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Ju chun ko-about-all-with-linked in-mit

  1. 1. Hi. I amJU-CHUN KOaka. dAb
  2. 2. AboutJu-Chun, Ko.,a Cross-Pollinator born in Taipei, Taiwan.Receiving his Ph.D in Computer Science from National Taiwan University, GraduateInstitute of Networking and Multimedia, Image and Vision Lab, in Jan 2012. Prior tothat, he received Bachelor of Art in 2004, and Master of Informatics in 2006, in majorof Digital Media Design.With such interdisciplinary background, which makes him not only become a HCI,interaction design researcher, but also a blogger, artist, and entrepreneur.He was the co-founding CEO of an app company Linkwish, Inc, which was one of theearliest social app company in Taiwan.He also founded, co-founded and organized several important developer workshopsand meetups in Taiwan, from HCI research to Facebook Development.Being active in various fields and startup communities, earns him some interestingopportunities, such as meeting President Ma, the President of Taiwan(R.O.C) in thePresidential Office, or being judge on a TV Show, etc.Now he is serving Substitute Military Service for his beloved country until Nov. 2013.After that, he is willing and well-prepared to go abroad for any job or academic posi-tion, which is related to his lifetime goal – to bring more openness and connectednessto Taiwan, China and APAC area, through developers, designers, entrepreneurs withprogressing technology.[See my Profile]
  3. 3. JU-CHUN KOBuilt-in AppsEducations.- Bachelor of Art- Information Communication ,- Master of Informatics- Digital Media Design ,- Ph. D of Computer Science .Skills. ActionScript, HTML5, JavaScript, Python, Sikuli, WordPress, PureData,Flash, Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effect, iMovie, KeynoteSpecialties. Interaction design, HCI and mobile app development process(Concept, UI/UX), with interdisciplinary communication and presentationskill.Personality. A self motivated person with strong personal drive and can-do at-titude, combine with innovative problem solving skills.
  4. 4. ▾ AWARD & EXPERIENCE ▾
  5. 5. Before sunrise, Before sunsetLeader, Concept, Design & Present — Awards, Creative, FacebookWe want to “HACK the Hack day!", and we did it. We brought Vision IQ imagerecognition technique and an iron to the Hackday hackthon, and win the Mobile Cat-egory Award of 2012 Facebook World Hack Taipei.Our social trip maker, code name – “Before sunrise, Before sunset”, which was in-spired by the classic movie Before sunrise and Before sunset, empowering touring ex-perience with image recognition technique and Facebook OpenGraph.Facebook World Hackday 2012 / TPE Mobile Category Award (TW)My Role in this project – Team Leader, Concept, Designer & Presenter“I’ve seen many trip apps, but never like this before!”- James Pearce, Facebook Developer Advocacy.On the stage for Mobile Category Award with Facebook Developer advocacy – JamesPearce.
  6. 6. JU-CHUN KOFounder & Organizer of Facebook HACK Meetup TaiwanPosted on 2012 年 03 月 27 日 in Community, Facebook — Share this via“Facebook HACK Meetup Taiwan” is a meetup group founded and organized by me,with the support of Bear Douglas (Developer Advocate at Facebook), and co-orga-nized with Linkwish, Inc and the developer xDite.My Role in this project - Founder, Organizer & HostThe goal of Facebook HACK Meetup Taiwanis to follow up the Facebook Developer World Hackday event, and encourage all topdesigners and developers in Taiwan to participate such event and make as muchFacebook applications as they can.
  7. 7. All Facebook World Hack Taipei award winner were here, sharing their experienceand award winning work from Facebook World Hack 2012. More than 300Hackers has joined two meetup events, and happily meetup together.[ Visit Meetup Page on Meetup.com]
  8. 8. JU-CHUN KOEvent Host of Facebook HACK Meetup Taiwan @ NTUPosted on 2013 年 05 月 22 日 in Community, Facebook — Share this via2nd Facebook Hackday Taiwan Meetup in NTU CSIE Lecture HallAll Facebook World Hack Taipei award winner were here, sharing their experienceand award winning work from Facebook World Hack 2012. More than 300Hackers has joined two meetup events, and happily meetup together.
  9. 9. JU-CHUN KOiBeauty992009 — MobileiBeauty99, Top#1 downloaded App on iPhone in 2009 (Taiwan). A beautiful lifestyleapp, that automatically pull the best photo from internet and push to your phone.iBeauty99, ranked Top#1 downloaded iOS App at Taiwan in 2009. A beautiful life-style app, that automatically pull the best photo from internet and push to yourphone.iPhone App Store Ranked Overall Top Free #1 (Taiwan)As seen in Apple Daily, TVBS and almost all major news channel in Taiwan.Digital Times Magazine, Top32 iOS Apps in 2009.My Role in this project – Teamleader, Concept & DesignKeynote Presentation about iBeauty99 concept and designiBeauty99 available download on the App Store, in 2009
  10. 10. JU-CHUN KOLinkwish2011 — App, Mobile, SocialLinkwish, was one of the first LBS App shipping in Taiwan, Ranked Social Top#7 oniTunes. People sharing their wishes on Linkwish, and link to others who have thesame wishes.Linkwish, was one of the first LBS App shipping in Taiwan, aiming real-life social ac-tivity making. People sharing their wishes and meet others who have wishes in com-mon.Social Networking App Top#10 in Taiwan iPhone App StoreOverall Top Free Top#50 in Taiwan iPhone App Store25,000 Download/ Updates, 10,000 Linkwish member registered.My Role in this project- Teamleader, PM, Concept & Design.Founder and CEO of Linkwish, Inc (2010~2012).
  11. 11. JU-CHUN KOMOS Order & MOS Wish2012 — App, MobileThe app "MOS Wish" & "MOS ORDER" are two apps collaborate with MOS BURG-ER, the second largest fast food brand in Taiwan, provides Delivery Service, QRCode Order, and Social Forum on mobile phone for custumers. Available on both iOSand Android.Lifestyle Top Free #1 in App Store (Taiwan)Food & Drink Top Free #3 App in App Store (Taiwan)Overall Top Free #5 in App Store (Taiwan)Over 800 Ratings in average 4.5 Stars.700,000 Download Times,10,000 Linkwish member registered.Bring NTD$5,000,000 revenue monthly,for MOS BURGERDigital Times Magazine, Top32 selected iOS Apps 2012My Role in this project- Account Manager & Marketing.
  12. 12. JU-CHUN KOSociable Tetris 360 on i-m-Tube2008 — Academic, Artworks, Creative, Game"i-m-Tube" is knows as the world’s first curved-surface FTIR multi-touch display, and we devel-oped an indiegame on it, which was called "Wetris: The Sociable Tetris 360". The installationand the game has won several tech-art, indiegame prize from local to global, and published inACM Multimedia 2009.IndieCade Festival 2008
  14. 14. imMatch: Fast Stitching Gestures for Multiple HeterogeneousMulti-touch Surfaces.Paper in Submission.My Role in this project – Co-Concept, Co-Author, Programing Support,Design & VideoIn this research, we proposed several gestures, tried to find a better way to operatethe attachment of multiple multitouch displays. Also, we developed a HTML5 soft-ware development kit (SDK) which would make it easier to explore the possibility ofmultiple multitouch display applications.DetailFour gestures were designed and evaluated; Swipe, Pinch, Slide and Circle gestures.Gestures could be used to estimate dot per inch (DPI) of the stitched devices whichDPI information is not able to obtain. When devices were stitched, their marginswould not able to detect touch events. Seamless gestures were developed to make thecross-devices multi-touch gesture working like one original multi-touch surface. Sev-eral applications were developed and introduced to demonstrate the private / publicmode switching by using stitching gesture.Demo Video
  15. 15. Beyond the surface: 3D interactions for tabletop systems.2010 — Academic, Interactive, PublicationThe proposed techniques enable a collaborative multi-display multi-touch tabletopsystem. We also present three interactive tools: i-m-View, i-m-Lamp, and i-m-Flash-light, which consist of a mobile tablet and projectors that users can freely interactwith beyond the main display surface.ACM SIGGRAPH 2010 Emerging Technologies (Los Angelus, US)ACM UIST 2010 Symposium on User interface software and technology (NewYork, US)New Scientist – Future on display: Desk lamp turns table top into 3DAOL Engadget - Another augmented reality, pico-projecting lamp threatens desk-tops, brings tablet reinforcements (video)My Role in this project – Co-Author, Co-Concept & Video
  16. 16. Current tabletop systems are designed to sense 2D interactions taken place on thetabletop surface, such as finger touches and tangible objects. The ability to interactabove the tabletop surface makes it possible to support 3D interactions. For example,an architect can examine a 2D blueprint of a building shown on the tabletop displaywhile inspecting 3D views of the building by moving a mobile display above thetabletop. Recent approaches to localize objects in 3D requires visible markers or theuse of embedded sensors [Song et al. 2009]. The use of visible markers often interfereswith the content users are focusing on, limiting its usefulness and applicability.Technical Demo VideoPublication DownloadEnabling Beyond Surface Interactions for Interactive Surface with An InvisibleProjection.(Link)UIST2010 – 23rd Symposium on User Interface Software and Technology (October 3-6, 2010 NewYork, NY)Li-Wei Chan, Hsiang-Tao Wu, Hui-Shan Kao, Home-Ru Lin, JU-CHUN KO, Mike Y.Chen, Jane Hsu and Yi-Ping Hung. (9 Citations)Beyond the surface: 3D interactions for tabletop systems. In ACM SIGGRAPH2010 Emerging Technologies(Link)ACM SIGGRAPH ’10. International Conference on Computer Graphics and Interactive Techniques.Li-Wei Chan, Hsiang-Tao Wu, Hui-Shan Kao, Home-Ru Lin, JU-CHUN KO, Mike Y.Chen, Jane Hsu, and Yi-Ping Hung.Intro
  17. 17. JU-CHUN KOPublic Issues on Projected User Interface.2010 — Academic, PublicationWe argue that the Projected user interface (PUI) will introduce new problems both inenvironmental and social aspects which are seldom been explored. This paper ex-plores our rights to project and be projected in public space.ACM CHI 2010, Extended Abstracts on Human Factors in Computing Systems(Atlanta, US)
  18. 18. JU-CHUN KOMug-Forest2009 — Academic, Interactive, PublicationThis study of mobile persuasion system explores the use of a mobile phone, when at-tached to an everyday object used by an everyday behavior, becomes a tool to senseand influence that behavior.ACM UbiComp ’09: the 11th international conference on Ubiquitous computing(2009)[acceptance rate 12%]My Role in this project -Co-Author, Project Leader, Concept, Visual Design & Video
  19. 19. JU-CHUN KOMug-Tree2007 — Academic, Interactive, PublicationMug-Tree: A Playful Mug to Encourage Healthy Habit of Drinking Fluid Regularly.A digital photo frame that will remind people to drink regularly. We have exploredthe design of a playful mug, called Mug-Tree, to motivate people to drink water regu-larly and to develop a good water-drinking habit.ACM UbiComp 2007, International Conference on Ubiquitous Computing (Inns-bruck, Austria)My Role in this project - Concept, Author & Video
  20. 20. ▾ SPECIAL EVENT ▾
  21. 21. Meet President.Posted on 2011 年 03 月 23 日 in Special — Share this viaAs a blogger with a little famous in Taiwan, I was invited as guest campaign consultant duringTaiwan presidential election 2012. (This is true! And he won.), and as a consultant on web andsocial networking strategy for the Taiwanese government.Presentation to the President Ma in Presidential Office, October 14, 2010.Interview with President Ma in Presidential Office, June 18, 2011.
  22. 22. Judge for TV Show (TTV)Posted on 2013 年 06 月 02 日 in Special — Share this viaAppStar is a Reality TV Show for App developers competing with each other by their works,the show make the jury to select the final champion of the Best App Star. It runs about12 episodes, on TTV (Taiwan Television) channel every Saturday afternoon, from Septemberto December 2011. I was invited as the jury for 8~10 episodes.[ Episodes on Youtube ]
  23. 23. JU-CHUN KO雨生雨生 11 – a memorial photography exhibition2007 — Creative, Performance, PhotographyAn event to memorize an famous Taiwanese singer, who had passed-by for ten years.I cosplay him, and make a series of photo. The exhibition was held in a legendary latenight cafe called "MO! Relax Cafe."Postcard.
  24. 24. JU-CHUN KOSinging in Cafe2007, 2008 — Artworks, Performance, SpecialTo memorize my favorite singers the 10th and 11th anniversary of his death, in 2007and 2008, I held two small concert in cafe, sing his song, try to recall peoples memoryof him.
  25. 25. ▾ ARTWORKs ▾
  26. 26. JU-CHUN KOI AM: All Living Things2012 — Artworks, Interactive, PerformanceThis interactive work invites the visitor to experience a journey of choice and mani-festation, by giving the visitor an opportunity to ponder the age-old question of “whoam I”. Using the technology of eye ball motion detection, participants communicatewith the digital images through their eyes. During the duality process, they feel theblurred boundary between selves and others.MOCA Taipei Studio: Being – The Digital Eye: Interactive MediaExhibition (TW)Trans-journey – 2012 Future Media Festival, Kaundu MOFA (TW)Selected Award – 5th Digital Art Festival Taipei – KTMy Role in this project -Co-Author, Co-Concept & VideoDemo Video
  27. 27. Selected Award – 2nd Taipei Digital Art Festival“Not One Less”, is my first known Tech-art work, which was inspired by a moviewith the same name directed by a famous Chinese director -Zhang Yimou. The goalof this work is to persuade people to re-think about the lost of “digital me.”The 2nd Taipei Digital Art Festival / Selected Award (Taiwan)KT Digital Art Award 2007 / Silver Prize (Taiwan)Exhibition at Wikimania 2007 (Taiwan)Taipei Digital Art Festival is the largest Tech-art Festival in Taiwan, and is the most repre-sentative to get such award for a tech-art work.Wikimania is an annual international conference for users of the wiki projects operated by theWikimedia Foundation (such as Wikipedia and other sister projects).
  28. 28. JU-CHUN KOWhere2009 — Artworks, Interactive, PerformanceA tech-art experimental work, using Pico-projector as a life-compass.
  29. 29. Using pico-projector in this work, to project random/dynamic arrow to answer some frequent-ly asked questions, which were collected from Google Search Suggestion.
  30. 30. JU-CHUN KOBomber King2004 — Creative, Designworks, GameAn interactive game, which allow user to use innovative controller to enjoy the game.The controller was designed by the similar tech of Wii-remote, but earlier than the an-nouncement of Nintendo Wii.A Wii-remote like game called- “Bomber King”, which were designed in November2004 for 4C National Digital Content Award, way before Nintendo Wii announce-ment, and win the Finalist prize.Selected Award, 4C National Digital Content Award 2004: Digital Game Catego-ry (TW)My Role in this project – Concept, Design & Animation
  31. 31. JU-CHUN KODSN5 – Dark Street No. 52003 — Creative, Designworks, WebAn early project using Flash, 3DMax and Cartoon Rendered Engine. Like the reflec-tion effect of water on the ground.Move your mouse to play.The atmosphere of Dark Street No5
  32. 32. ▾ CONTACT ME ▾
  33. 33. JU-CHUN KOContactFor all the talent you require. And all the talent you can’t requirewithout.I am a Computer Science Ph. D, graduated from National Taiwan University in 2012,with artistic mind and design eye. Through my interdisciplinary background – Bach-elor of Art, and Master of Informatics (Design), I have done several type of works and
  34. 34. was actively enjoying entrepreneurship in these years.[ Full Resume and a list of my references. ][Tech & HCI] [Mobile] [Dev Communities] [Artworks] [Special Experience]Feel free to call me at +886.917.191.882, to arrange a time to meet or a phone inter-view. I am willing and well-prepared to go abroad for any job or academic position.Looking forward to hearing from you.Peace & Cheers,Sincerely Yours, Ju-Chun, Ko ( a.k.a dAb)I am here,地圖資料 ©2013 AutoNavi, Google, Kingway, ZENRIN - 使用條款Send me a message.Hello, KO.
  35. 35. Ju Chun KoCo-Founder of Linkwish, Incdablog@gmail.com1 person has recommended Ju Chun"Ju-Chun is very enthusiastic about interaction design. He supported and raised lots of activities in this area,like OpneHCI Workshop 2009, and OpenHCI Workshop 2011. He is also very active. He was a leader ofgraduate student association. Right now, he becomes an entrepreneur, as a co-founder of LinkWish.com. Inshort, he is a very active, smart, and creative guy whom I ever met."— Kai-Yin Cheng, PhD Student, National Taiwan University, studied with Ju Chun at National TaiwanUniversityContact Ju Chun on LinkedInPage11
  36. 36. Honors and AwardsMobile Category AwardFacebook, Inc. 2012 Facebook World Hack Day (Taipei)September 2012The social travel app, “Tripmkr- Before Sunrise, Before Sunset”, lets people plan their trip and share theexperience with friends using information from the social network. People can scan the t-shirt to link to theother traveler’s Facebook profile, share great places or even using image recognition as the trigger tocheck-in."Ive never seen a travel app like this before!" - Facebook#Head of Developer Advocacy, James Pearce.Category AwardNintendo, Co. JP. 1st Nintendo 3DS 3D Photo ContestJanuary 2012#STEAK ATTACK!#- Using my 3DS to do snapshot in steak house, and win the prize in Japan. Nintendo 3DPhoto Contest was known for the first public 3D photo contest in Japan. The prize is a giant Mario statueshipping from Japan by Nintendo company with a congratulation letter.Selected AwardInternational Independent Arcade Festival2007Sociable Tetris 360 is a collaborative Tetris game played by finger touch. The game is projected onto acylinder and has multi-touch functionality. The system is the world’s first curved-surface FTIR multi-touchsystem. - http://indiecade.com/games/selected/sociable-tetris-360* The first and only Taiwan team to won the Selected Award of Individual Game Festival.ProjectsiBeauty99December 2009 to PresentMembers:Ju Chun KoiBeauty99 is a lifestyle app with intuitive Homescreen-like UI, which can automatically grabbing the hottestbeauties pictures online by human interest, and directly push to users iPhone/iPod.* Overall Top#1 in App Store in Taiwan, 30,000 downloads among 100,000 iPhone in Taiwan in 2009, andget reported by local press hardly, including TVBS, TTV, Apple Daily, and other main medias.LinkwishPage2
  37. 37. November 2010 to PresentMembers:Ju Chun KoLinkwish is the first Social Network Service that is aiming on real-life activities, link others by sharing yourwishes in common with someone else.* The 1st LBS App in Taiwan, 35,000 downloads/ updates, 10,000 registered members (2010)* 28 Ratings for 4 Stars.MOS OrderJuly 2012 to PresentMembers:Ju Chun KoThe best way to order MOS BURGER on the fly. Provides Delivery Service and QR Code Order and moreamazing services. Popular in Taiwan. Available both on iOS and Android.* One of the most popular Food & Drinks App in Taiwan, over 500,000 downloads/ updates;* Earn 5M revenue per-month for MOS BURGER (The 2nd largest Fastfood Brand in Taiwan);* 800 Ratings for 4.5 Stars.Tripmkr.comSeptember 2012 to PresentMembers:Ju Chun KoWith our new social travel service- Tripmkr, an App with App-generated Trip plan t-Shirt printing service,makes your trip more social more wonderful. With Tripmkr, you can always connect to new people and newplace, make Lonely Planet never be lonely.*Winner of Best Mobile APP in Facebook Developer World Hack 2012 @ Taipei.ExperienceAlternative Military Services at Taipei City Government, Department of Environmental ProtectionJanuary 2013 - Present (6 months)CEO & Co-Founder at Linkwish, Inc.January 2011 - December 2012 (2 years)Linkwish a startup company in Taiwan, ships great Apps that drives over 500,000 times downloads and 5Mrevenue per month for our contracted client.- Product Design.- Business DevelopmentAdjunct Assistant Professor at Shih Chien University, Institute of Communications DesignSeptember 2011 - August 2012 (1 year)Page3
  38. 38. Adjunct Instructor at Computer & Information Networking Center, National Taiwan University2005 - 2008 (3 years)OrganizationsFacebook HeroesMember HeroDecember 2012 to Present* Facebook Heroes, an official private dev-group initiate and maintained by Facebook Developer Advocateteam, only less than 20 members has been recruited from worldwide.Facebook Hack Meetup TaiwanFounder & Program Commitee2012 to Present1st Facebook Hack Meetup Taiwan ––http://meetup.com/Facebook-Hack-Meetup-Taiwan/ — 2012[Soon become one of the largest Tech Meetup group in Taiwan.]TPE TechMeetupFounder & Steering Committee2012 to Present1st TPE TechMeetup 2012 — http://www.techmeetup.tw/OpenHCICo-Founder2009 to Present* Co-Founder & Program co-Chairs, 1st OpenHCI Workshop 2009 — http://2009.openhci.com/* Steering Committee, 2nd OpenHCI Workshop 2011 — http://www.openhci.com/Honors and AwardsFinalists, "Not One Less", The 2nd Taipei Digital Art Festival 2007; Taipei, TaiwanSilver Prize, "Not One Less", kt Digital Art Award 2007; Taipei, TaiwanSilver Prize, "Wetris", kt Digital Art Award 2008; Taipei, TaiwanThird Prize, "Multitouch Cylindrical Display", The 3rd ACER Long-Term Award; TaiwanTechnical Break Through Prize, "Turning Rust into Gold.", kt Digital Art Award 2009; Taipei, TaiwanFinalist, Kt Digital Art Award 2010; Taipei, TaiwanPage4
  39. 39. Interestsbuilding new things, initiate events, new technology, entrepreneurship, photography, travel, creative design,reading, movie.Skills & ExpertiseInteraction DesignMobile ApplicationsHuman Computer InteractionJavaScriptUser ExperienceEntrepreneurshipAndroidHTMLCSSSolid Presentation SkillsFlashActionScriptHTML 5LanguagesEnglish (Professional working proficiency)Chinese (Native or bilingual proficiency)PublicationsTransformational Breathing between Present and Past: Virtual Exhibition System of the Mao-Kung TingACM MMM10: the 16th international conference on Advances in Multimedia Modeling January 2011Authors: Ju Chun KoChun-Ko Hsieh, Xin Tong, Yi-Ping Hung, Chia-Ping Chen, JU-CHUN KO, Meng-Chieh Yu, Han-Hung Lin,Szu-Wei Wu, Yi-Yu Chung, Liang-Chun Lin, Ming-Sui Lee, Chu-Song Chen, Jiaping Wang, Quo-Ping Lin,I-Ling Liui-m-Space: Interactive Multimedia-Enhanced Space for Rehabilitation of Breast Cancer PatientsACM Multimedia 2010 International Conference (ACM MM 10) October 2010Authors: Ju Chun KoJU-CHUN KO, Wei-Han Chen, Meng-Chieh Yu, Han-Hung Lin, Jin-Yao Lin, Szu-Wei Wu, Yi-Yu Chung,I-Ling Hu, Wei-Ting Peng, Shih-Yao Lin, Chia Han Chang, Pei-Hsuan Chou, King-Jen Chang, Mei-LanChang, Sue-huei Chen, Jin-Shing Chen, Ming-Sui Lee, Mike Y. Chen, Yi-Ping Hung. (1 Citations)This paper presents i-m-Space, an interactive multimedia rehabilitation space that helps the post-surgeryrecovery of breast cancer patients. Our goal is to improve patients physical therapy and psychologicalrelaxation experience through careful applications of multimedia technology. i-m-Space consists of threePage5
  40. 40. types of breathing-based relaxation and three types for interactive exercise-based rehabilitation.Our inter-disciplinary team includes medical professionals, multimedia engineers, designers, and artists. Wehave implemented i-m-Space in an experimental space in collaboration a local breast cancer foundation. Toevaluation i-m-Space, we have recruited several patients who recently recovered from breast cancer to usei-m-Space and to share their first-hand experiences. Our contributions includes the following: 1) injecting asense of fun and playfulness into traditional therapy to attract patients; 2) providing therapists with sufficientflexibility so they can personalize therapy sessions for each patient; 3) maintaining safety of patients.i-m-Tube: an Interactive Multi-resolution Tubular DisplayACM Multimedia 2010 International Conference (ACM MM 10) October 2010Authors: Ju Chun KoJin-Yao Lin, Yen-Yu Chen, JU-CHUN KO, HuiShan Kao, Wei-Han Chen, Tsun-Hung Tsai, Su-Chu Hsu,Yi-Ping Hung (8 Citations)In this paper we introduce a tubular interface, the i-m-Tube, which provides convenient user interaction withmultimedia content by multi-touch input and multi-resolution display. With its tubular surface, the i-m-Tubeis suitable for displaying panoramic image content like the Chinese scroll painting "Along the River Duringthe Chingming Festival" which has been regarded as a national treasure and widely known by itsextraordinary width and its various details. The strength of our system is that it is not just suitable fordisplaying panoramic content, but also possible to create an intuitive and natural context for user interactionwith multimedia content displayed on the i-m-Tube by multi-finger touch. It also provides a high resolutionarea on demand, which is projected by a steerable projector in a Full-HD resolution. We have developed oursystem as an interface which can be applied adaptively to different applications, having the features ofmulti-touch and multi-resolution interactivity on a tubular display. In this work, we have implemented severalprototypes designed for different applications, like "Tetris360" aiming on co-op arcade gaming, and"Panoramic Cover Flow" for interactive digital signage, to show the capabilities and opportunities of thei-m-Tube display system. With our preliminary experiments on the i-m-Tube, it is exciting to see the potentialof the i-m-Tube as a new interface for people to meet the interactive multimedia touch in this generation.Beyond the surface: 3D interactions for tabletop systems. In ACM SIGGRAPH 2010 EmergingTechnologiesACM SIGGRAPH ’10. International Conference on Computer Graphics and Interactive Techniques. 2010Authors: Ju Chun KoLi-Wei Chan, Hsiang-Tao Wu, Hui-Shan Kao, Home-Ru Lin, JU-CHUN KO, Mike Y. Chen, Jane Hsu, andYi-Ping Hung.Current tabletop systems are designed to sense 2D interactions taken place on the tabletop surface, such asfinger touches and tangible objects. The ability to interact above the tabletop surface makes it possible tosupport 3D interactions. For example, an architect can examine a 2D blueprint of a building shown on thetabletop display while inspecting 3D views of the building by moving a mobile display above the tabletop.Recent approaches to localize objects in 3D requires visible markers or the use of embedded sensors [Song etPage6
  41. 41. al. 2009]. The use of visible markers often interferes with the content users are focusing on, limiting itsusefulness and applicability.Enabling Beyond Surface Interactions for Interactive Surface with An Invisible Projection.UIST2010 - 23rd Symposium on User Interface Software and Technology (October 3-6, 2010 New York,NY) October 2010Authors: Ju Chun KoLi-Wei Chan, Hsiang-Tao Wu, Hui-Shan Kao, Home-Ru Lin, JU-CHUN KO, Mike Y. Chen, Jane Hsu andYi-Ping Hung. (9 Citations)This paper presents a programmable infrared (IR) technique that utilizes invisible, programmable markers tosupport interaction beyond the surface of a diffused-illumination (DI) multi-touch system. We combine an IRprojector and a standard color projector to simultaneously project visible content and invisible markers.Mobile devices outfitted with IR cameras can compute their 3D positions based on the markers perceived.Markers are selectively turned off to support multi-touch and direct on-surface tangible input. The proposedtechniques enable a collaborative multi-display multi-touch tabletop system. We also present three interactivetools: i-m-View, i-m-Lamp, and i-m-Flashlight, which consist of a mobile tablet and projectors that users canfreely interact with beyond the main display surface. Early user feedback shows that these interactive devices,combined with a large interactive display, allow more intuitive navigation and are reportedly enjoyable touse.Public issues on projected user interface.ACM CHI 2010, Extended Abstracts on Human Factors in Computing Systems April 2010Authors: Ju Chun KoJU-CHUN KO, Li-Wei Chan, Yi-Ping Hung. (3 Citations)What will happen when pocket projectors become mainstream personal display channels? What will beaffected when numerous projections intrude our living space without proper control? Todays technology inprojection has promised a big screen viewing experience from mobile devices, pushing us toward a trulyubiquitous display environment. But, is our society prepared for the next projection-generation?We argue that the Projected user interface (PUI) will introduce new problems both in environmental andsocial aspects which are seldom been explored. This paper explores our rights to project and be projected inpublic space. Can we project on human body without asking for permission? Can we refuse to be projected?Can projection pollute the environment and influence the people therein? This paper proposes several issuesabout peoples rights on projection, and provide discussions on possible solutions.Playful bottle: a mobile social persuasion system to motivate healthy water intake.UbiComp ’09: Proceedings of the 11th international conference on Ubiquitous computing (2009) [acceptancerate 12%] 2009Authors: Ju Chun KoMeng-Chieh Chiu, Shih-Ping Chang, Yu-Chen Chang, Hao-Hua Chu, Cheryl Chia-Hui Chen, Fei-HsiuPage7
  42. 42. Hsiao, JU-CHUN KO. (35 Citations)This study of mobile persuasion system explores the use of a mobile phone, when attached to an everydayobject used by an everyday behavior, becomes a tool to sense and influence that behavior. This mobilepersuasion system, called Playful Bottle system, makes use of a mobile phone attached to an everydaydrinking mug and motivates office workers to drink healthy quantities of water. A camera and accelerometersensors in the phone are used to build a vision/motion-based water intake tracker to detect the amount andregularity of water consumed by the user. Additionally, the phone includes hydration games in which naturaldrinking actions are used as game input. Two hydration games are developed: a single-user TreeGame withautomated computer reminders and a multi-user ForestGame with computer-mediated social reminders frommembers of the group playing the game. Results from 7-week user study with 16 test subjects suggest thatboth hydration games are effective for encouraging adequate and regular water intake by users. Additionally,results of this study suggest that adding social reminders to the hydration game is more effective than systemreminders alone.Multimedia Feedback for Improving Breathing Habit.U-Media 2008: 1st IEEE International Conference on Ubi-media ComputingAuthors: Ju Chun KoMeng-Chieh Yu, Yi-Ping Hung, King-Jen Chang, Jin-Shing Chen, Su-Chu Hsu, JU-CHUN KO. (6 Citations)Breathing is one of the most important functions in human body. Usually, people do not know enough abouthow to breathe. Therefore, we develop a system which can detect the userpsilas breathing status and assisthim by multimedia. Our system allows a user to know their bodypsilas physical conditions and, through themultimedia interactive feedback of the sense, the user can check weather their physical conditions are normal.This physiological biofeedback system provides users an effective way to learn efficient breathing andemotional control, and finally it helps to improve physical and mental health. In this way, it can help the usersto remain in relaxed condition most of the time. By combining smart clothing, interactive multimedia, andexpert knowledge of medical research and clinics, we build a smart clothing system which can amend theuserpsilas breathing habit, strengthen his immunity and improve his physical and mental health in a friendlyand natural way.An Interactive Multimedia Web EditoreScience 08: IEEE Fourth International Conference on e-Science December 2008Authors: Ju Chun KoChung Li Fei-Pi Chu, Hsiang-An Wang, JU-CHUN KONowadays, many people started to produce personal web pages, and most web pages contain multimediacontent. However, there are some problems with the design of web content, the web editor provided by webpages is very inconvenient, and there also exists the inconsistent problem on web content when the contenthad been accessed. To resolve these problems, we propose a multimedia on-line editing technique thatenables users to edit web content and add comments on-line. In addition, web content on different web sitescan be easily accessed by our system. The original web content that is accessed can be updated at the samePage8
  43. 43. time so that both versions are the same. The proposed system can also be used to e-learning. This functionhelps people who produce abundance and a large number of teaching materials, and it facilitates interactionand communication among users.QPalm: A gesture recognition system for remote control with list menu.U-Media 2008: IEEE International Conference on Ubi-media Computing July 2008Authors: Ju Chun KoYu-Hsin Chang, Li-Wei Chan, JU-CHUN KO. (4 Citations)The coming ubiquity of digital media content is driving the need of a solution for improving the interactionbetween the people and media. In this work, we proposed a novel interaction technique, QPalm, which allowsthe user to control the media via a list menu shown on a distant display by drawing circles in the air with onehand. To manipulate a list menu remotely, QPalm includes two basic functions, browse and choosing,realized by recognizing the userpsilas palm performing circular and push motions in the air. The circularmotion provides fluidity in scrolling a menu up and down, while push motion is intuitive when the userdecided to choose an item during a circular motion. Based on this design, we develop a vision system basedon a stereo camera to track the userpsilas palm without interfering by intruders behind or next to the operatinguser. For more specifically, the contribution of the work includes: (1) an intuitive interaction technique,QPalm, for remote control with list menu, and (2) a palm tracking algorithm to support QPalm based onmerely depth and motion information of images for a practical consideration.Mug-Tree: A Playful Mug to Encourage Healthy Habit of Drinking Fluid RegularlyACM UbiComp 2007: ACM International Conference on Ubiquitous Computing September 2007Authors: Ju Chun KoJU-CHUN KO. Yi-Ping, Hung. Hao-Hua, Chu. (5 Citations)We have explored the design of a playful mug, called Mug-Tree, to motivate people to drink water regularlyand to develop a good water-drinking habit. Our system includes (1) a smart mug that can recognize userdrinking from it, and (2) a digital photo frame that displays a playful game connecting water drinking towatering a virtual tree. The Mug-Tree reminds users to drink water regularly, and also help users to develop agood water drinking habit by attracting continuous participation to this game.Authorship and Liquidity in Wikiart.WikiPedia2007: The International Conference of Wikimedia July 2007Authors: Ju Chun KoSu-Chu, Hsu, JU-CHUN KOPage9
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