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SHAREPOINT 2013 PREVIEW: APP OVERVIEW FOR IT PROAPP AND SOLUTION COMPARISON                                               ...
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SharePoint 2013 apps overview


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SharePoint 2013 apps overview

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SHAREPOINT 2013 PREVIEW: APP OVERVIEW FOR IT PROAPP AND SOLUTION COMPARISON CONTENTS HOW TO GET HOW TO USE/INSTALL HOW TO MANAGEAPPS FOR SHAREPOINT APP (.app) Apps can be downloaded from: Apps can be used: · In your hosted or on-premises Apps can be managed and monitored by:Are stand-alone applications that provide · Internal App Catalog SharePoint site · Site administratorsspecific information or functionality to a AppManifest.xml (contains apps · SharePoint Online ServiceSharePoint site. approved and App code is installed: administrators for a tenancy SOLUTION.wsp uploaded by the · On a separate web site from your other · Farm administratorsApps for SharePoint are easy for users to Feature.xml Elements.xml organization) sites in its own, isolated, domaininstall, use, manage, upgrade, and remove. · Public SharePoint Store · In the cloud (cloud-based apps) Home.aspx Logo.pngApps can be SharePoint-hosted (reside andexecute in SharePoint) or cloud-hosted Other files(Windows Azure or other systems), or both.SOLUTIONS SOLUTION (.wsp) Solutions can be acquired from: Solutions can be used: · In your hosted (sandbox solutions only) Solutions can be installed and monitored by: · Third-party developers or on-premises SharePoint site · SharePoint Online ServiceAre small to large scale packages used to SolutionManifest.xml · Your own development administrators for a tenancycustomize or enhance SharePoint sites. team Solution code is installed: (sandbox) Features Assemblies · As a full trust solution (in the global · Farm administrators (sandbox orFull trust solutions need a farm or assembly cache) full trust) TSharePoint Online Service administrator to Templates Styles · As a sandboxed solutiondeploy, manage, and remove. Partial trustsolutions must be installed to a sandbox. Images Resources FWHY USE APPS?APP ISOLATION HOSTING OPTIONS MONITOR AND MANAGE APPS Farm administrators and SharePoint Online Service AdministratorsIsolation prevents unauthorized access to users’ data. The Apps for SharePoint can be hosted by a provider, autohosted by A can monitor apps for SharePoint and respond to errors and issues.isolation level determines the limit to potential breaches in Windows Azure, hosted by SharePoint, or a combination of these. All Site owners can manage apps for their sites. SharePointsecurity. By default, apps are deployed to their own web site can leverage SharePoint components. Custom code can only be run in Onlinein a special, isolated domain, rather than to your farm or a provider-hosted or Windows Azure autohosted options. The Site Tenancy Farmsandbox. Processes run in that domain. following hosting options are supported: Task level level level SharePoint Add, delete and view app detailsISOLATED SUBSITE The app and all resources are + Add or delete an app in a site ü ü üSharePoint Site PROVIDER- hosted on a separate server View details about an app ü ü ü R HOSTED in your organization’s App Catalog App1 existing sites and External server environment, or in the app ü services Configure the App Catalog App2 developer’s environment. Manage the App Catalog ü ü Your IT organization or the Custom Business Logic app web (optional) developer supports the app. Monitor apps Specify apps to monitor ü ü App2 Isolated SharePoint WINDOWS AZURE View install locations, manage resources ü ü subsite (spweb) AUTOHOSTED The app is hosted in the cloud. Errors Windows Azure and SQL Server Azure components are X View and troubleshoot errors ü ü D Windows existing sites and Azure provisioned automaticallyISOLATED DOMAIN services Licenses when an app is installed. (Available for SharePoint View and manage licenses ü üMain SharePoint site SQL Server app web (optional) Azure Online Service only.) To monitor and manage apps: SHAREPOINT existing sites and · Farm administrators: General Application Settings in Central Administration App1 SharePoint site The app and all resources are HOSTED services hosted in your organization’s · SharePoint Online Service Administrators: Apps pages in SharePoint Online SharePoint farm. Your IT Administration Center /sites/web1/appname app web organization supports the app. · Site owners: All Site Content pageAPP LIFECYCLEINSTALL AND UPDATE UNINSTALL AND DISABLE/REMOVEUsers can add and update apps for SharePoint themselves. Installation and update/upgrade can Users can uninstall an app completely, which removes it from their sites.happen at any time, initiated by the user. Users can get apps for SharePoint from the SharePoint Store,or from an App Catalog that is set up for their organization. The SharePoint Store administrators can disable an app that is unsafe and remove it from the Store.For on-premises deployments, IT can determine whether users can download and install apps forSharePoint and can restrict access to the SharePoint Store.FIND INSTALL UPDATE (DEV) UPGRADE UNINSTALL DISABLE/REMOVE (STORE)A user find an app in the A user add an app to The app developer releases Users are notified of an A user decides not to continue SharePoint Store Store administrtors disableSharePoint Store or App his or her site. Other an update to an app. update and decide using the app and uninstalls it. administrators discover and remove the app. DataCatalog. users do the same. whether to upgrade the The app instance and all data an issue with the app from the app is retained for app on their sites. is deleted. and wants to remove it. recovery purposes.SHAREPOINT STORE SHAREPOINT STORE APP1 APP1 APP1 APP1 APP1 APP1 APP2 APP3 APP1 APP2 APP3APP CATALOG APP CATALOG APP1 APP4 APP5 APP1 APP4 APP5 © 2012 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved. This document supports a preliminary release of a software program that bears the project code name Microsoft® SharePoint® Products 2013 Preview. To send feedback about this documentation, please write to us at