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Overlay and insert_edits_how_to

  1. 1. Editing Clips in the Timeline: Overlays,Inserts, and Rolling Edits Premiere Pro CS4
  2. 2. When you drag clips from the source panel to the timeline, you can choose whether to OVERYLAY the clips on top of other clips in the timeline, or to make space to insert them. Insert Overlay
  3. 3. When you overlay clips, you add clips on top of existing clips, recording over the portions where you place the clip. Overlay
  4. 4. Insert When you insert clips, you move the clips that follow to the right, so you don’t record over clips in the timeline.
  5. 5. To OVERLAY a clip, you can just drag the clip from the source panel to the timeline.
  6. 6. If you place the clip on top of other clips, the new clip will record OVER the other clip.
  7. 7. To INSERT a clip WITHOUT recording over other clips, hold down the CONTROL (CTRL) key while you drag. This pushes other clips to the right to make room for the clip you’re inserting.
  8. 8. Notice the right arrows , which indicate the rest of the clips will move to the right to make room for the new clip.
  9. 9. There are several ways to move a clip in the timeline. If you click and drag a clip to a new location, it will leave a gap in the space you moved it from, and it will overlay the clip on top of the clip you dragged it to.
  10. 10. Here’s how it looks after you’ve dropped it (drag and drop):
  11. 11. To move the other clips so there’s no gap, you can draw a box (a marquee) around all those clips and drag them to the left.
  12. 12. Or you can right click on the gap and select “Ripple Delete”
  13. 13. To insert a clip you’re moving without leaving a gap, you can hold down the CRTL key when you drag and drop. Note the insert triangles when you hold down the CTRL key.
  14. 14. In the timeline, you can extend the out point of one clip and the in point of the next clip at the same time by using a ROLLING EDIT, which you can select from the tools window in the lower right corner. Rolling edit
  15. 15. When you start to drag the first clip to the right, you’ll see the new out point and new in point as a split screen in the PROGRAM panel.