you’re creating a title inserted before or after clips, clicking off the eye icon makes the page look like this:
  6. 6. You have lots of options in the title edit panel.
  7. 7. If you leave the background as is, your title will appear on black. To add a different background color, one way to do this is to add a rectangle shape around the entire area.
  8. 8. To change the color, look at the right column for the color chooser. When you click on it, the color picker box (center) comes up, and you can select a different color for your background.
  9. 10. If you’re adding several lines of text, you’ll need to expand the area using the select tool. When you’re finished, drag the box around the text up to meet the text so it’s as small as it can be and still fit your text.
  10. 11. You can center the text within the box you’ve created (top of page).
  11. 12. You can also center the entire box vertically and horizontally.
  12. 13. You can then insert the title directly into your timeline (CTRL + drag will insert and shift other clips to right).
  13. 14. To overlay a title on a clip, you create a new title (default still) and turn on the EYE icon at the top of the titler window.
  14. 15. Titles placed here are called “lower thirds” because of where they are. Notice the problem in this frame.
  15. 16. Because the background is both light AND dark, it’s hard to find a way to have the title read clearly. Sometimes you can design your camera shot to make sure there’s a place for a title. If not, here’s one solution:
  16. 17. You can select a shape to create from the titler toolbar and drag the area where you want to place it.
  17. 18. You can change the color of the box by selecting the eye dropper and then clicking the eye dropper on a color on the screen.
  18. 19. You can also change the color of the box by selecting color pane itself, which opens the color picker window.
  19. 20. Next, select the text tool and click and drag an area inside your box to write your title.
  20. 21. To place your title, decide when you want it to appear in the clip, and drag the title to an open video track on the timeline. To shorten or lengthen the title, you can click and drag the same way as a clip.
  21. 22. You can also choose from some title templates, which you can easily modify.
  22. 23. You can also choose from some title templates, which you can easily modify. Be sure to choose a palette that fits the format you’re using.
  23. 24. You can just click on text to type in the titles you want. You can also modify fonts and font colors.
  24. 25. Lower 1/3 Titles, as the name suggest, are placed at the bottom third of the page and overlayed against another clip. Be sure to place the current time indicator (blue) on the clip you want to use, and click on the eye in the titler.