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20 year marketing plan


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20 year marketing plan - DTAng

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20 year marketing plan

  1. 1. WCG Finals20 Year Personally and Professioanlly Practical for Ryan Ang Ryan Ang Oct 2012
  2. 2. Road to WCG FinalsA. Daily Games 1. Vision/Mission 2. Roles 3. Brand Launch 4. Epic Win 5. MonitorsB. End in Mind PPP- Personally and Professionally Practical
  3. 3. I compete daily.. Vision/MissionMy purpose is to strive for an outcome that is so extraordinarily positive professionally and personally through practicality for an Epic Win.
  4. 4. Winning means doing 2 thingspractically everyday• Professional• Personal
  5. 5. Professionally Professional...
  6. 6. Personally Personal...
  7. 7. Ryan Ang PPP Revolutionizes My Personal Logo Launch
  8. 8. Each Flag symbolizes different ideals
  9. 9. This flag symbolized the Philippines Revolution
  10. 10. My logo represents my revolution
  11. 11. A Revolution from Mediocrity PPP Revolutionizes• To be able to sync personal and professional goals by practical applications of one self• Professionally and Personally Practical = PPP
  12. 12. Jane McGonigal: Gaming can make a better world a_better_world.html• “An Epic win is an outcome that is so extraordinarily positive, you have no idea it is possible until you have achieved it. It is almost beyond the threshold of imagination, and when you get here you are shocked to discover what you are truly capable of. That is an epic win. This is a gamer on a verge of an epic win. • As a gamer I am And this is the face we need to inspired to solve real see on millions of problems solvers all over the world...” life problems that extraordinarily positive through practicality.
  13. 13. ...After 20 years.Now 20 years from now• 27 years old • 47 years young• Living day to day • Living on self running• CEO(Company Employee businesses. Only) • Financially Supporting my• Living with Parents parents
  14. 14. Daily Records• Habit Check• Time Check• Cash Record• 20 year marketing Plan check
  15. 15. Daily gaming to finals is through practicality• As a person, I will win, if I succeed in my personal and professional life. Success does not just mean financial success. For my profession life, it is not enough that my company or the company I work for earn money, but the stakeholders and the clients must also be happy. Personally, in whatever situation I may be in, the important thing is that the people I love and care about aresafe and happy.
  16. 16. WCG Finals20 Year Personally and Professioanlly Practical for Ryan Ang Ryan Ang Oct 2012