d'Escoto, Inc. Railroad Experience


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A small sampling of d'Escoto, Inc.'s Construction Management experience for railroad work.

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d'Escoto, Inc. Railroad Experience

  1. 1. www.descotoinc.comCompany ProfileRailway Experience420 N. Wabash Ave., Suite 200Chicago, IL 60611Phone: 312.787.0707Fax: 312.787.7322
  2. 2. d’Escoto, Inc. is a Chicago-based, minority owned firm providing professional construction services withconcentrations in Construction Management, Program Management, Owner Representation, and CivilDesign Engineering Services. d’Escoto, Inc. has over 40 years of experience in the A/E/C industry and hasdeveloped a reputation for providing superior quality oversight, inspection, estimating, budget controland schedule execution.d’Escoto, Inc. is, “where vision meets implementation,” turning client requirements, needs, standards andgoals into tangible objectives and deliverables. In order to fully understand our client’s vision of standards,needs and goals, our firm works to cultivate a solid, professional relationship with each business partnerand client.As Construction Managers, d’Escoto, Inc.’s versatilestaff works closely with Owners to achieve budget,quality and schedule objectives and to minimizeany disruptions to operations. Budget objectivesare met through detailed cost estimating, valueengineering, and bid solicitations from reliableand competitive organizations.Our project controls team pays particular attentionto all critical deadlines, procurement of long-leaditems and meeting any phased requirements of theOwner. We also review and monitor contractor’sschedules to confirm projects are headed toon-time completion.d’Escoto, Inc.’s construction managementexpertise has been the driving force behindcost savings, schedule reductions, and scopeenhancements for clients like Amtrak, Metra,BNSF, and Union Pacific.Our Program Management Team is an establishedgroup of problem solving, results-orientedexperts and executives whose sole focus isachieving the Owner’s goals. The projects andprograms they oversee are often multi-yearand extremely complex management andengineering challenges.Operating in either prime contractor,subcontractor or joint venture partner roles,d’Escoto, Inc. has attained program managementsuccess for a number of public and private clients.In every role, the project or programs success isattributable to developing an understanding ofclient needs, vision and goals and determiningthe best strategy to achieve those standards inthe finished product.• Construction Management• Program Management• Project Management• Engineering /Architectural Services• Scheduling• Budgeting• Cost Estimates• Facility AssessmentsOUR SERVICES PROFESSIONAL STAFF• PMP Project Managers• Engineers• Architects• Cost Estimators• LEED AccreditedProfessionals• Document Control• Planning• Inspection• Quality Control• Sustainability• Permit Review• Database Systems• Contract Administration• Construction Inspectors• Project Controls Staff• Project Schedulers• Contract Administrators• Safety ProfessionalsWisconsin Missouri IndianaCity of Chicago Illinois Central Management ServicesIllinois Indiana Wisconsin MissouriDisadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE)Minority Business Enterprise (MBE)CERTIFICATIONSCompany OverviewConstruction Management Program Management
  3. 3. d’Escoto, Inc. provided construction management services for the relocation of two and a half miles ofdouble track railroad north of Irving Park Road. This relocation was an enabling project to facilitate theextension of Runway 10C/28C for the O’Hare Modernization Program (OMP). The site location is just west ofthe old track, bounded by Irving Park Rd. to the south, York Rd. to the West and Thorndale Rd. to the north.Movement of approximately 138,000 C.Y. of soil, was needed for the preparation of sub-base as well asclearing and grubbing on 38 acres of surrounding property. UPRR provided continuous welded rail to thesite for the construction of the Interim Rail.This project was split into several different contracts which entailed construction of a temporary rail bridge,demolishing of existing rail bridge, and construction of a permanent rail bridge over Franklin Avenue.The project scope included construction of 1,000 feet of temporary and permanent retaining walls, 2000 feetof embankment and installation of permanent rail and fastenings for the final rail alignment. Constructionof the double railroad also consisted of: ditch, roadway and earth excavation/embankment, coordinationand rerouting of utilities, temporary and permanent erosion control, drainage, duct bank placement,sub-ballast placement, reinforced box culvert installation, ditch channeling, rip rap, diversion of ditch,coffer dams, roadway construction, storm sewers, culverts, tunnels, grading, pavement marking, signals,and lighting.TRACK RELOCATIONUnion Pacific Railroad (UPRR) - Chicago, ILConstruction Management (O’Hare Modernization Program)
  4. 4. BNSF LOGISTICS PARK - CHICAGOBurlington Northern Santa Fe Railway (BNSF) - Chicago, ILConstruction Managementd’Escoto, Inc. provided construction management services for the new BNSF Logistics Park, a 770-acreintermodal facility at the site of the old Joliet Arsenal Development. The project scope included 26 milesof new track and signals for several utility and site contracts being built simultaneously. d’Escoto, Inc.’sduties included pre-design, specification review, code enforcement, bid review, scheduling individualcontracts to ensure completion schedule of entire project, contract management, and close-out.The BNSF Logistics Park posed a number of challenges, one being that the site is a direct connection toLos Angeles, and is vital for transpacific trade coming to and from the South and East. The constructionsite could not interrupt the existing train traffic flowing throughout the area. Prior to the park beingbuilt, intermodal shipping freight made it to or from Los Angeles in one day, but due to the inabilityof Chicago’s freight systems to effectively sort, truck and distribute containers, it was taking twodays just to get through Chicago. The services that d’Escoto, Inc. provided gave BNSF the ability toincrease their unloading, sorting, stacking and trucking abilities to ensure a larger quantity of freightcould come through Chicago, faster and more efficiently. The BNSF Logistics Park, is now part ofNorth America’s largest and most trafficked transportation hubs, with intermodal rail, passenger railand trucking all in one central location with corporate distribution centers co-located.Photo property of Centerpoint Properties
  5. 5. d’Escoto, Inc. provided construction management services for the reconstruction of the Stony Islandand Bryn Mawr Metra stations. The Stony Island & Bryn Mawr Stations are located on the SouthChicago branch of the Metra Electric District. The stations are located between the inbound andoutbound tracks under live catenary wiring. Construction was performed between daily rush hourswith one track out of service. Live vehicular traffic exists adjacent to both sides of each project.Metra’s pre-existing safety guidelines and construction procedures were utilized and monitored toensure site and worker safety.The project scope included management of the construction consulting team in performance of alladministration including: the review of shop drawings and submissions, coordination and response toall requests for information and the coordination of all of the required progress meetings. d’Escoto,Inc.’s services also included, preparing contract modification estimates, and offering interpretation ofcontract requirements.STATION RECONSTRUCTIONStony Island & Bryn Mawr StationsMetra - Chicago, ILConstruction Management
  6. 6. Amtrak is developing a master plan for the years 2020, 2040, and 2060 in order to ensure the technology,facilities and infrastructure of their assets can be upgraded and maintained appropriately to reachtheir full potential life cycle while guaranteeing safety, efficiency and reliability for passengers. Themaster plan will allow Amtrak to prioritize immediate and future needs while enabling its systems andoperations to grow with future forecasting.d’Escoto, Inc. is providing construction administration and project management support for theAmtrak Chicago Terminal Master Planning project. Detailed cost estimates are being provided forconceptual alternatives for Amtrak’s operations as well as demolition and reuse of existing buildingsand facilities.CHICAGO TERMINAL MASTER PLANNINGAMTRAK - Chicago, ILProject Management
  7. 7. Contact Informationd’Escoto, Inc.420 N. Wabash Suite 200Chicago, IL 60611Phone: 312.787.0707Fax: 312.787.7322E-Mail: rwhitehouse@descotoinc.comWeb: www.descotoinc.comPhoto property of Centerpoint Properties