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The Advocacy 6: An Insider Look at Brand Advocacy


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Advocacy plays a fundamental role in realizing social marketing’s holy grail: Engagement@Scale. Our data shows that while advocates make up only .001% of a brand’s social subscribers, they’re responsible for 5.3% of a brand’s total signal and for starting 8.3% of all company related discussions. Given the outsized value of advocacy, brands must pursue it as part of their marketing strategy, but it can be difficult. Advocates vary in behavior, influences and motivations, just as much as the customers they influence. Companies spend time and resources understanding customer nuances, why not do the same for advocates?

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The Advocacy 6: An Insider Look at Brand Advocacy

  1. 1. Dachis Group Presents:THE an insider look at BRAND ADVOCACY In social business, your biggest fans aren’t just supporting your brand – they are your brand. Thanks to social technologies every individual now has a public, global voice that rivals any media company. And when it comes to what you buy, people listen to people, not traditional marketing. We crunched the numbers and advocates are a very big deal: Advocates make up .001% of a companys active participants. Those advocates have a big 5.3% 8.3% of total company- related activity, of all company-related conversations, which 8.4% of all company-related activity across the footprint. They represent... which start... account for... social web! WHO ARE THESE MYSTERIOUS ADVOCATES, AND WHY DO THEY MATTER? BRAND AMBASSADOR: Elite customers that spread passion for the brand in ways that naturally align to their daily activities and interests. 1 AMPLIFY Create a role for them that harnesses this naturally- occurring passion and gives them the right tools and motivation to spread the brand experience. PASSION BRAND ACTIVIST: 2 Individuals motivated by the brand to spread passion out in the world. Motivate them to participate in the brand experience through events and other buzz-building activities. MARKETING PARTNER: Advocates encouraged to contribute ideas and be part of business innovation. 3 Provide a public platform for them to make contributions in the form of product and TESTIMONIALS marketing ideas (and beyond). IDEAS + 4 DEVELOPMENT LICENSED INFORMANT: Advocates who have particular expertise (that may or may not be coupled with influence) and are willing to use that knowledge to guide others. Work with them in an official context to support peer-based shopping and buying. REPUTATION MANAGER: Individuals who feel comfortable and inclined to defend the 5 brand in times of crisis. Proactively rally them in anticipation of or in the face of a crisis. Enable them to defend the brand by providing exclusive and critical information. 6 CUSTOMER DEFENSE SERVICE REP: Advocates recruited to augment a companys salesforce or fulfill a particular business need. Incentivize their formal involvement in supporting EXTENSION some form of the brands customer service efforts. Our methodology 515 Congress Avenue Dachis Group is the world leader in social marketing optimization. Our proprietary big Suite 2420 data analytics platform helps the worlds largest brands optimize their social marketing Austin, TX 78701 and engage@scale with their customers. We track the brand performance of 30,000 USA brands and 100,000,000 social accounts across every major social media platform and deliver actionable insights to enable brand advocacy and meaningful measurement. +1 512.275.7825 Main +1 512.275.7828 Fax To learn more about Dachis Group just visit Social Performance Monitor measures the business value of your social programs using metrics that make sense: brand awareness, brand love, brand mindshare, and brand advocacy. Use this software to gain insight and take action, leveraging more than 60 performance measures sourced from every major social platform. Campaign Performance Monitor measures the business impact of social campaigns in real-time so you can invest further in the tactics that work and cancel the ones that don’t. Advocate Insight identifies and measures the demographics, locations, and trends of your brand’s most passionate and engaged customers across social channels, giving you a scalable and trusted way to interact with your social ecosystem. v1.0 | 18 Oct 2012