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Dc seo fin

  1. 1. Digital College SEO Basics 2014 ____
  2. 2. What is SEO? Key principles of SEO 5 steps to success Score card Results Agenda layout ____
  3. 3. What is SEO? _________
  4. 4. What is SEO? - Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of optimizing websites for natural results with the aim of improving ranking, traffic and conversions What is SEO? ___ This is Paid results Based on bought keywords This is Natural results Based on page relevance Accounts for over 70% of all clicks
  5. 5. How does search engine robot work? ____ Basic principles of how the site is gets in search engines index SE three steps: 1. Crawling 2. Indexing 3. Ranking 1. SE must first FIND your content 2. After CRAWLING your site, they INDEX the pages 3. And ultimately RANK them within the greater index.
  6. 6. SEO SEA Source: Google, probability of visits SEA + SEO = Perfect couple ___ 42% 53%
  7. 7. SEO SEA Better together 95%* visits Source: Google, probability of visits SEA + SEO = Perfect couple ___
  8. 8. Search everywhere 82.6% of internet users use search. It all started with the search 93% of online experiences begin with a search engine. Content - the King Search is the #1 driver of traffic to content sites, beating social media by more than 300% Users love organic 80% of search engine users say they occasionally/rarely/never click on the sponsored search results. Seo converted more often SEO leads have a 14.6% close rate. SE Top rocks In the search engine world, the top 5 results get 75.7% of the clicks. *Source: searchenginejournal, imforza Why SEO so cool? ____
  9. 9. SEO types circlesSEO Types ____ We can optimize different types of sources. Cross optimization all platforms has positive effect on traffic growth and position in SE Site optimization (SEO) Social group optimization Appoptimization(ASO) Mobilesiteoptimization Channels optimization
  10. 10. 5 steps to success _________
  11. 11. Steps to organic search excellence ____ Social Signals Usability Building Authority via Links Content Optimization Search Engine Friendly Website YANDEX GOOGLE 20% 10% 10% 10% 10% 30% 30% 20% 30% 30% SEO can only be carried out as a step by step process – starting with step 1 getting the basis right Social Signals Success pyramid
  12. 12. SEO process The main stages ___ Technical audit Technical Remediation Content Audit Content Remediation Link Building Audit Link Building Implementation Usability Audit Usability Remediation Social Signals Audit Social Building 5 main stages of SEO process
  13. 13. Search Engine Friendly Website Technically the ideal SEO website must be in accordance with the next base points: • Correct XML sitemap • Correct HTML sitemap • Correct robots.txt • No duplicate pages • No bad server responses • No broken components on site • Good page opening speed Technical Audit ___ To check the technical features of the site we use a Technical Audit form. Step 1
  14. 14. XML Sitemap – technical file with information for Search Robots what pages should be indexed. HTML Sitemap - page on site with table of contents, helps both humans and search engines to find pages throughout your site. Robots.txt - technical file with recommendations for Search Robots what pages shouldn’t be indexed and were sitemap locates. XML and HTML Sitemaps, Robots.txt Technical Audit ___ Search Engine Friendly Website Step 1
  15. 15. Duplicate Pages • Human factor • Site engine (CMS): 1. www vs www 2. / in the end of URL 3. Comments 4. Pagination 5. Sorting 6. … Examples: Technical Audit ___ Why Does It Happen? Search Engine Friendly Website Step 1
  16. 16. Server Responses:  200 – Ok  301 – Permanently Redirect • 500 – Internal Server Error • 503 – Unavailable • 403 – Forbidden • 404 – Not Found • 302 – Temporary Redirect Technical Audit ___ Search Engine Friendly Website Bad server responses impair indexing of site by SE Good! I’ll be back  It is useless to go there again… Step 1
  17. 17. Good Page Opening Speed Research* Page Speed Factors Step 1 Technical Audit ___ Search Engine Friendly Website * Source: Akamai • 47% – page loads in 2 sec • 40% will leave site if it loads more than 3 sec • 52% - page opening speed influences on their loyalty • 3 sec of page opening waiting reduces loyalty by 16% • Good Hosting • Browser caching • CSS, JavaScript • Images Optimization Users like rapid sites. Search Engines too!
  18. 18. KeyWords and PLPs List Yandex WordStatMain Goal - RELEVANCE Step 2 Content Audit ___ Search Engine Friendly Content How we research SEO Keywords Keywords suggestions keywords recommendations
  19. 19. • Title and MetaData • H1 – H6 headings • Body text • Images • Uniqueness of Content • Fresh Content • Unindexed pages • In-Site Search analytics • Text protection Content Audit ___ Step 2 Search Engine Friendly Content To check the content features of the site, we use a content audit. Content Audit CheckPoints
  20. 20. Title and Metadata Title KeyWords in Title KeyWords in Description Snippet Content Audit ___ Search Engine Friendly Content Step 2
  21. 21. H1 – H6 headings - H1 only 1 - KeyWords in H1 - KeyWords in H2-H6 Main rules: Incorrect Heading View Content Audit ___ Search Engine Friendly Content Step 2
  22. 22. Body Text - Formatted text - KeyWords in text - Text Relevance Main rules: Content Audit ___ Search Engine Friendly Content Step 2 Body Text
  23. 23. Fresh Content Content Audit ___ Search Engine Friendly Content Step 2 Fresh Content
  24. 24. Content Protection DevChat.Ru Original Content Bad Site Stealed Content - Fast Content Indexing - Direct Communication - Google and Yandex Tools - Google + Authors How to solve: Content Audit ___ Search Engine Friendly Content Uniquness and Content Protection Step 2
  25. 25. Other Checkpoints Unindexed Pages InSite search Content Audit ___ Search Engine Friendly Content Step 2
  26. 26. What will be done • Linking between pages on site • In-link text should contain keywords • Strict order of linking: to reinforce weak pages Benefits User experience: • Time on site increases => Behavior Factor => Positions grow Search Robots: • Faster indexation of site Link building Strategy. Internal Linking ____ Internal links are links that go from one page on a domain to a different page on the same domain. They are commonly used in main navigation. User clicks from search Right internal linking Good Time on site Behavior Factor Positions grow Step 3
  27. 27. Building Authority via Links • Incoming links are like voices for your site • It increases position in organic search, Indexing of new content& traffic • The more popular and important site-donor – the better influence to your site Link building Strategy. External Link Building ____ NOTE: Value of links as Ranking Factor decreases - Yandex doesn’t consider Links since 2014 for some queries. Nevertheless links carry some weight in Yandex and big weight in Google. Communication with relevant sites-partners Placing of links (paid and unpaid) Crosslinking of P&G sites What will be done Step 3
  28. 28. Reach Snippet Creation (technical work in code on page) Poor Rich Step 4 Usability. Snippet Optimization ___ Reach Snippets do site more notable in search for users CTR
  29. 29. Site UsabilityUsability. Design ___ Step 4 Good Usability on site Higher Time on site Higher Ranking in Search (Behavior Factor)
  30. 30. Social signals ___ Search Engines like links and likes in social networks and use it in websites ranking How does it WORK? Users like and share content with links to brand websites: • Users multiply links • Traffic increases How to USE social networks? • Post fresh content in group regularly • Add link to brand website • Post content in partnership groups • Place Share Buttons on brand websites • Place VK/FB Widgets on sites Good example in Camay VK Group: link to brand site Step 5
  31. 31. Mobile SEO ____ Mobile website needs its own SEO with Technical Audit, Content Audit, Link building Strategy and Social Signals Strategy • Site structure: simple structure, key pages only, big buttons • Semantic core: shorter and simpler queries • Meta data: shorter Meta Tags: Title, Description • Content: compacted content relevant for mobile Internet users • Loading time: pages must download faster Specifics of a MOBILE SEO:
  32. 32. App store optimization (ASO) ____ Each mobile application needs its own SEO Strategy Specifics of a App store optimization: What are the benefits of App store/google play optimization ? more traffic increase installations we are in the top charts Way for Success Keywords in Title + Keywords in description + Presence of meta tags + Presence of Screenshots/Video = PROFIT To increase traffic is very important to get to the top like Top Free/Top Paid To do this need to have a lot of comments and installations and a good rating
  33. 33. SEO groups and channels ____ Note: SEO for YouTube have little different than SEO for social networking because we have more statistics and opportunities. There are ways how increase visibility in YouTube search Specifics and benefits of Social network and channels optimization: What are the benefits of search optimization in social networks and video channels? we are in the top improve visibility in search more earned traffic What is the difference between search engines in social networks and basic search engines (yandex, google)? • They are much simpler • Searches queries much shorter
  34. 34. Score Card _________
  35. 35. Scorecards How to measure success of SEO? ___ For the SUCCESS measuring we agreed to use monthly scorecard that considered from 1 to 5 score. Scorecard contains the next points: Traffic •Organic Visits (%) •Avg. Bounce rate •Avg. Time on site •Avg. Pages per visit Technical Score •PLP Indexed •Avg. Page Speed •HTTP Status (server errors) •Crawlability Keyword Performance •Yandex Visibility •Google Visibility •Brand keywords Visibility (Yandex) •Brand keywords Visibility (Google) Content •Uniqueness •Length of the text •Keyword density •Relevant Metadata •Multimedia content •Fresh Content •Text protection new Scorecards points
  36. 36. Results _________
  37. 37. Success cases. ___ Site speed increases after technical remediation Monthly SEO traffic +19,7% (May opposite to January) Pampers-gorodok.ru: Technical Changes Example 33/100* 92/100 Before After Users like rapid sites >> It’s Behavior Factor >> SE rank the site better Also: • Duplicate pages issue was solved • Renewed robots.txt file was uploaded • Renewed sitemap.xml file was uploaded Easer crawling by Search Robots => Better positions => Traffic increases *Source: Site Speed (Google Scale)
  38. 38. Success cases ___ Brand Keywords 1-2 positions Yandex + 30% Google + 24% Brand Keywords in TOP 5 Yandex + 29% Google + 18% Brand and non-brand keywords in TOP 10 Yandex + 24% Google + 12% - Technical remediation is fully completed - Metadata on pages was optimized Visibility in search increased by 30% (June opposite to January) KEYWORD JANUARY FEBRUARY MARCH APRIL MAY JUNE уход за бритвой 32 34 34 10 8 6 эпиляция советы 99 16 14 5 8 4 как сделать стильную бородку 99 51 49 9 4 3 эпиляторы для начинающих 34 26 17 1 8 4 дорожная бритва 99 67 99 16 29 7 как сделать бородку 17 13 12 5 4 3 стильная бородка 99 99 59 6 4 4 триммер для интимной стрижки 35 38 37 5 3 3 уход за бородой и усами 27 25 21 9 10 6 Increasing of positions with non-brand keywords Braun.com: Positions Increase Example Visibility of site in search (% Golden Keywords)
  39. 39. Success cases. everydayme.ru: Metadata for new content ___ New Product by Tide. We must be the first in search! Optimized Meta Tags were prepared before publishing >> High positions in a short period after publishing MARCH APRIL tide капсулы для стирки 99 1 tide капсулы отзывы 99 1 тайд капсулы весенние цветы 99 3 тайд капсулы для детских вещей 99 1 Right Metadata for new content => good positions straight away Keywords in Metadata according to certain rules
  40. 40. Thank YOU!