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Kdp tech tools for teachers


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Technology Tools for Teachers: Professional Development, Organization, Collaboration, Teacher Tools, Classroom Tools, Teacher Websites, Classroom Websites, Educational Games

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Kdp tech tools for teachers

  1. 1. Tech Tools for Teachers Darlene Achée Professional Development Resources - free email daily resource - Richard Byrne's website (a good source on twitter also) - free registration - resources for technology + (brain based, PBL, etc) * - tutorials for beginners and advanced * - from here search any technical key phrase for tutorials (check Google Earth and QR codes) - an entire list of pages to help you - will add students for you * - online courses for a fee - catalog>teaching and education Organizational Resources - collects information from your web choices (blogs) * - Sort your lesson plans by month/unit/subject here (can collaborate) * - create/collaborate/store all of your documents, lessons, websites, access anywhere (cloud), mark passwords to a private page - capture audio, web pages, images, write in notebook, sync (2 step verification) - bookmarking, note-taking, web annotations, offline, tag categories - bookmarking web links with tag categories - discovery engine/organizational tool for ed. websites/apps/programs - save web information for offline use. If a st has a phone, but no computer at home, store research information to pocket - similar to evernote, but can organize notebooks with tabs/sub-tabs Collaboration/Social Networking * - through Google Docs - used in most schools - embed youtube videos, blog, media resource, journal, eportfolio - excellent tutorials * - similar to Facebook, post messages/assignments, interact safely, award badges, post quizzes/polls, share links/videos, library resource to share files/webpages
  2. 2. Teacher Tools - wiki extensive page. Select format on left, then keyboard shortcuts for so many applications - I've used this for myself and with students - free membership up to 30 conversions monthly - handy for sharing excerpts with students or creating student material for lessons (option to download or send to Google Docs>Google Drive) - free - business cards, book trailers, answer cards - variation to a QR code * - create entire "units" for future student use * - use as an engage, book trailer, beginning of the year teaser, end of year celebration - lesson plans/project ideas - reviewed well online - make images interactive, insert video/music/text Windows Excel/Google Spreadsheet Classroom Tools Interviews/Real Time Conversations - video conferencing/interviews - same Using Images from the Web - images without copyright infringement - - images without copyright infringement (click free to use or share option under usage rights) - - images without copyright infringement - creative commons clipart ( images without copyright infringement) Presentation Tools - online posting with ability to upload media/files/links, collaborative - website poster * - student creations such as book trailers - free educator account/no student email - assortment presentation tools - record/edit audio Writing - online storyboard creator - digital storybook (can share via a link or purchase into hard copy) - word clouds - avatar tool to protect identity Research * - have an assortment of safe ready to research websites - online, safe, interactive research tool *
  3. 3. Websites for Teachers - incredible literacy resource - website by reading specialist (I've used her mentor text sections) - writing - incredible mentor text resource - math lessons/games to make - math lessons/ideas - NASA web - click on "For Educators" for a list of grade levels, lesson plans, videos, programs * - videos and how-to teach reading strategies - livebinder loaded with web tools for teachers Educational Websites - click on video/cam heading to find list of active webcams - privately funded eagle cam (eggs laid 3/7 and 3/10/14) - barn owl (with one egg right now) * - PAGES of children websites sponsored by the American Library Association - browse by category - University of Illinois 4-H Extension Websites for kids - free online program to learn computer code/programming - virtual manipulatives - math games/lessons * - interactive direct teach/guided practice reading strategies Educational Games - award winning tablet/phone games - science online games, experiments, activities * - click on a category - PAGES of children websites sponsored by the American Library Association - browse by category Classroom Management - my favorite brain break resource - will be free for at least 2 years through a grant - website manages points for students - I've used solely the positive reinforcement, showing students their personal points in one-to-one conferences - one way safe messaging for parents/students