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Message Of Founders En[1]


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Message Of Founders En[1]

  1. 1. New Year Letter
  2. 2. You must become the change you wish to create in the world The paradox for our times is that... We have larger buildings but shorter tempers, wider motorways but narrower pointes of view. We spend more but we earn less, We buy more but we get less out of it, We have multiplied our possessions, but reduced our values. We have large house but small families, We have more things but less time to enjoy them. We have a lot more degrees but a lot less work suited to our choices. We know more, but have fewer opinions and much less common sense, We have more drugs but paradoxically are no better off. We have discovered the atom but not our prejudices. We have conquered space but not our inner space. We have added years to our life but not life to our years. We have conquered space but not our inner space. We are quick to judge others but we forget to question ourselves when the time has come, but we cannot change without questioning ourselves. We laugh too little and mostly………… ……..we love too little, we forget to love, to love life, nature, animals, the world, the sky, the sea, the universe, women, men and children on this planet and especially those of us!!! Believe us, learning to love yourself is the most precious gift there is. 01
  3. 3. You have to love yourself to be loved, in other words, you have to love yourself to be loved by others, and even if most human beings experience their biggest fear at the same time as their greatest love…. we all need to love and be loved, we all need to be passionate about what we do every day and we all need to stand up every morning and say "I love what I do!". if not we become the living dead, if not we survive, we get by, we stagnate, we are good for nothing, we BECOME useless, we are part of an infinite, endless list, of people who only pass through this world, this list that doesn’t stop growing because of… our fears, our beliefs, our prejudices and especially BECAUSE OF OUR IGNORANCE. Hate, fear, intolerance and failure are the only fruits of ignorance. There are 6.8 billion human beings on Earth, 75% of people on this planet earn 2 dollars a day, in less than 15 years there will be 10 billion of us. If there are 9 billion ignorant people and 1 billion rich and wealthy people, then humanity will face one of the most important problems that it has ever had to deal with: there will be a war, a real war. 02
  4. 4. Life always finds a way, just believe in it, prepare for it and work for it, be passionate and never give up. We are talking about YOUNIVERSE WORLD concepts, and I say the concepts, which, thanks to all of us, are going to reach the world market, real work solutions, create genuine economic activity, develop development techniques, design true methods for growth, training and education adapted to today's economy, and this is accessible to millions of people across the planet. Everyone will decide what he or she wants to do as well as their level of involvement, either for fun, to make acquaintances, to make savings, travel, become informed, train themselves, research, do business, create their own social network, to be known, to expand an existing business, meet celebrities, play in a 3D world, work in a 3D world, earn money, learn, or share…. all this is the basis of YOUNIVERSE WORLD. 03
  5. 5. To get there, we have to design and invent new economic channels that go beyond the distribution, management, production and traditional marketing patterns which are obsolete and already outdated. For this, it was necessary to create a TRUE business model of partnership, in some way, we will put the whole world's consumers, customers and sellers under contracts and this changes absolutely everything. For example, of our days, most marketing methods still focus on advertising and other tools to influence each consumer individually, without taking into account the fact that any purchase of products or services is a participation in a social process…. isn't that unusual? We are in the middle of creating another dimension, wider and more accurate, more comprehensive and more distributed an atmosphere of union and individuality, more alive, organic, fundamentally and profoundly human, reactivity and at a frightening speed. 04
  6. 6. Imagine a company capable of communicating with 10 million people in less than 30 minutes across the world. Imagine a company capable working together due to its economy several million people through their own social network, evolving and progressing in a 2D & 3D world, and where, approximately 50% of the turnover would be returned to all its members. Imagine a company capable of organizing a 3D world in which it is possible to have fun, meet, work, get information etc. A 3D world really adapted to your needs, research, desires, and impulses, those of your family, those of your friends and those of your professional colleagues. Imagine a company capable of creating an international network of several hundreds of thousands of traders around the world Imagine a company capable of increasing your income by sharing its turnover with its consumer networks, members, traders on physical products as well as virtual products and services, and all that, on an international level. 05
  7. 7. IMAGINE YOUNIVERSE WORLD Something that EVERYONE is waiting for, Something EVERYONE wants to believe in. 06
  11. 11. In brief... We, the Founders, as well as all the Youniverse World teams, are going to ensure that 2010 becomes a year in which all the challenges are achieved. A small wink to the international Leaders participating in the development of YOUNIVERSE WORLD, they will acknowledge. "Together, somewhere, we have already succeeded; now, the company YOUNIVERSE WORLD is ready to become THE company, which will affect humanity, as we had decided together". Be passionate about your life, your work, your decisions and your future, there are a lot of things which are worse than death, but one of the most important things is the loss of the hope, without hope there are no miracles, no big things, no follies, no changes, no developments, and we, human beings, the citizens of Youniverse World, we believe, building, changing, adapting and evolving inspire us, so we then inspire others, because many people within our group have decided, all together, to be the guarantors of this way of thinking! Man is unique because he has THE desire to change and be different. 10
  12. 12. Finally, YOUNIVERSE WORLD FIRST REWARD The company YOUNIVERSE WORLD is proud to announce that it is in the first phase of developing its concept, in the middle of opening, in December and only with its basic concept, namely without the 3D world or any virtual products, that the first check is for EUR5,570,00 or USD 8,005.00! We would personally like to congratulate this couple for their dedication, their professionalism and their confidence! January 2010 promises some nice surprises, it's up to you to play! EUR 5,570.00 = USD 8,005.00 11
  13. 13. Some photos of the future 3D YOUNIVERSE WORLD world are attached, surprise, surprise…… and don't forget lots of people have the weakness of thinking about it and few have the strength to believe in it and what’s more, life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments in our lives which we take the breath. I wish you all a year in 2010 in which your breath is taken away. With Love, Fabrice Kerherve & Jean Marc Colaianni Founders of YWC Small personal message for 2010: Remember; spend time with your loved ones, because they will not around you….for ever. Remember, to say…"I love you" to your 99% and to all your nearest and dearest. Allow time to love, Allow time to be loved, Allow time to listen, And lastly, allow time to love life second by second. Carpe diem! 12
  14. 14. Bye for now, All together during "THE FOUNDERS TOUR MARCH 2010" The more we talk about the Founders Tour the more we talk about Youniverse World, The more we talk about Youniverse World, the more we talk about YOU! You guess the rest! . NOTE: We live in a time when technology can deposit this email anywhere in the world in a few thousandths of a second DIRECTLY INTO YOUR EMAIL INBOX. This is the time when you can either decide to share this vision with someone else, or simply press delete. The choice, like the world belongs to you. 13