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Emerging technologies in 2013


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A view of where technology will go at the beginning of 2013. The insights are focused on nextgen tech like gesture, voice, networking trend, infrastructure changes and the possibilities of a world that consumes these technologies.

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Emerging technologies in 2013

  1. 1. Infrastructure Near Field Communications (NFC) Fabric-Based infrastructure Ubiquitous Computing
  2. 2. NFC Mobile Commerce Examples Google Wallet Pay Pass RFID
  3. 3. Fabric based Infrastructure (FBI) Reduces overall effort to have a system running through AUTOMATION Massive computing power opportunity
  4. 4. Ubiquitous Computing Computing when you don’t know it. Its post desktop human computer interactions Mobile device handshakes with surroundings
  5. 5. Internet Cloud Computing Mesh Networks 4G
  6. 6. Cloud Computing Still in the early stages Lots of choice. Cornerstone of Mobility. Not more VPNs. It’s the Wild West
  7. 7. Mesh Networks You and your devices become part of the computing system Very powerful in cloud based infrastructure conversations as endpoint add to the “Big Data”
  8. 8. 4G Speed Records: 100 Mbit/s – 1 Gbit/s Speed is essential in the Mobility game. iPad “4G”
  9. 9. Interfaces Gesture Control Speech Recognition 3d Holographic conferencing
  10. 10. Gesture Control Touch Track pads & Multi-touch devices Air XBox Kinect, Leap Motion
  11. 11. Speech Recognition Has come a long way Hands free to a whole new level vLingo, Siri & Dragon
  12. 12. Holographic Conferencing Phase 1 is E.R.I.C. Enterprise Remote Interactive Conferencing Phase 2 is …