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NOLAYP New Member Orientation

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NOLAYP New Member Orientation

  1. 1. Urban League of Louisiana Young Professionals - Greater New Orleans New Member Orientation
  2. 2. Welcome
  3. 3. Access New Member Orientation Resources Password: nolayp
  4. 4. Introductions •Name •What you do for a living •Where you’re from •How you found out about YP
  5. 5. What Will You Learn Today Structure •National Urban League •Urban League of Louisiana •National Urban League Young Professionals •Urban League of Louisiana Young Professionals – Greater New Orleans Getting Involved •Chapter Goals •Member Information •Committee Information •Technology Training •Identify Your Strengths •S.M.A.R.T. Goals
  6. 6. Vision The Urban League of Louisiana Young Professionals – Greater New Orleans Chapter (originally the Urban League of Greater New Orleans Young Professionals) is the organization of choice for young professionals. Through its distinctive capacity and commitment, NOLAYP provides activities that are characterized by excellence in community service, fundraising, and dedication to the, development of its diverse members to empower communities and change lives through consistent involvement in the Urban League Movement and its five- point approach to empowerment which includes: (1) Education and Youth Empowerment; (2) Economic Empowerment; (3) Health and Quality of Life Empowerment; (4) Civic Engagement and Leadership Empowerment; and (5) Civil Rights and Racial Justice Empowerment.
  7. 7. Mission The Urban League of Louisiana Young Professionals – Greater New Orleans Chapter is an Urban League of Louisiana volunteer auxiliary of young professionals committed to promoting and supporting the mission and goals of the Urban League Movement in Greater New Orleans – through volunteerism, fundraising and membership development.
  8. 8. Core Values •Cultivation of Membership •Diverse Individuality •Caretakers of Our Communities •Efficiency •Knowledge Transparency •Change •Cultural Preservation
  9. 9. NUL President & CEO Marc Morial • Former Mayor of New Orleans appointed as NUL’s 8th president since May 15th, 2003 • Developed 5-point empowerment agenda to close equality gaps between African Americans and other emerging ethnic groups • Increased NUL profile both locally and nationally
  10. 10. Urban League of Louisiana Leadership Erika McConduit President & CEO Cathy Washington Executive Vice President
  11. 11. Urban League of Louisiana Programs Education & Youth Development •ULLA Head Start •ULLA Parent Information Center •ULLA Project Ready •Urban Leaders for Equity and Diversity (ULEAD) Workforce & Economic Development •Women’s Business Resource Center •Office of Workforce Development
  12. 12. Urban League of Louisiana Programs Policy & Social Justice •Urban League’s Economic Inclusion •Disaster Preparedness
  13. 13. National Urban League Young Professionals Leadership
  14. 14. National Urban League Young Professionals NULYP is a National Urban League volunteer auxiliary that targets young professionals ages 21-40 to empower their communities and change lives through the National Urban League movement. •National Initiatives • National Day of Service • National Day of Empowerment • National Urban League Conference – YP Summit • YP Bounce Back • YPFit
  15. 15. NOLAYP Leadership - Officers Deborah A. Anderson President Anthony Sardenga Vice President (vacant) Treasurer (vacant) Communications Secretary (vacant) Parliamentarian
  16. 16. NOLAYP Leadership - Committee Chairs Andrea Auguster Membership Chair Candes Carter Community Outreach Chair (vacant) Professional Development Chair (vacant) Fund Development Chair Noël Blevins Social & Cultural Chair Tiffany Williams Public Relations Chair
  17. 17. Chapter Goals • Become the leading young professional organization in the Greater New Orleans area • Keep members first • State of the Chapter Goals • 300 paid members • Crescent City Commitment – 300 ways people give back • 800 volunteer hours dedicated to ULLA and their tenets • 10 new awards introduced
  18. 18. Organization Focus Members NOLAYP ULLA
  19. 19. Member Benefits - Local • Giving back to the community • Enhance your network • Professional development • Leadership opportunities • Access to YLC Toastmasters Club • Reduced event registration fees • Members-only newsletter • LinkedIn recommendations for great work on projects • Member Business Directory for YP business owners • Bronze level and above member businesses highlighted on blog
  20. 20. Member Benefits - National • National network of young professionals • Connections to job prospects in other cities • Access to the Emerging Leaders Program • National Urban League Discount Program (PerkSpot) • Discounted registration fees for conferences: • Legislative Policy Conference • National Urban League Conference • Whitney M. Young Leadership Conference (leaders) • Serve as a national officer or on a national committee
  21. 21. Expectations As New Members •Observe •Ask questions •Practice great communication •Practice great work ethic •Build relationships
  22. 22. Expectations As Active Members Participate: • Attend general body meetings, community service and social events Contribute: • Be an active committee member Provide: • Give your talents and resources Support: • Back up your leadership Fundraise: • Financially give to support our affiliate and programs Share: • Follow us on social media, invite friends, reach out to guests
  23. 23. Get In Where You Fit In
  24. 24. Chapter Programs The Well-Rounded Professional •Join the Movement •Be the Movement •Lead the Movement •Sustain the Movement •Spread the Movement Movement 360 •Opt-in program •Part of the Join the Movement Level •Serve on one committee for 3 consecutive months or serve on 3 committees (consecutively) for 1 month a piece
  25. 25. Membership • YP Join Week • New Member Orientation & Brunch • Movement 360 • Member of the Month Contact Andrea Auguster
  26. 26. Community Outreach & Advocacy • MLK Day of Service • NULYP Day of Service • YP Bounce Back • National Day of Empowerment Contact Candes Carter
  27. 27. Professional Development • Well-Rounded Professional • Member Business Directory • Next Level Networking • YP Speakers Bureau • The Village Chat Contact Deborah Anderson
  28. 28. Fund Development • GiveNOLA • Urban League Gala • Sponsorships Contact Anthony Sardenga
  29. 29. Public Relations • Crescent City Commitment • NOLAYP Blog • YouTube • Website Contact Tiffany Williams
  30. 30. Social & Cultural • YP Takeover Weekend • Family Game Night Contact Noël Blevins
  31. 31. Technology Training •Website •Member Area •Slack
  32. 32. 5 Minute Break
  33. 33. Know Your Why
  34. 34. Identifying Strengths And how to apply them to the organization
  35. 35. Identifying your Strengths • What am I good at? • What was the most successful task or job I ever tackled, and what made me successful? • What was the most important role I ever fulfilled and why? • When faced with an overwhelming obstacle, what’s my “go to” skill to overcome it? • What are the strengths that others acknowledge in me? • What strengths and skills came up over and over again? • Which skills do I enjoy using often as possible, regardless of the task? • What skills have I mastered, but would rather not use every day? • Which strengths and skills are going to be most helpful for the progression of my career? • What skills are missing? What skills would like to build, but have not yet had the opportunity?
  36. 36. Write your top five strengths TOP FIVE STRENGTHS 1 2 3 4 5
  37. 37. Identify Your Weaknesses • What are the weaknesses that I am aware of? • When working on a project, what roles do I avoid that may be important to my goals? • When faced with an overwhelming obstacle, what’s most likely to cause me to give up • What projects and tasks seem to drain my energy? • What was the least successful project I have ever tackled and what tripped me up?
  38. 38. Write your top five weaknesses TOP FIVE WEAKNESSES 1 2 3 4 5
  39. 39. Action Plan Create a good game plan to maximize your strengths and develop needed weaknesses. Your plan should be built on both your strengths and weaknesses. Create a plan that has three or preferably less so that you remain focused and actually achieve success. •What skills are missing? What skills would I like to build but have not yet had the opportunity to practice? •What weaknesses would I need to turn to strengths?
  40. 40. S.M.A.R.T. Goals • Personal/professional development goals • What do you want to learn or improve while a member of YP that you can apply in your career? • Goals for what you want to give to the organization • What mark do you want to leave on the organization? • 3 month; 6 month; 1 year goal
  41. 41. Creating S.M.A.R.T. Goals Initial Goal (Write the goal you have in mind)
  42. 42. Creating S.M.A.R.T. Goals 1. SPECIFIC (What do you want to accomplish? Who needs to be included? When do you want to do this? Why is this a goal?) 2. MEASURABLE (How can you measure progress and know if you’ve successfully met your goal?) 3. ACHIEVABLE (Do you have the skills required to achieve the goal? If not, can you obtain them? What is the motivation for this goal? Is the amount of effort required on par with what the goal will achieve?) 4. RELEVANT (Why am I setting this goal now? Is it aligned with overall objectives?) 5. TIME-BOUND (What’s the deadline and is it realistic?)
  43. 43. Creating S.M.A.R.T. Goals S.M.A.R.T. Goal (Review what you have written, and craft a new goal statement based on what the answers to the questions above have revealed)
  44. 44. Member To-Dos •Member Business Directory •YP Speakers Bureau •Movement 360 •Blog Writers •PerkSpot
  45. 45. Question & Answer
  46. 46. Upcoming Events General Body Meetings •October – NOLAYP Elections •November – NOLAYP Awards •December – No general body meeting; we support ULLA’s Annual Meeting in lieu of a GBM Other Events •September 25 – YP Voter Registration Party •September 29 – YP Day of Service/After Party •October 3 – NOLAYP Swimming Lessons •October 8 – NOLAYP Self- Care Workshop
  47. 47. T-Shirts $20
  48. 48. Thank you for joining the movement! Let’s do brunch!!

Editor's Notes

  • The National Urban League and the Urban League of Louisiana Movement believe that the Urban League movement is a critical component in addressing disparities and inequalities existing in society. We are committed to joining and supporting this movement through our allegiance, our community outreach, our fundraising and our growth and development within this movement.
    Cultivation of MembershipWe believe that the success of this organization lies within our membership ranks. We promote the growth and development of our members and empower them with knowledge and resources to further themselves, our mission, and ultimately further our communities.
    Diverse IndividualityWe promote an environment where people are valued on the basis of their efforts, ideas, and merits, without regard to gender, race, creed, ethnicity, education, sexual orientation or socioeconomic status.
    Caretakers of Our CommunitiesWe promote active community living by identifying the diverse needs of various communities and addressing them through dedicated service, resourcefulness, and advocacy.
    EfficiencyWe believe that time, people and funds are precious commodities that are not easily replaced. We promote efficient use of organizational resources to further the mission and goals of the NOLA YP Movement.
    Knowledge TransparencyWe openly share information, knowledge and best ideas and practices across the organization, realizing and accepting that we are dependent on each other for the NOLA YP Movement’s success.
    ChangeWe believe that change is an inevitable phenomenon. We also believe that complacency can be detrimental to progress. We promote change that will further develop NOLA YP into the young professional organization of choice, which willultimately further develop our communities into a more equitable environment.
    Cultural PreservationWe believe that New Orleans’ cultural legacy is vital its redevelopment. We promote the preservation and restoration of New Orleans.