Unit 10 lesson1


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Unit 10 lesson1

  1. 1. Unit 10 Lesson 1Making a film
  2. 2. 1.In pairs, ask and answer.1. Do you like watching films?2. Do you watch films at the cinemaor on television?3. What type of films do you like?4.What’s your favourite film?5. Why do you like this film?6. How many times have you seen it?7. Who are your favourite actors?
  3. 3. 2a. Match a job to each definition.1.a film editor 2. a director 3. a cast 4. a scriptwriter5. a producer 6. a cameraman 7. a crew 8. an actora) a group of people working to make a film. Eg. a cameramanb) a person who edits a film before it is shown to the publicc) a person who finds and controls the money and preparation of a filmd) a person who acts in films and playse) a person who shoots a filmf) a group of actors in a filmg) a person who writes the words that actors speak in a filmh) a person who directs a film and decides how it is performed
  4. 4. 4.Study the sentences. Then explanations on the right. When is story written? is The story written first. isn’t1. In these passive sentences … is more important. a)the writer b) the story2. We from the passive with to be + … . a) past simple b) past participle
  5. 5. Past passive formPositive :Object+am/is/are+verb(past participle)+(by subject)+place+time.The car is cleaned by Dorj at 3 clock in the garage.
  6. 6. Past passive formNegative :Object+am not/isn’t/aren’t+verb(past participle)+(by sub)+place+time.The car isn’t cleaned by Dorj at in the garage.
  7. 7. Past passive formQuestion:Question word+am/is/are+object++verb(past participle)++(by sub)+place+time?When is car cleaned by Dorj in the garage?
  8. 8. 5. Complete each sentences with the present passive form of the verb in brackets.1. Good scriptwriters … … (pay) very well.2. When the script is ready, the cast and crew … … (select)3. The editor works on the film when filming … … (finish)4. How … films … (edit) ?5. The film … … (cut) and … (change).6. Then it … … (show) to the public.7. Why … actors … (send) to workshops before filming?8. Actors … … (tell) exactly where to stand and how to move.9. The process … … (repeat) until the director shouts, cut.
  9. 9. Answers:2a. Match a job to each definition.(1-b , 2-h , 3-f , 4-g , 5-c , 6-e , 7-a , 8-d)3c. Listen again. What are the stages in film-making?1. The story is written.2. The story is read by the director.3. The script is developed.4. The cast and crew are selected.5. The filming starts.6. The film is edited.4. Study the sentences. Then complete a or b in the explanations on right. (1-b, 2-b)
  10. 10. Answers:1. Good scriptwriters are paid very well.2. When the script is ready, the cast and crew are selected.3. The editor works on the film when filming is finished.4. How are films edited.5. The film is cut and changed.6. Then it is shown to the public.7. Why are actors sent to workshops before filming?8. Actors are told exactly where to stand and how to move.9. The process is repeated until the director shouts , cut.