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NC AHEC Email Tagging

  1. 1. NC AHEC Email TaggingIndustry Practicum forLauren TomolaPresented April 13, 2012
  2. 2. North Carolina Area Health EducationCenters• Founded in 1970s to improve the quality of healthcare in North Carolina• 9 locations throughout North Carolina• Focus on education and health information technology• Regional Extension Centers as part of the HITECH Act
  3. 3. Email Archive and Wiki Creation• Collaboration across NC AHEC locations• Email listserv as a valuable resource for unique information• Wiki creation to store emails and share other documents
  4. 4. The Problem: Emails• Fractured email conversations• Format of uploaded emails
  5. 5. The Problem: Wiki Ineffective search options Lack of wiki structure
  6. 6. The Solution• A standardized format for emails• A set of categories with which users can browse the wiki or upload new items• A tagging vocabulary addressing important, frequently-searched concepts
  7. 7. Email Reformatting• Combination of all replies• Elimination of repeated or irrelevant messages• Title describing the content• Heading indicating the sender, date, and original question• Links to attachments and related messages• Table of contents allowing quick movement to a specific reply
  8. 8. Text Analysis to Determine KeyConcepts• Review of the NC AHEC email archive and existing wiki documents for important terms• Consultation of organizations, regulations, and industry documents• Using terms to determine information categories
  9. 9. Categories1. Attestation 5. Practices ▫ Calculations ▫ Health Topics ▫ Eligibility ▫ Practice Redesign ▫ Implementation ▫ Working With Practices ▫ Payments 6. Program Rules and ▫ Prework Requirements ▫ Registration ▫ Blue Cross Blue Shield ▫ Timing ▫ CMS Incentive Programs  E-Rx Incentive Programs2. Certified Technology  EHR Incentive Programs ▫ Selection ▫ Community Care of North ▫ Vendor List Carolina3. Finance ▫ Community Health Centers ▫ Billing ▫ NC HIE ▫ Taxes ▫ NCQA PCMH4. Internal Operations ▫ PQRS 7. Useful Information
  10. 10. Tagging Vocabulary• Assessment of the relative importance of terms• Removal of synonyms• Comparison of official documents and informal conversation to determine effective phrasing• Assignment of every term to one or more categories
  11. 11. Tagging Examples• Differentiation between related concepts ▫ Group number; NPI number; Medicaid number• Consolidation of synonyms ▫ 30% rule; Medicaid patient volume; needy patients• Elimination of terms with inappropriate scope ▫ Too narrow – newborns; log paper ▫ Too broad – error; guidelines ▫ Outdated – Sage; PQRI
  12. 12. Implementation• Creation of a new wiki• Transfer of all existing files ▫ Removal of duplicate items• Design of a browsable interface ▫ Central pages for every category ▫ Links to every page or file• Tags applied to all wiki items
  13. 13. Browsing Interface
  14. 14. Tags in Practice
  15. 15. File and Tag Use by Category Items Tags 1571 2030 1265 644 1025 693 277 195 222 527 13 112 247Attestation 136 Certified Finance Technology Internal Operations Practices Rules and Regulations Other
  16. 16. Usability Testing Plans• 5 tasks ▫ Locate materials with search and tags ▫ Contribute to a conversation ▫ Begin a new conversation• Assessment of tasks by experienced wiki users• Future testing by NC AHEC staff members
  17. 17. Sustainability• Uploading and reformatting listserv conversations• Ensuring new wiki files are posted in appropriate categories• Creating tags and links for new files• Review of new tags
  18. 18. Future Goals• Increasing use of the wiki• Encouraging NC AHEC staff to post materials to the wiki instead of the listserv• Making the wiki the primary point of collaboration