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d'Escoto, Inc. Airport Experience


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d'Escoto, Inc. provides construction management, program management, owner's representative, and engineering services for a number of aviation agencies throughout Illinois. Here is a quick brochure summarizing our project experience.

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d'Escoto, Inc. Airport Experience

  1. 1. COMPANY PROFILEAVIATION EXPERIENCE420 N. Wabash Ave., Suite 200Chicago, IL 60611Phone: 312.787.0707Fax:’escoto-inc.
  2. 2. COMPANY OVERVIEWPROGRAM MANAGEMENTd’Escoto, Inc. is a Chicago-based, minority owned firm providing professional constructionservices with concentrations in Construction Management, Program Management, OwnerRepresentation, and Civil Design Engineering Services. d’Escoto, Inc. has over 40 years ofexperience in the A/E/C industry and has developed a reputation for providing superiorquality oversight, inspection, estimating, and budget and schedule control.d’Escoto, Inc. is “where vision meets implementation,” turning client requirements, needs,standards and goals into tangible objectives and plans; to bring client visions into reality. Inorder to fully understand our client’s vision of standards, needs and goals, our firm worksto cultivate a solid, professional relationship with each business partner and client.• Construction Management• Program Management• Engineering /Architectural Services• Scheduling• Budgeting• Cost Estimates• Facility Assessments• Document ControlOUR SERVICESPROFESSIONAL STAFF• Engineers• Architects• PMP Project Managers• Cost Estimators• LEED Accredited Professionals• Project Management• Planning• Inspection• Quality Control• Sustainability• Permit Review• Database Systems• Contract Administration• Project Schedulers• Construction Inspectors• Contract Administrators• Project Control Staff• Safety ProfessionalsWisconsin Missouri IndianaCity of Chicago Illinois Central Management ServicesIllinois Indiana Wisconsin MissouriDisadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE)Minority Business Enterprise (MBE)CERTIFICATIONSAs Construction Managers, d’Escoto’s versatile staff works closely with Owners to achievebudget, quality and schedule objectives and to minimize any disruptions to operations.Budget objectives are met through detailed cost estimating, value engineering, and bidsolicitations from reliable and competitive organizations.Our project controls team pays particular attention to all phasing, required deadlines,procurement of long-lead items and meeting any phased requirements of the Owner. Wealso review and monitor contractor’s schedules to confirm projects are headed to on-timecompletion.d’Escoto, Inc.’s construction management expertise has been the driving force behind costsavings, schedule reductions, and scope enhancements for a number of clients.Our Program Management Team is a unique group of problem solving, results-orientedexperts and executives whose sole focus is achieving the Owner’s goals and meeting theirevery need. These projects and programs are often multi-year and extremely complexmanagement and engineering challenges in design and implementation.Operating in either prime contractor, subcontractor or joint venture partner roles, d’Escotohas attained program management success for a number or public and private clients. Inevery role, the project or programs success is attributable to developing an understandingof client needs, vision and goals and determining the strategy to achieve those feats.CONSTRUCTION MANAGEMENT /PHASE III CONSTRUCTION ENGINEERING
  3. 3. CapitalImprovementProgramO’Hare&MidwayInt.AirportsChicagoDepartmentofAviationSetting a New Standardd’Escoto, Inc. serves the Chicago Department of Aviation’sCapital Improvement Program as a joint venture partner tothe Program Management Team, Chicago Airports ResourceEnterprise Plus (CARE+).We provide the Chicago Department of Aviation (CDA)complete project development, scope definition and supportfrom planning and pre-design, through design phases toproject inspection and completion.Our Program Management Team is a major component in therepair, maintenance, upgrade and expansion of the existinginfrastructure conditions at both O’Hare and MidwayInternational Airports.d’Escoto, Inc. has been instrumental in developing policies andprocedures in the areas of project development, design review,construction safety, QA/QC, vendor evaluations, and programcontrols.CARE+ Airport projects include the following:• New consolidated car rental facilities• Maintenance and demolition of facilities• Runway and taxiway demolition, development andrehabilitation• Terminal construction and rehabilitation• Security systems• Aircraft facilities• Access roads and bridges and tunnel rehabilitation• Storm water management system and utilities• Communications systems• Parking structuresInformation and photos provided by
  4. 4. CapitalImprovementProgramO’Hare&MidwayInt.AirportsChicagoDepartmentofAviationEfficiency & UpkeepThe CARE+ Team along with the CDA, has replaced conventionalincandescent taxiway airfield lighting with new LED fixtures.They consume less electricity and also have a significantly longerlifespan, reducing the amount of maintenance hours.The CARE+ Team, in cooperation with the CDA, implementthese upgrades after significant testing and piloting. Mock-uptesting allows the CDA to optimize a replacement strategy forboth illumination quality and maintenance costs on a small scalebefore widespread implementation.The CARE+ team will also be involved in the CDA’s futuredevelopment of consolidated rental car facilities at O’Hare, oncethe current Midway rental car building is complete. Each facilitywill attain LEED Certification by including green roofs, energyefficient designs, stormwater treatment and recycling.Capital Improvement Program ReferenceFrank Grimaldi - Chicago Department of AviationDeputy CommissionerP.O. Box 66142 Chicago, IL 60666(773) 686-6478Information and photos provided by
  5. 5. O’Hare Runway ReconfigurationO’HareModernizationProgramChicagoDepartmentofAviationInformation provided by cityofchicago.orgd’Escoto, Inc. provides construction management and projectcontrol services as part of the O’Hare Modernization Program(OMP) Construction Management Team led by ParsonsBrinckerhoff Construction Services.The City of Chicago has committed to a $6 billion capitalinvestment plan for the expansion and renovation of O’HareInternational Airport. The plan will increase O’Hare’s capacityby 60% and decrease delays by an estimated 79%. The planincludes the addition of four runways, the lengthening of twoexisting runways, the decommissioning of two existing runwayswith additional terminal space and two new air traffic controltowers. When the OMP is complete, O’Hare will have eightrunways: six east-west parallel runways and two crosswindrunways.Three major OMP runway projects have already beencompleted. In 2008, the OMP opened a 3,000-foot extension toO’Hare’s busiest runway, a 7,500-foot long runway and a newair traffic control tower. All three projects opened on or aheadof schedule, and nearly $40 million under budget. This was dueto the diligent Construction Management services providedand clear communication between all parties. O’Hare remainsan active airport while construction activities are taking place,requiring detailed coordination of all activities with severalentities, both public and private.An additional runway, built to accommodate new, heavieraircrafts such as the Boeing 747-8 and Airbus A-380, is underconstruction and nearing completion. That runway is scheduledto be commissioned in late 2013 and will further reduce delays.While this work takes place, design and planning work isunderway for an additional runway and control tower. Theremaining OMP completion phase projects include anothernew east-west runway and an extension to existing runway,both located on O’Hare’s north airfield.
  6. 6. Rethinking Airport ConstructionO’HareModernizationProgramChicagoDepartmentofAviationInformation provided by cityofchicago.orgThe OMP Team played an instrumental role in helping theCDA develop the Sustainable Design Manual(SDM) in 2003.The SDM was the first guidance manual in the aviation industryto apply sustainability across an entire program, develop aproject rating system, and award the efforts of its design andconstruction teams.In 2009, the OMP Team aided the CDA in updating theSDM to form the Sustainable Airport Manual (SAM). Theupdate identified lessons learned, airport case studies, andthe U.S. Green Building Council’s Leadership in Energy andEnvironmental Design (LEED) 2009 Green Building RatingSystem Reference Manual. SAM is constantly being expandedand revised and continues to be an increasingly adopted manualfor airport operations worldwide.Following the Sustainable Airports Manual, the OMP Teammanaged the construction of O’Hare Airport’s North airfieldtraffic control tower, the first in the U.S. to earn LEED SilverCertification. The use of high efficiency low-flow bathroomfixtures create an estimated annual savings of 7,000 gallons ofwater. The tower also includes plans to involve renewable energyopportunities throughout the next two years.The tower’s base building incorporates a 8,910 square footvegetated green roof, along with a 917 square foot vegetatedroof on the Electrical Building, making it the first on-airportFAA facility in the nation to feature a vegetated roof.
  7. 7. O’Hare Airport’s “Environmental Footprint”O’Hare Modernization Program ReferenceO’HareModernizationProgramChicagoDepartmentofAviationThe combined area of green roofs at O’Hare now totals over 8acres, all of which were coordinated, overseen, and inspectedby d’Escoto, Inc. The installation of these low maintenancevegetated roofs allows for increased stormwater retention,filtration and evaporation, providing a substantial decrease inthe amount of stormwater management infrastructure needed.The OMP Team also led the replacement of small, isolatedwetlands, each of which provided poor ecological value, withthe expansion of other regional wetland areas that were restoredand enhanced to nearly three times the size of the original areas,totaling 447 acres.Information and photos provided by flychicago.comMs. Rosemarie AndolinoCommissioner - Chicago Department of AviationP.O. Box 66142 Chicago, IL 60666(312) 744-4464One of d’Escoto, Inc.’s major focuses and contributions has beenthe coordination of the CDA’s construction and demolitionwaste diversion plan, operating at the astounding rate of 98%collection and recyclability. That includes over 575, 000 tons ofconcrete and asphalt and 18 million cubic yards of on-site soilrecycled, for a cost savings of over $ 140 million dollars to date.
  8. 8. DuPage Airport ExtensionExtension and Rehabilitation ReferenceExtensionandRehabilitationDuPageAirportAuthorityThe DuPage Airport Authority added a 1,343 foot extension torunway 2R-20L, which now is a total runway length of 6,443feet. This provides sufficient runway length for many of thelarger corporate jet aircrafts when the main runway, 2L/20R,is closed for maintenance (e.g., mowing or snow removal),aircraft incidents, or construction. d’Escoto, Inc. provideddesign support services including cost estimating and projectscheduling in Microsoft Project.“The Airport currently has the second longest runway inChicagoland after O’Hare, and the lengthened secondaryrunway will give us further operational flexibility and addedsafety,” says Executive Airport Director David Bird.A seperate runway, Runway 10-28 is approaching the end ofits useful life and is in need of rehabilitation to prevent furtherdeterioration. The current design is a “porous friction course”surface and the new pavement will be “grooved asphalt”.The CH2M Hill team that d’Escoto, Inc. is a part of, will providethe plans, specifications and bid documents for the project.d’Escoto, Inc. serves as the Construction Managers and FieldInspectors for the rehabilitation. Field inspection services arebeing provided by highly experienced personnel during theconstruction phases of runway rehabilitation.Mr. Michael VonicSenior Project Manager, Aviation - CH2M Hill, Inc.8735 West Higgins Road, Suite 400, Chicago, IL 60631(773) 693-3809Information and photos provided by
  9. 9. Chicago City Hall121 N LaSalle StreetChicago, IL 606022700 International Drive,West Chicago, IL 60185SourcesCited420 N. Wabash Ave., Suite 200Chicago, IL 60611Phone: 312.787.0707Fax: 312.787.7322Federico J. d’’escoto-inc.www.descotoinc.comCity of Chicago Rahm Emanuel Commissioner Rosemarie S. Andolino © 2010 - 2013 City of ChicagoChicago Department of Aviation“A Sustainable Path 2012” available www.flychicago.comCommissioner Rosemarie S. AndolinoSpecial Contributions From: Michael Boland, First Deputy Commissioner Khaled Naja, Chief Operating Officer Amy Malick, Deputy Commissioner, Sustainability Paul Brown, Deputy Commissioner, FacilitiesPrepared by: Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill Architecture PositivEnergy PracticeContributors: Ricondo and Associates Landrum & Brown© 2012 City of ChicagoChicago Department of Aviation OfficesChicago O’Hare International AirportChicago, IL 60666Chicago Department of Aviationwww.flychicago.comCommissioner Rosemarie S. AndolinoDupage Airport Authority © 2012 DuPage Airport Authority, All Rights Reserved