d'Escoto, Inc. Company Overview 2013


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d'Escoto, Inc. Company Overview 2013

  1. 1. d’Escoto, Inc. is a Chicago-based, minority owned firm providing professionalconstruction services with concentrations in Construction Management,Program Management, Owner Representation, and Civil Design EngineeringServices. d’Escoto, Inc. has over 40 years of experience in the A/E/C industry• Construction Management• Program Management• Engineering /Architectural Services• Scheduling• Budgeting• Cost Estimates• Facility Assessments• Document ControlOUR SERVICESPROFESSIONAL STAFF• Engineers• Architects• PMP Project Managers• Cost Estimators• LEED Accredited Professionals• Project Management• Planning• Inspection• Quality Control• Sustainability• Permit Review• Database Systems• Contract Administration• Project Controls Staff• Project Schedulers• Construction Inspectors• Safety Professionals• Contract Administrators420 N. Wabash Ave., Suite 200Chicago, IL 60611Phone: 312.787.0707Fax: 312.787.7322www.descotoinc.comFederico J. d’EscotoPresidentfdescoto@descotoinc.comWisconsin Missouri IndianaCity of Chicago Illinois Central Management ServicesIllinois Indiana Wisconsin MissouriDisadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE)Minority Business Enterprise (MBE)CERTIFICATIONSAs Construction Managers, d’Escoto’s versatilestaff works closely with Owners to achievebudget, quality and schedule objectives andto minimize any disruptions to operations.Budget objectives are met through detailedcost estimating, value engineering, and bidsolicitations from reliable and competitiveorganizations.The d’Escoto, Inc. quality management systemprovides plan review, testing, inspectionand submittal and RFI reviews from start-upto punch list. Our system is made effectivethrough clear and direct communications,and systematic reporting and tracking. Inthe cost estimating and facility assessmentcomponents, we utilize proprietary systemsand software which allow our projectmanagers to gather, store, and access data.CONSTRUCTION MANAGEMENT /PHASE III CONSTRUCTION ENGINEERINGand has developed a reputation for providing superior qualityoversight, inspection, estimating, and budget and schedulecontrol.d’Escoto, Inc. is “where vision meets implementation,” turningclient requirements, needs, standards and goals into tangibleobjectives and plans; to bring client visions into reality. Inorder to fully understand our client’s vision of standards, needsand goals, our firm works to cultivate a solid, professionalrelationship with each business partner and client.
  2. 2. Our Program Management Team is a unique groupof problem solving, results-oriented experts andexecutives whose sole focus is achieving the Owner’sgoals and meeting their every need. These projects andprograms are often multi-year and extremely complexmanagement and engineering challenges in design andimplementation.Operating in either prime contractor, subcontractoror joint venture partner roles, d’Escoto has attainedprogram management success for a number or publicand private clients. In every role, the project or programssuccess is attributable to developing an understandingof client needs, vision and goals and determining thestrategy to achieve those feats.This data allows our team to understand the projectsneeds and advancement in a measurable system tocreatively and effectively manage and problem solve.These systems are the most effective tools for ourclient budgets, schedules and design objectives andprovide our clients with more accurate evaluationsand appraisals.Our project controls team pays particular attentionto all phasing, required deadlines, procurement oflong-lead items and meeting any phasedrequirements of the Owner. We also review andmonitor contractor’s schedules to confirm projectsare headed to on-time completion.d’Escoto, Inc.’s construction management expertisehas been the driving force behind cost savings,schedule reductions, and scope enhancements for anumber of clients.420 N. Wabash, Ste. 200 Chicago, IL 60611 (P) 312-787-0707 (F) 312-787-7322 fdescoto@descotoinc.comPROGRAM MANAGEMENTPHASE II CIVIL DESIGN ENGINEERINGAs Design Engineers, we apply the appropriatestandards to efficiently assemble the client’s contractplans, specifications, and estimates. As a subconsultant, we strive to provide additional servicesabove and beyond contract plan preparation. Theseservices can include: agency specific cost estimates,quantity calculation QA/QC process, barrier warrantanalysis, and project based custom computerprogramming. In both of these roles, d’Escotoprovides quality design services done in a timely andefficient manner. Our staff is highly experienced inMicrostation, Geopak, and Pond Pak, which d’Escoto,Inc. owns and maintains licenses for.