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  1. 1. Sample Enrichment Activities offered in Expanded Learning Time Schools, 2007-08 Please note: • This is only a sampling of the hundreds of enrichment activities offered in ELT schools • Many of these courses are interdisciplinary and cut across multiple categories • Many of the “non-core” classes (arts, music, dance, sports, etc) are connected to the MA curriculum standards in core academic subjects (ELA, Math, Science and Technology/Engineering, History and Social Studies) as well as those in the Arts, Foreign Language, and Comprehensive Health frameworks • The majority of the classes listed are stand-alone enrichment courses (either electives that students chose, or mandatory grade-level classes), while some, like Art & Geometry, are activities embedded in core classes • Some of these activities are teacher-led. Others are led by or co-led with community partners – arts and cultural institutions, health and mental health agencies, universities and high schools, after-school and youth development programs, and community volunteers. Those led by or co-led with community partners are marked with an asterisk. _________________________________________________________________ Visual Arts • Quilting (multiple)* • Puppet-Making (Hiatt)* • Stamping (North End/Silvia) • Jewelry-Making (North End/Silvia, Salemwood)* • Origami (North End/Silvia, King) • Recycling Architecture (King) • Exploration of Classical Painting (King) • Sculpture (Kuss) • Manga/Anime (Kuss) • Sewing (Kuss, Newton) • Knitting (Kuss) • Photography (multiple)* • Mural Painting (multiple)* • Paint for Peace (Edwards)* • Creating Eric Carle Books (Hiatt)* • Native American Pottery (Hiatt)* • The Rainbow Fish Printing Project (Hiatt)* • Eric Carle Collage Project (Hiatt)*
  2. 2. • • • • • • • • Music • • • • • • • • • • • • Animal Masks (Hiatt)* Birds of Prey Project (Hiatt)* Mexican Tin Craft (Hiatt)* European Mosaics (Hiatt)* Tin Lanterns and Candle Dipping (Hiatt)* Needlepoint Crafts (Hiatt) Ceramics (Browne) Printmaking (Browne) Keyboarding (Umana) Hand Chimes (North End/Silvia) Chorus (multiple) Musical Expression (King) Band (multiple)* Percussion Ensemble (multiple) Guitar (multiple)* Drumming (Umana, Kuss, Osborn) Music Makers (Salemwood)* Musical Storytelling (Greenfield Middle) Hip Hop Shop (Umana)* Singing and Music (Hiatt)* Dance • Latin American Dance (Edwards) • Dance Team (Umana) • Ballet (North End/Silvia, King) • Ananda Dance (King) • Hip Hop (Salemwood)* Theater • Adventures in Theater (North End/Silvia) • The Wonderful World of Fairy Tales (King) • Technical Theater (Kuss) • Theater Performance (multiple) • Trauma Drama (Umana)* • Ships Ahoy with the USS Constitution (Edwards)* Technology/Multi-Media • Film and Video production (Kuss) • Music production (Edwards) • Creating Animation through Technology (King)
  3. 3. • • • • • • • • • PowerPoint (Kuss) Simple Machines (City View) Robotics (Kuss, City View) Videography (Multiple)* Foreign Language via the Internet (Greenfield Middle) GMS TV (Greenfield Middle) Multimedia (Greenfield Middle) Computer Programming at the MIT Media Lab (Edwards)* Public Service Announcements with Google (Edwards)* English Language Arts • Comic Book writing (North End/Silvia) • Journalism/school newspaper/newsletter (multiple) • The Author’s Studio (North End/Silvia) • Teaching the Epic through Ghost Stories (North End/Silvia) • Yearbook (Kuss) • Book Club (Newton) • ELA All-Stars (Edwards)* • Conga Phonics (Bowe)* • Mythology (Greenfield Middle) • Writing and Illustrating a Picture Book (Hiatt) • Science Fiction Book Club (King) Social Studies • Paul Revere: The Man Behind the Myth (Hiatt)* • Traveler’s Trunk: Massachusetts Community in 1830 (Hiatt)* • The New Republic 1790-1830 (Hiatt)* Science • Turtle Time (North End/Silvia) • Homing Pigeons: Athletes of the Sky (North End/Silvia) • Mad Science Club (Hiatt) • Invention Convention (City View) • Building a Town By Engineering Design (North End/Silvia) • Science in the Garden (King)* • Advanced Science Research (King) • Environmental Science/Conservation (Newton) • Urban Ecology (Umana)* • Nutrition (Umana)* • Planet Earth (City View) • Study of Dinosaurs (City View)
  4. 4. • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Math • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Topography and Mapping (Hiatt, City View)* Science Club for Girls [and Boys] (King, Fletcher/Maynard)* Engineering and Design (Greenfield Middle) Raising Atlantic Salmon (Greenfield Middle)* Go Green (Greenfield Middle)* Zoo Keeping (Edwards, Umana)* Urban Gardening (Edwards)* Environmental Education (Umana)* Solar Cars (Umana)* Nature Detectives (Hiatt)* Tree and Leaf Investigators (Hiatt)* Exploring Nature through Measure (Hiatt)* Animal Tracking (Hiatt)* Bird Adaptations (Hiatt)* Exploring Spring (Hiatt)* Life Cycles in Springtime (Hiatt)* Metamorphosis: Frogs and Butterflies (Hiatt)* Marine Science (King)* Forensics (Kuss) School Store (City View) Cribbage (City View) Line & Design: Art and Geometry (Hiatt)* Tesselations: Art & Geometry (Hiatt)* Geometry of Legos (King) Math League (Edwards)* FitMath (Kuss, Salemwood)* Math All-Stars (Edwards)* Math Games (City View) Shapes in Various Dimensions (City View) Math through Movement and Music (City View) Junior Achievement (City View, Chandler)* Know Your Digits (Umana) Financial Literacy (Osborn, Edwards, Umana)* Math Art (Greenfield Middle)* Foreign Language/Cultural Studies • French (City View, Umana) • Mandarin Chinese (King) • Chinese Folklore and Fairy Tales (King)
  5. 5. • • • • • • • • • • Portuguese (North End/Silvia) Spanish (Mutiple) Arabic (King) Art and Culture of Ancient China (City View) Chinese Culture (Salemwood)* Latin American Culture (Salemwood)* African Song and Dance Partnership with S. African Schools (Greenfield Middle) Life in Japan (Hiatt)* World Mural and African Topographical Maps (Hiatt)* Sign Language (Multiple) Physical Education /Health and Wellness • Karate (Kuss, Edwards) • Tae Kwon Do (Bowe)* • Fitness Training (Umana)* • Rock-climbing (Hiatt, Chandler)* • Swimming (Kuss, Chandler, Umana)* • Cheerleading (Edwards) • Lacrosse (Edwards)* • Step (Edwards) • Running Club (Edwards) • Fun with Punkrope (King) • Soccer (Multiple) • Tae Bo (Kuss) • Aerobics (Chandler, Newton) • Sailing (Umana)* • Walking Club (Newton) • Basketball (Edwards, Umana)* • Football (Edwards) • A Happy Smile is a Healthy Smile (North End/Silvia) • Capoiera (Salemwood)* • Yoga (Multiple)* • Pilates (Academy)* • Gymnastics (Salemwood)* • Intramurals (Greenfield Middle) • Hooping Harmony (Greenfield Middle)* • Yoga, Fitness and Fun (Greenfield Middle)* • G City soccer (Greenfield Middle)* • Volleyball (Multiple) • Circus Arts (Greenfield Middle)* • Tennis (Edwards, Umana)*
  6. 6. • • Nutrition (Osborn, North End/Silvia)* Beginner Ping Pong (King) Cooking • Cooking like Crazy (North End/Silvia) • Creative Cooking (Edwards) • Cooking (Kuss) • Healthy Living (Umana)* • Cultural Kitchen (Umana)* Community Service/Civic Engagement/Leadership Development • Community Awareness (North End/Silvia) • Student Government (Kuss) • SMILES Mentoring (Kuss)* • Recycling (Newton) • Boston History (Umana)* • Civics (Edwards) • Stand Strong: Sports and Character Program (Edwards) • 7th Grade Leadership Council (Edwards)* • 8th Grade Academy (Edwards)* • AVID (multiple) • Internet Safety (Salemwood)* • Leadership Club (Academy)* • Community Service at Food Pantry (Greenfield Middle) • Girls Club Outreach (Greenfield Middle)* • Purling with a Purpose (Greenfield Middle) • Fundraising: Bed Nets to Prevent Malaria in Africa (Greenfield Middle) • Law & Order (Edwards, Umana)* • Design Boston (Edwards)* • Voices of Change: Leadership, Theater, and Making a Difference (Umana)* Gender-specific • Discover the Fun, Friendship and Power of Girls Together (King) • Anti-Bullying Girls Group (North End/Silvia)* • Boys Club/Girls Club (multiple) • Girl Power: Media and Fitness (Edwards)* • Many Men: Media and Popular Culture (Edwards)* • Girls’ Literature (Umana) • Girls N Power (Greenfield Middle)* • Girl Scouting (King) • Girls’ Lacrosse (King)*