The new lync tech deck meetings - from atidan


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The new lync tech deck meetings - from atidan

  1. 1. Enterprise-readyUnified communications platform
  2. 2. Scheduled On premisesSpontaneous Online
  3. 3. Face-to-face without travel timeDesktop video calling is convenient and simpler to use.People are a more visible part of the experience,represented in HD pictures or video.Conversations feel human.Motion bring conversations to life; animations andeffects make the experience fluid.Colleagues or Lync federated contacts are easilyidentified as “video ready” and can be called directlyfrom the buddy list.Connect Lync users and to those who have access tovideo systems in a conference room.
  4. 4. Present to audiences, largeand small, with confidenceMeeting organizers and presenters control accessto Lync Meetings with ease.Lync provides useful views and transitionsbetween people and content.Presenters can confidently control how theyappear and what is shown to others.Controls do not overwhelm the presenter oraudience, distractions are kept to a minimum.Video can be used confidently.
  5. 5. Collaborate with peopledown the hall and acrossthe globeYou can see and collaborate on contentin real time with people in different locations.Conversation views are fluid and flexible.Responsive motion enables natural discussionamong others in the room or teleworking.
  6. 6. Share documentsbefore, during andafter meetingsOneNote enables new ways to collaboratein meetings.You can easily present your documentsin meetings.
  7. 7. Scheduled or spontaneousAccelerate the communication cycles that are a vital part ofeveryday business enabling instant messaging, voice andvideo calling and spontaneous Lync Meetings directly fromwithin Outlook, SharePoint and other business applications.Schedule Lync Meetings from Outlook, Outlook Web App(OWA) or Lync web scheduler in order to share content anddocuments, video and voice via a single unified client.
  8. 8. On premises or OnlineDeploy or consume Lync in a way that is right foryour company.Flexible deployment options enable a path tounified communications.
  9. 9. Multiparty HD video conferencing
  10. 10. Multiparty HD video Conferencing
  11. 11. Presenter and participant controls
  12. 12. Content and application sharing
  13. 13. Integration with Office Apps
  14. 14. Logo URL to customer-hosted logo iconHelp URL to customer-hosted help/support pageLegal disclaimer URL to customer-hostedlegal information pageCustom footer text
  15. 15. Consolidate multiple Escalate a simple IM or Quickly join and Join Lync Meetings fromvendor services and phone call to a Lync contribute from anywhere multiple types ofsolutions Meeting anytime smartphone and tablet Confidently create and form factor devicesSingle unified client for all Initiate Lync Meetings lead a meetingconferencing – scheduled directly from within Browser-based meeting& spontaneous Outlook, SharePoint and Multiparty HD video client for rapid access to other business apps conferencing brings life scheduled meetingsLync Meetings are and expression to Lyncaccessible to all Share PowerPoint and Meetings Joining a Lync Meetinginformation workers Word documents directly requires only a single click from within the apps or touch
  16. 16. Anywhere and anytime
  17. 17. A welcoming, high-quality video experienceYou can effortlessly select and set up the camerathat you want to use.You can start and answer a video call with onestep.You know that someone has a camera.You experience the highest-quality video.You know that you are seeing a Lync videoexperience.
  18. 18. Immersive, meaningful video−you feel likeyou are thereYou can clearly see who is in the meeting.You can see the person who is speaking.You can see and respond to nonverbal cues ofpeople in the call.You can speak up in the meeting without causingan interruption.
  19. 19. Elegant views and transitions for peopleand contentYou can easily check and adjust how you lookbefore others see you.You know that someone can see you.You can step in and out of the conversationeasily.You can select the people that others can see.You can select the best camera for yourconversation.You can choose the people you want to look at.
  20. 20. Rich visual communications, everywhereYou can chat face to face with peopleon the go.You can chat face to face with anyone using acommunications product from Microsoft.
  21. 21. See and test Download Get a businessdrive Lync Preview bits and value assessmentin our Customer try in your own and LyncImmersion environment, technical briefing 1 2 3Experience or trial LyncCenters Online
  22. 22.
  23. 23. Video bandwidth preliminary recommendations for deployments with single-view and with multiview video P2P or single view 5 multiview videos Quality (EnableMultiViewJoin = FALSE) (EnableMultiViewJoin = TRUE) Bandwidth Resolution Bandwidth ResolutionMinimum 100 kbps** 160x90 420 kbps 90x90Okay quality 250 kbps 424x240 1,000 kbps 240x240Good quality 1,500 kbps 1280x720 2,500 kbps 360x360 4,000 kbps 540x540Optimum quality* 4,000 kbps* 1920x1080 Up to 8,000 or two times kbps* 1080x1080* bandwidth values TBD** kilobits per second
  24. 24. Support for 1080pat 30 FPS including 1920x288
  25. 25. Default codecAdditionally supportedSupported H.264 profiles
  26. 26. PowerPoint sharing in Lync 15
  27. 27. PowerPoint sharing in Lync 15
  28. 28. Scheduling from Outlook Web App