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Security for your digital transformation


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This is the world that many of our customers are moving to with their digital transformation. And when it comes to defending against cyber attacks in the intelligent cloud, intelligent edge era, we really have to consider what is our digital estate? How do we think about what our assets are and what we have to defend against? This is a little bit different now than it was five or 10 years ago. IT organizations now find themselves responsible for protecting a set of technologies they may not own. That can be things like user-owned mobile devices that are used to access corporate data. It also includes systems and devices that your partners and customers use to access your information. And any one of these points can be a point of vulnerability for your overall estate. That changes the game when it comes to security: You can no longer draw perimeters around your organization. This is the challenge that we all struggle with in IT security. And it's a challenge we at Microsoft think that we can uniquely help with.

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Security for your digital transformation

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