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10,000 miles to yammer


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The success of a Yammer deployment. Through all the obstacles the truth was in the tool.

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10,000 miles to yammer

  2. 2. 10,000 MILES TO YAMMER • A culture of functional silos • How an accident turned into a game changer • Steering the conversation • Gaining acceptance • KaBoom!!
  3. 3. A BRIEF HISTORY • Aristocrat Technologies is a Poker Machine manufacturer of more than 50 years • Founded by a dentistry chair manufacturers son in a garage in Australia • Global employee count is approx: 2200 employees • Global locations: 12 + locations with many regional offices containing many remote workers
  4. 4. A CULTURE OF FUNCTIONAL SILOS • We all deal with silos. Why is yours special? • We operate globally • There are 60 years of acquisitions • This resulted in many operating models and many applications/systems • These silos have deliverables with little to no visibility of others • The regions are very competitive • There is generally a lack of enthusiasm to support greater organisational changes due to regionalisation • Impacts to overall business strategy • Messages became convoluted
  5. 5. HOW AN ACCIDENT BECAME A GAME CHANGER • My role at Aristocrat – The IT Account Manager • I look after three major business functions • Build stronger relationships between business functions and IT • Use this insight to identify and offer better services and solutions • But there was gap… • I needed a more holistic view • Social Media seemed to have the niche for communication • Cloud sourcing, enthusiasm to share, global reach • Enterprise 2.0 had the capacity to address the need • The organisation was asking the question “To Facebook or not to Facebook?” • And the gates opened…
  6. 6. HOW AN ACCIDENT BECAME A GAME CHANGER • There are a number of options in this space • Jive SBS - Jive Software, SharePoint 2010 – Microsoft, NewsGator – SharePoint 2010 integration, OraTweet – Oracle, Lotus SameTime Advanced – IBM, SocialText Signals, SocialCast, Co-op • Originally I was a big fan of Jive SBS • This fit a more IT centric model with a centrally deployed solution • There were a number of features that fit the longer term business strategy and addressed our short term needs • I met with other users who raved about uptake and success • It was $$ with a potentially large OCM issue • I then tried Yammer • It was free…initially • It had a smaller feature set • It was more social • It was SaaS • It had an invite your colleagues feature
  7. 7. ENTER…
  8. 8. HOW AN ACCIDENT BECAME A GAME CHANGER • We had something viral • Our free network grew by 100 people in 1 day and just kept going. After 4 days we had 250 people. • People were excited to have a social platform • They kept inviting more colleagues • BUT, the free version was not a global platform for us • Now, how do avoid killing it with bureaucracy?
  9. 9. STEERING THE CONVERSATION • In order to proceed with Yammer a business case was created • Needless to say there were a lot of questions • ROI and a lack there of it financially • Will this be a time waster • How will it be regulated • Security of the network • Is it just a fad? Will it die? • So how does a business case like this survive?
  10. 10. STEERING THE CONVERSATION • Kept the conversation simple • It’s like Facebook for the organisation • It’s breaking down the existing silos in the business • It has the capability to gage, model and promote our behaviours • It builds a stronger global corporate community • Senior management has a channel to engage an active audience • It has the capability to disseminate information in a viral way • You can on-board new staff • It’s a knowledge base • It’s private and secure
  11. 11. GAINING ACCEPTANCE • Worked with senior management to sponsor the project • It was an employee opportunity • Empowerment was key • Gained further acceptance through asking other senior managers to use the network and spread the word • Elevator pitched the CEO (literally) • He joined in a matter of hours • He is now one of the biggest advocates for the use of Yammer as a global employee communications tool
  12. 12. GAINING ACCEPTANCE • I never accepted “no” as a logical response • Negativity was curbed with communications strategies around the value proposition • It was all about culture! • It’s down to the individuals to make it work • There was only one rule… • “If you cant say it in front of your boss or the CEO, don’t say it on Yammer” • The proof was right in front of everyone, on the network
  13. 13. KABOOM!! • Official global launch was on Feb 1, 2011 • Of our 2200 employees 1261 are members of the network • This grows each day • 3.9 million hits on yammer to date (Australia only) • We have had 292 unique posters (contributors) to the network (13% of the organisation) • Peaks of 45 unique posts in a day • Some threads have received up to 74 responses with up to 28 participants • We have had 4048 unique responses to those posts • Peaks of 134 messages in a day • Facebook only had a million more hits in that period
  14. 14. QUESTIONS?