Using BrightWork for Project Management with SharePoint 2010 - from Atidan


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Using BrightWork for Project Management with SharePoint 2010 - from Atidan

  1. 1. Manage Projectson SharePoint 2010 with BrightWork
  2. 2. What is BrightWork?BrightWork is aSharePoint solution forthe management ofprojects, portfolios andwork that is fast andinexpensive to deployand simple toconfigure and evolve
  3. 3. Microsofts SharePoint ISV Partner Ecosystem ECM Search Tech Technology Solutions Business Business SolutionsBPIO Search Solutions SolutionsECM Interop Document Taxonomy Backup & Security Application Dev. Construction &• OpenText Assembly Management Restore • Trend Micro • Corasworks Engineering• EMC- • Business Integrity • Concept Searching • AvePoint • Symantec • Bamboo • AutoDesk Documentum • Xinnovation • Interse • CommVault • Bentley• IBM-FileNet • Content • SchemaLogic • Symantec – eLearning • Dassualt• Oracle-Stellent Technologies • Synaptica Veritas Translation • PTC• SAP • MarkLogic Services • IntraLearn • UGS • Idiom Replication • IceFire CRMRecords Mgmt Physical Query • NSI Enhancements • Syntergy • Relavis Manufacturing• HP-Trim Records Mgmt • Infonic (iOra) • Portrait Software Visibility• CA • BA-Insight Accessibility • OmniRim• Unique World • Sinequa • Repli-web • HiSoftware • Invensys • Iron Mountain • Q-Go • Neverfail HR • Epicor • Productiv • Expert System • Nakisa • OSIsoftTransactional Governance • ICONICSContent Mgt. Administration • Workshare Content• KnowledgeLake • Quest • Mimosa Migration Multimedia Project• NextDocs • echoTechnology • CA• BlueThread • Casahl • Coveo • Data Assist • Securent Management Healthcare • Tzunami• Hyland • Metalogix • ClusterSeven •BrightWork • Broadpeak• Image Source Offline • Quest• Clearview BDC Connectors • Colligo Event/Response • BA-Insight • Infonic (iOra) WAN Legal Management • Handshake • Digi-Link Optimization • XMLAW Archiving Software • E-SponderDigital Asset • BlueCoat • Workshare • Commvault (Packeteer) • ESRIManagement • EMC-Centera Workflow • Cisco• Telestream • Hitachi Data • K2 • Certeon• Artesia Systems Protocol Utilities Real Estate • Nintex • Citrix• Equilibrium • Network Handlers • Flexnova • Skelta • Syntergy • Accruent Appliance • Allen Systems • Vorsite • AgilePointForms • Handshake • Mimosa Retail FinServ• Tec-IT Software • xmLaw Mobile • Red Prairie • Portrait Software• Kayentis Social • Cactus • FiServ• Texcel Computing • Formotus Commerce • TrueContext • RPM Car • NewsGator iFilters • Transpara • Wincor Nixdorf Contract MgmtLOB Integration • Telligent • Citeknet • ConnectBeam • C-Lutions• Sitrion (SAP) • Atlassian • IFilterShop • Corridor Consulting• ERP-Link
  4. 4. BrightWork – Company Summary• Microsoft Certified ISV partner with the EPM (Enterprise Project Management) competency• Customers in US, Canada, Mexico, Europe and Australia• 1995 – Started developing the BrightWork project management solution• Built on Lotus Notes from 1995 to 1999• Moved to Microsoft platforms in 1999• Have released a commercial work and project management product on Microsoft: – Exchange 2000 (webstore) – SharePoint 2001 (webstore) – SharePoint 2003 – SharePoint 2007 – SharePoint 2010
  5. 5. BrightWork– Product Summary• A mature application managing work and projects on the SharePoint 2007 and 2010 platforms• BrightWork - Process driven work and project management• You decide the level of management and structure required• Templates and reporting to manage work, tasks, projects, project offices and portfolios (Optional import / export / sync with Microsoft Project)
  6. 6. Typical Situation• In most organizations, work and projects come in different types and sizes, resulting in a need for differing levels of management.
  7. 7. Basic Work and Project Management• Many organizations manage work and projects using a mixture of Outlook and Excel...
  8. 8. The SharePoint Potential• ...and have begun to use SharePoint, but base SharePoint does not include the structure, templates or reporting needed for work and project management.
  9. 9. Work and Project Spectrum • BrightWork recognizes that organizations need to be able to manage work and projects with differing degrees of structure. Management Loosely Semi- FullyUnstructured by Exception Structured Structured Structured Manage Manage Manage Projects with a project with project with a few elements, more full lifecycle Emails, Phone Resolve Issues e.g. Project elements and and with Statement, a simple phases and Issues, Actions lifecycle gates
  10. 10. Manage Projects• BrightWork ships with templates for managing individual projects, from large to small, complex to simple.
  11. 11. All Project Sizes• Small projects can be managed from Conception, through Initiation, Implementation and Close-out in the Project Lite template
  12. 12. Microsoft Project Professional 2010• Project managers that use Microsoft Project Professional 2010 can plan using Project and collaborate using BrightWork on SharePoint, syncing the plan between Project and SharePoint as the project evolves.
  13. 13. Advanced Reporting - Gantt• BrightWork includes advanced reporting, such as Gantt charts that show the entire project in SharePoint, including tasks and parent items.
  14. 14. Advanced Reporting – My Work• My Work reports enable team members to see a snapshot of all their open work, work due soon and overdue work in multiple lists.
  15. 15. Advanced Reporting – Distribute• Reports can be distributed in a number of ways, including Print, Email and exported to Microsoft Excel.
  16. 16. Advanced Reporting – Emailer• Reports can be emailed on an automated schedule, such as sending every team member their My Work report on Monday morning.
  17. 17. Manage Portfolios• BrightWork also ships with templates for managing portfolios of multiple projects
  18. 18. Projects Tracker• The Projects Tracker template facilitates high- level updates to multiple projects in a simple Excel-like grid.
  19. 19. Projects Tracker• Senior Managers can view project updates very easily in cross-project dashboards.
  20. 20. Project Office• The Project Office template gives stakeholders (senior management, program managers etc) visibility across multiple projects.
  21. 21. Project Office• The Project Office also includes different perspectives on multiple projects: Project Status Work Issues Resourcing
  22. 22. Manage Demand• The Demand management templates assist with ensuring that only the necessary projects get approved and initiated.
  23. 23. Manage Work• The Work management templates deliver control and oversight over key work items that occur outside the formal context of projects.
  24. 24. SharePoint Configuration Options• BrightWork includes all the standard SharePoint configuration options
  25. 25. BrightWork Configuration Options• BrightWork also includes unique configuration options – such as the Column Visibility Settings page shown here
  26. 26. BrightWork Configuration Options• The reporting web parts that display the project information have extensive configuration and report editing features.
  27. 27. Template Growth and Reuse• All BrightWork template and project customizations can be easily captured, refined and reused using the Templates Area.
  28. 28. BrightWork in Summary• BrightWork is ideal for organizations that need to manage work and projects of different types and sizes in the one SharePoint environment.
  29. 29. Successful and Happy CustomersVisit our CaseStudies pagewhere you canreview casestudytestimonials andwatch customer-specificwebcasts.
  30. 30. Learn more about BrightWork• Visit and click Get Free Trial
  31. 31. Contact BrightWork