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Execsum Vc


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mobilogic2 Executive Summary

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Execsum Vc

  1. 1. TM TM 2 Case Solved™ Executive Summary September, 2009 “If your new business sets out to make meaning, you have a chance at making money. If it sets out to make money, you probably won’t.” -Guy Kawasaki Main Contact: TM 2 Case Solved™ 720.382.9398 Promo Video Denver, CO. D.J. Sherman, CEO This document contains confidential and proprietary information belonging exclusively to 21st Century Mobile, LLC. It is not to be copied or duplicated in any way. It does not imply an offering of securities.
  2. 2. 2 What do people buy? Things that ease their pain and make life easier, better & more efficient. In the laptop computing world, something unprecedented is about to do that in a very big way. mobilogic2 and the CEO were recently featured on a Denver area TV show. Our team leaders, Board of Directors and Advisory Board have worked for Oracle Systems®, Case Logic®, NASA and other Fortune 500’s. The Problem Laptops were designed to free and empower us. Watching your battery time, packing and unpacking your case/bag, plugging & unplugging accessories, untangling cords or forgetting them altogether, and dealing with airport security, to name a few, do anything but. The Solution Enter mobilogic2, the world’s first all-in-one mobile office. Imagine computing right inside your sleek, light- weight laptop case that has 10 hours of built-in rechargeable battery life. Instantly transform its appearance to suit your style or situation. Simplicity and user-friendliness are inherent in its long list of ground breaking features & benefits all complimented by a competitive price. The Opportunity *Laptop computing is a $30 billion dollar industry and a top 3 growth industry for the next decade. Our ini- tial launch targets the niche of 4 million laptop owning business travelers . 95% of them own a laptop case costing an average of $199. That’s $756,200,000 spent in 2008, an increase of 11% from 2007. Apart from the retail sector, we have identified a stream of distribution channels, including corporate private labeling. Confirmed introductions to Michael Dell and a US military contract are in place via Jeffrey Magee, Managerial Leadership Specialist and consultant to NASA , Pfizer® and others. “2009 looks to be turning point for the PC industry. The shift toward mobility is happening quicker than expected, and innovative trends making their way into the market.” -Doug Bell, IDC Market Research Analyst, U.S. PC Tracker Our Competitive Advantage Our sustainable advantage is that we are out to make meaning, not just money. Targus International® and Case Logic® account for over 80% of all laptop case sales in America* under a status quo dating back to the 1980’s; that its only purpose is to haul stuff and keep your computer from getting scratched up. Our product is savvy, qualified people executing an idea whose time has come. Advantage mobilogic2. *IT Facts Online Magazine, 2008.
  3. 3. Business Model We innovate on technology, not business models. Keep it simple. If it costs $1 to make, sell it for $2 and make your margin. Generate revenues from sales of our product line to consumers through multiple distribution channels and create strong brand identity. Exit through license or acquisition of our IP to an Apple®, Dell®, HP® or other within 3-5 years. Team We have seasoned industry insiders who have been hit by the mobilogic2 bug. They see themselves as be- ing a part of something extraordinary. Among them is marketing expert Doug Edwards, who served at our direct competitor, Case Logic®, for the last 6 years. Our sourcing guru, Rich Wannacott, has 25 years expe- rience in textile products including Asics® brand sneakers & sports clothing. His extensive knowledge of distribution channels and retail strategies is a great fit for us. Our advisory board includes people like Anthony Sanchez, Director of Marketing for Oracle Systems® from 1992 to 2000. Amy Wenslow, our product placement specialist, has placed $3,000,000 of product in Costco® within just the last year. And our prototyping and design team are not dreamers, they place emphasis on real-world manufacturability at the best price. Projections People are writing checks to pre-order mobilogic2 only having seen our early stage prototype. They predict a cult-like following among laptop users. Our fundamental promise is that we will ask ourselves one ques- tion before we do anything. Does it benefit our investors & customers? Revenue Projections Year 1 & 2 Q4 (year 1) $1,407,000 Year 3 Year 4 Q1 $2,613,000 Q1 $6,030,000 Q1 $9,246,000 Q2 $4,824,000 Q2 $6,432,000 Q2 $10,050,000 Q3 $5,226,000 Q3 $8,040,000 Q3 $10,452,000 Q4 $5,628,000 Q4 $8,442,000 Q4 $10,878,000 Funding 21st Century Mobile™ 21st Century Mobile requests funding in the amount of $25 Million dollars. $5 Million will be used for the requirements of market penetration while $20 Million will be used to execute our expan- sion plans short listed below. • An expansive product line to serve people including net book mini case with built-in CD Rom, 13”, 15.4” & 17” sizes, wheel bag, convertible backpack and more • Branding an entire line of laptop peripherals and accessories to mobilogic2 • Future acquisition of competing product lines and/or applicable patents • IP defense reserve fund • Execute corporate private label and US Military contracts Other available documents (signing of NDA may be required) : expanded overview • product images • full business & marketing plans • power point pres. • proforma financial statements