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Visualize Your Data With Microsoft Visio 2010 From Atidan June 12 2012


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The advanced diagramming tools of Microsoft® Visio® 2010 help you simplify complexity with dynamic, data-driven visuals and new ways to share on the Web in real-time. Whether you’re creating an organizational chart, a network diagram, or a business process, the new tools and more intuitive interface in Visio 2010 make it easier to bring your diagrams to life. Start by building your diagram with a diverse set of professional-looking templates and modern, pre-drawn shapes. Then, easily link your diagram to popular data sources (such as Microsoft® Office Excel®). You’ll see data automatically refresh right within your diagram, reflected in vibrant visuals such as icons, symbols, colors, and bar graphs. Finally, with just a few clicks, publish your data-linked diagram to Microsoft® SharePoint® Server 2010, and provide access to others on the Web, even if they don’t have Visio. Together, simplicity, data-driven shapes, and Web sharing make Visio one of the most powerful ways to see and understand important information.

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Visualize Your Data With Microsoft Visio 2010 From Atidan June 12 2012

  1. 1. Sophie ShuklinVice PresidentJune 12, 2012 An organization chart drawn with Visio Professional 2010 showing real time KPI’s for individual managers
  2. 2. Simplify Connect Share• Intuitive • Dynamic • Real-time• Professional • Data-Driven • Consistent• Diverse • Insightful • Accessible Advanced Diagramming Made Simple!
  3. 3. Simplify Map Network CAD Drawing Diagram Flowchart Floor Plan Rack Diagram Swimlane DiagramChart Engineering Diagram Organizational Timeline Flowchart Swimlane DiagramFlowchart & Business diagrams BPMN Diagram Fishbone Diagram CAD Drawing Engineering DiagramEngineering diagrams HVAC Diagram Map Floor Plan CalendarMaps and Floor Plans Mind Map or Diagram BPMN Brainstorming Diagram UML Diagram Fishbone Diagram Entity Website Map Diagram Relationship Mind Map or Brainstorming Diagram Website Map HVAC Diagram Network Diagram Rack DiagramNetwork & Software diagrams Gantt Chart UML Diagram Entity Relationship Diagram Organizational Chart TimelineSchedule diagrams Calendar Gantt Chart (Click on any image to open or close)
  4. 4. Connect Before Data Connected Dynamic Data Driven Diagrams After Data Connected PivotDiagram PivotDiagram (Click on any imageA PivotDiagram is a collection of shapes arranged in a tree structure that helps to open or close)users to analyze and summarize data in a visual, easy-to-understand format
  5. 5. ShareView as a static web pageView in Outlook emailPublish to PDF/XPSPublish to SharePoint Server 2010 (Click on any image to open or close)
  6. 6. Ease of Use Process Management Visio Services • Flowcharting • Diagram• Office Fluent UI Experience Publishing• Shape Window Structured Enhancements • • Rendering and Diagrams Navigation• Diagramming SharePoint Improvements • • Data Integration Connectivity & Refresh
  7. 7. Visio ServicesPublish Visio Diagram to SharePoint Consumer requests updatesServer 2010 The server returns a PNG or XAML representation of refreshed Data Graphics SharePoint Server 2010 Consumer Consumers can navigate, refresh & access the diagram in a browserCreatorCreate Data-linked Diagram just asin Visio 2007 Database
  8. 8. New Visio Premium 450 406 44 Anderson, Elizabeth Allocation Active HC Sr. VP Sales Open HC Production Quality Assurance Packaging HC Marketing Budget Spending $ 6,474,993 Budget Attainment Yes Inventory (hrs) Inventory (hrs) Inventory (hrs) 65% 33 15 8.3 100 91 Uptime Uptime Uptime 20 20 (%) (%) (%) 8 Ordering Available? Cox, Oliver Shortt, Patrick 78 85 95 General Manager, North America General Manager, Asia Pacific HC Allocation 9 Active HC Open HC HC Allocation Inventory (hrs) Active HC Open HC Marketing Budget Spending $ 1,176,940 Marketing Budget Spending $ 1,898,543 28.8 Budget Attainment Budget Attainment 62% 13% Up tim e No Ship 40 (%) Weiss, Charlotte General Manager, Worldwide Gibbons, Phil General Manager, Telesales 20 20 40 40 Support 0 0 Inventory (hrs) HC Allocation 18 HC Allocation Active HC Open HC Active HC Marketing Budget Spending $ 1,270,654 Marketing Budget Spending $ 65,987 Uptime Open HC Budget Attainment Budget Attainment (%) 64% 13% 72 Diverse set of intuitive and Dynamic, data-driven diagrams Intelligent and Advanced diagramsProduct professional diagrams. with real-time web-sharing. and process tools.Theme Simplify complexity with a diverse set Bring your diagrams to life with Improve consistency and accuracy of intuitive and professional tools for dynamic, data-driven visuals that are across your organization with advanced diagramming. connected to real-time data and can diagramming and new process be easily shared online with anyone. management tools. Diverse set of diagrams including: Dynamic, data-driven diagrams in: Intelligent and advanced diagrams inSolution • Flowchart / Swimlane • Business Intelligence • Business Process Analysis / BPMScenario • Org Chart / Block Diagram • IT Management & Security • Compliance/ Quality • Timeline / Calendar • Business & Technical Drawings • Rule-based Diagrams • Communicate effectively through • Deliver rich, visual dashboards • Save time with intelligent & easy-to-Product clear and professional diagrams across the organization using use process mapping templates, • Save time with: SharePoint and Visio Services including pre-defined shapes andValue  A wide variety of pre-drawn • Drill down with Pivot Diagrams to templates such as BPMN and Six Sigma shapes & templates provide graphical BI analysis to • Drive standardization and re-use with  Auto alignment & spacing Excel, Access, SQL, or any Subprocesses  Intuitive navigation and OLEDB/ODBC data source • Model SharePoint workflows for consistent Office Fluent UI • Use a diverse set of specialized execution and monitoring on SharePoint 2010 server • Make your Office documents more diagrams • Maximize consistency and accuracy visual with Visio diagrams • Import, save, and work with CAD across your organization with Diagram files Validation that can find common errors or check for business logic
  9. 9. Themes Subprocess Office Fluent UI Quick Shapes Mini Toolbar Auto Align & Space 1. Find and access the features you need Office Fluent UI New Shapes Window Quick Shapes more quicklyDynamic, data- Status BardrivenNew Shapes Window diagram Quick Shapes Auto Align & Space Quick Shapes Mini Toolbar 2. Create and modify diagrams faster Dynamic Grid Dynamic Grid Add Shapes Delete Shapes Sub Process 3. Simplify large and complex diagrams Live Preview Container Container Themes 4. Make your diagrams appealing and Add Shapes professional-looking Live Preview Data in Excel Delete Shapes Revenue Marketing Budget HC Active Open Name Anderson, Elizabeth Title Sr. VP Sales Revenue 524205256 1.01 6474993 0.65 Status Bar Attainment Budget Spending Attainmen Allocation HC 450 406 HC 44 Dynami c, data- 5. Bring your diagrams to life driven diagram Gibbons, Phil General Manager, Telesales 2345654 0.84 65987 0.13 20 20 0 Shortt, Patrick General Manager, Asia Pacific 43938475 1.02 1898543 0.73 140 132 8 Name Dat a in Anderson, Elizabeth Exc Gibbons, Phil Shortt, Patrick Title Sr. VP Sales General Manager, Telesales General Manager, Asia Pacific Revenue 524205256 2345654 43938475 Revenue 1.01 0.84 1.02 Marketing 6474993 65987 1898543 Budget 0.65 0.13 0.73 HC 450 20 140 Active Open Attainment Budget Spending Attainmen Allocation HC 406 20 132 HC 44 0 8 el Roland, Alex General Manager, Western Europe 125603845 1.12 1498543 0.65 100 80 20 Roland, Alex General Manager, Western Europe 125603845 1.12 1498543 0.65 100 80 20 Weiss, Charlotte General Manager, Worldwide Support 4654322 0.91 1270654 0.64 40 40 0 Cox, Oliver General Manager, North America 344095766 0.96 1176940 0.62 100 91 9 Hansen, Anne Grethe General Manager, Eastern Europe 3567194 0.89 564326 0.81 50 43 7 (Click on any image Weiss, Charlotte General Manager, Worldwide Support 4654322 0.91 1270654 0.64 40 40 0 Cox, Oliver General Manager, North America 344095766 0.96 1176940 0.62 100 91 9 Hansen, Anne Grethe General Manager, Eastern Europe 3567194 0.89 564326 0.81 50 43 7 to open or close)
  10. 10. General Business Engineer Maps and Process Network Schedule Software andRoles/ Diagram Types Diagrams Diagrams Diagrams Floor Flows Diagrams Diagrams Database in Visio 2010 PlansHRSalesMarketingProject ManagersFacilities ManagersOperations /Production/Quality ManagersNetwork/IT ManagersDesktop SupportCompliance OfficersEngineeringSoftwareDeveloper/Architect
  11. 11. ProcessNew features in Visio 2010 for Process Management • DiagrammingLevel 1: enhancements aid bothProductivity creation and maintenance of process diagrams • Diagram structure helps keep things organized • Store process diagramsLevel 2: in central repository inCollaboration SharePoint Server 2010 • View processes using Visio Services in SharePoint Server 2010
  12. 12. IT Visio IT Pro Value Proposition Available Free Visio ShapesLevel 1: IT Diagram fordesigning, modeling, IBM AlliedTelesyn Easy Diagramming with Dell BlueCoatand planning HP Cisco Sun • Familiar User Interface - NEC Clavister Office UI* Fujitsu Cyclades Hitachi Extreme Networks • Predefined IT Shapes & Panasonic OKI Templates Quintum Juniper • Large Drawing Canvas* Remtech MicroPlex • Container* Tivoli MGE • Publish IT diagrams to US Robotics MTMnet Foundry NetPlex SharePoint Server 2010 in NetToNet real time* *New features in Visio 2010 Data-linked IT Diagram = Logical Diagram + Physical IT InformationLevel 2: Data-linked ITDiagram with systemintegration Visio 2010 allows real time data connectivity to System Center using Visio 2010 Add-in for System Center Operations Manager 2007 R2
  13. 13. BIVisio allows data connectivity to multiple data sources and provides valuable business insights Level 1: Visio diagrams can be connected to data sources Putting data on diagrams makes the information meaningful and helps in identifying trends and exceptions at a glance Level 2: Visio 2010 allows data-driven diagrams to be published to SharePoint Server 2010 in real time* *New feature in Visio 2010
  14. 14. Compliance Diagram Validation Six Sigma TemplateVisio provides manytemplates for Audit andQuality Support for Business Process Modeling Notation (BPMN)New Features in Visio2010 for Compliance
  15. 15. FacilitiesVisio provides manytemplates for Maps andFloor Plans Right ClickNew features in Visio2010 for FacilitiesManagement Import, save, and work with CAD files from AutoCAD 2008Enhanced CAD support
  16. 16. sharepoint@atidan.comContact Atidan +1-215-825-5045 x5004 Trained on us/Pages/default.aspx Visio 2010