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REVA Product Overview and Future.

Published in: Education, Technology, Business
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  1. 1. Marketing case study 3
  2. 2.  Kickstart : The Reva Electric Car Companyfounded in 1994 by Chetan Maini, as a jointventure between the Maini Group ofBangalore and Amerigon Electric VehicleTechnologies of the USA. Partnership with GM for Espark Mahindra & Mahindra bought a 55.2%controlling stake in Reva
  3. 3.  Green Car Small in size Easy drive Low Operating Cost User friendly
  4. 4.  Reva is so far the worlds cheapestcommercially produced 5 seater electric car. The automated car uses electricity as the fueland it can be charged with a 15 Amp socket. A full charge takes 9 hours and 9 units ofelectricity and can take you through 80 kmmaking it one of the cheapest mode oftransportation in our country.
  5. 5.  Reva was positioned as a “Green, lowoperating cost car” Reva was targeted at small families, oldcouples and female drivers.
  6. 6.  Speed, High Range, Maintenance Problems. Designs not upto the mark. Marketing not an aggressive one. Not fit for long drives Safety concerns not upto the mark
  7. 7.  Reva well accepted inNorway, UK, Japan, Switzerland. Beign the lowest price in the niche segmentgave Reva an edge in the green lovingmarket. A subsidy of $2600 per car in Japan. UK : Sold 200 cars in few months of launch.
  8. 8.  New Models : iReva, Reva NXG/NXR(09). Plans to make Customized models forPhysically challenged. To built better and more efficient 2/3wheelers and small buses. To target India with new technique nmarketing stratergy
  9. 9.  REVA has got many new operationalcompetitors Telsa Roadster, WeegoWhip, Nissan Leaf, Ford Focus Electric andmany more. New technology has brought in many newmore efficient three wheel based smaller carscapable for faster transport.
  10. 10.  Less operating cost. Comfortable in city roads of India. Small size more mobile Green car Userfriendly
  11. 11.  High pricing Not fit for long drives Less reliable Low safety standards Low speed Average Design
  12. 12. ThanksGeo, Harsh